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  1. And that is bad how? It seems like more of a good ending. (An anticlimactic one, yes, but good.) I took "bad" as meaning sub-par. If you want a real bad ending, I'll give you one. SquareEnix goes bankrupt and sells the franchise rights to EA. DQXI is revamped to include microtransactions and the casinos require real money. Future installments ditch Toriyama's artstyle in favor of a more realistic one, and the orchestral score is replaced by dubstep.
  2. Oh, if you recolored Yamata no Orochi blue, you could have changed King Ghidorah for King Hydra (HIDORA). Edit: Purple. I meant purple. Aw geez, why didn't I think of that? If I hurry, I might be able to fix it before the final entry is submitted. I'll give you an executive producer nod in the opening credits.
  3. DQ5 Estark wakes up early and kills Nimzo and his lieutenants after seeing that his Demon King spot has been taken. He then goes back to sleep and the Hero lives happily ever after.
  4. I plan on getting the Conquest/Nohr version. As for the censorship, it isn't anything too big.
  5. Added my third and final movie, known in the US as "Hydra, the Five-Headed Monster". (Thanks to Cesar Hernandez-Meraz for the idea of using King Hydra instead of Orochi)
  6. As far as I know the Japanese version had the orchestrated soundtrack, so I don't see why we wouldn't.
  7. This would be much less boring if we could understand them. They could tell the world's funniest joke or reveal the meaning of life and we would never know.
  8. Added my second entry, and I feel this one turned out a little nicer. Unfortunately that stupid song is gonna be stuck in my head for a while.
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  10. The Chief

    movie contest 2

    From the album: Contest

  11. How did I not see this. I love this game! I haven't had time to play this in a while, but I hope to pick up where I left off soon. Nice review.
  12. But the kids love Arnold, what with his silly accent. Besides, Pixels is more harmful to minors than the Terminator, just in a different way.
  13. You're the chosen one, destined to lead SquareEnix into a new golden age.
  14. Here is my first entry. It's not the prettiest, but it was fun to make. My second entry, coincidentally another James Cameron film. My final entry, which I mostly made for fun.
  15. Look on the bright side. Now you can go for all 8s!
  16. I second this. Would we make movie posters, similar to the album cover contest?
  17. Beat this game a while ago. The OST as a whole is pretty great, but this song in particular might be the best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDapmQngM6s
  18. Windfall Island is definitely up there. If we're talking DQ, then maybe Fortuna from V or somewhere similar. Really almost any of the big towns with casinos to be completely honest.
  19. Heartbreak of the Dragon Warrior: The GeneralSteps Story A Lifetime Original Movie
  20. Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence for the PS4. I bought it on a whim, even though I'm generally pretty terrible at strategy games, because it was on sale, and I can honestly say it was worth every penny. The learning curve is pretty sharp, and it can be very confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it I was hooked. There are few things as satisfying as seeing your territory slowly grow from a couple of fortresses to half the country.
  21. I don't know, I guess it just doesn't bug her.
  22. Clearly the game is trying to tell you something. Maybe if you beat it, the world will end.
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