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  1. What the F? I just got a full runaround by a girl, and I feel completely confident I'll see her again. My mind is going crazy.

    1. The Chief

      The Chief

      If you really want to drive the ladies crazy, you should try some of the cologne I've been using. 40% of the time, it works every time.

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  2. You will never defeat me, Pooh Bear. Not as long as you or I will live. They will never tell stores of your greatness or herald you as the second coming of pitch hitters. There are 108 stitches in every ball Pooh Bear. How many do you think I can get in your face? Haha! Silly old bear...

  3. What's on my mind? No, What's on YOUR mind?

  4. Have I ever let anyone know how much I despise Japanophiles/weeaboos? I have? Well, let me remind you one more time. I hate weeaboos.

    1. The Chief

      The Chief

      Despite the fact that I based my profile around a Japanese TV show, I agree completely. It's okay to like things from different cultures, but obsessing over it and/or shunning your own heritage is another story.

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