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  1. I really wish I had gotten out there, sewn my oats, and had fun when I was younger. Sent from my Nexus 6 Heh, I passed up on a lot of offers of companionship in college, I was a total jerk to a few lasses. Left a lot hanging, with promises I'd make some time, but never did. Then again I went through a crazy depressive period at the time and wasn't in the mood to play boyfriend, nor did I want to draw them into the darkness in my head. I even let three female friends who made it obvious (inviting me into their rooms with just a robe or a towel on...their friends snickering from acr
  2. There will never be a party game as good as Mario Party 2 and 3. However, my personal favorite is probably Mario Superstar Baseball. It combines my two favorite things, baseball and Mario.
  3. Speaking of love, if there is one thing high school taught me, it's that when you like someone, you don't really see their flaws. Aside from two or three, whenever I think back on most of the girls I liked, I wonder what I was thinking. One turned out to be really stuck-up, another one was crazy, and this one girl had a really annoying voice (a voice that still haunts me to this day).
  4. I always assume everyone votes for themself, and thus I always vote for myself if I'm in a contest. In short, go vote for yourself. There are teachers at every school that I've been at that tell kids not to vote for themselves in classroom elections. I try to teach the students how stupid that strategy is. Yeah, it's "polite" or whatnot, but it's plain dumb. I ask them all the time, "When he went to go vote, who do you think President Obama voted for?" and then I show them how by voting for someone else it's actually putting them at a 2 point disadvantage (the vote for them that
  5. With all the presidential stuff going on this year, maybe we could try to make a campaign for a character of our choice.
  6. As much as it pains me to say this, I don't think I have anywhere to put this poster. As cool as it is, I'd rather it go to someone who would use it. Perhaps it can be saved for a future contest, or if Bururian wants, he could keep it. As for the poll, I shall refrain from voting. The urge to vote for myself is too great.
  7. Now I want a dub comprised entirely of Zero Wing style digitized Engrish.
  8. So we can finally all agree on something? It's a bad localization, but it isn't some intricate conspiracy. Now on to more important matters, I know who I'm voting for.
  9. This discussion has us all worked up! We need to calm down a bit before it gets out of hand. I like flat characters. I personally thought Paper Mario had a great script, thank you very much. Perhaps it was due to his lack of comprehension that Romance languages have different vowel sounds. (Specifically that whole "I" in French fiasco. I take languages very seriously)
  10. I hope you're not trashing The Honeymooners. Because if you are, one of these days Calem, Bam! Straight to the moon!
  11. Hahaha, what a story, Yangus. But in all seriousness, while I definitely see the problem with some of these, as long as it doesn't majorly affect my enjoyment of the game, I don't really mind it.
  12. I'm still waiting on a FF5 remake, and no, the mobile version doesn't count.
  13. As far as I'm concerned, all the protagonists are named after me. Not in French. It's more of an ee sound.
  14. SNES version it is then. I'm keeping my expectations in check, otherwise it will never live up to the praise it gets. That happened with another Square RPG, Live A Live. It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but it isn't the perfect game that people make it out to be. I will say that MEGALOMANIA is an amazing boss theme, though.
  15. Confession time: I've never played Chrono Trigger. Is the DS remake significantly better, or would I not be missing much with SNES version?
  16. I always took it as a title that effectively replaces the name. Similar to Sith Lords from Star Wars. (Try saying that 10 times fast)
  17. Bought Fantasy Life the other day and I gotta say, it's really addictive. I'm taking my time with the story so I can try the different Lifes.and gather/create supplies.
  18. Not an RPG, but I would definitely recommend some of the 3DS Zelda games. A Link Between Worlds is a bit on the easy side, but I enjoyed it a lot. I also highly recommend the Majora's Mask remake. Even if you played the original, the updates and changes make it a blast to play again.
  19. They won't. Kiefer and Mervyn/Melvin have those titles because one is royalty and the other is a knight. In real life they would be called that as well. That doesn't really apply to the rest of the party.
  20. I'm a bit late, but it has always been there. For some reason, the NES version didn't use the Overture, but the Famicom one did. As for this new version, It's not my favorite, but I'll wait until I hear it in game before I judge it.
  21. I honestly don't think it's necessary. 7-9 each worked well as stand alone stories, and I just don't feel that a sequel/prequel to any of them would add much. The first trilogy was centered around Erdrick and his descendants, while the second is connected by Zenithia. If there is a worthwhile reason to continue a story, one that will expand the world, then I'm all for it, but they shouldn't make a sequel just for the sake of it.
  22. If they have super-bosses, like Nokturnus and Zoma in the first game, I wonder who they would be. Estark is an obvious choice. A 2 stage battle with the DragonLord (normal/dragon) could be cool. Heck, I'd like to see Malroth included, if only to know whether they would actually give him Fullheal.
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