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  1. I really wish I had gotten out there, sewn my oats, and had fun when I was younger. Sent from my Nexus 6 Heh, I passed up on a lot of offers of companionship in college, I was a total jerk to a few lasses. Left a lot hanging, with promises I'd make some time, but never did. Then again I went through a crazy depressive period at the time and wasn't in the mood to play boyfriend, nor did I want to draw them into the darkness in my head. I even let three female friends who made it obvious (inviting me into their rooms with just a robe or a towel on...their friends snickering from across the way when I came over, like they knew something), or when my friend Sarah invited me to see certain piercings, and I was the only male invited TO get a private screening, even asked me if I wanted to touch them. I didn't care at the time, LOL. WTF was wrong with me? That was just the surface...I passed up so many offers in college. I don't think I even realized my opportunities until years later. I had an inkling with two girls I was friendly with. Mel for one, who kept spreading her legs in front of me, and had nothing there...nothing. She made sure I was looking too. She found a bf after 3 months of throwing herself at me. They ended up getting married (that was something Mel was about as well, getting married early on in life...maybe that scared me off? I don't know, but she was fantastic as a person, I mean we hung out for hours and hours). These were really great women too. I really liked them, but I just. I don't know. I was foolish in college. Very foolish. It's a good lesson though. To be able to recognize a lady as being worthwhile when it's in front of my face. To know how to tell if I'm being hit on, or maybe it's more that I have value and if I am being hit on, I shouldn't pass it up. My God. High school. Every art class, this one REALLY hot girl from a grade below, would bring in a red lollipop, wait for me to sit down, sit opposite me, would pop it in her mouth, then played footsy under the table...every class for months. What she did to that sucker...oh man, I had no desire for that girl either. None. Kali Neal. For 2 years, she put on skimpy clothes, told me she was a slut who would do anything to any guy (just in front of me, she was a good girl in front of everyone else), and she would douse herself in pheromones ONLY when she came to visit me. She was cute, I liked her, but not like that. She was obsessed with getting my clothes off. Would try to get me drunk or stoned on baked goods she put pot in. Even setup a threesome with a mutual friend. LOL. I passed all of that up too. I am glad I passed that one up. Kali was a monster in so many ways. I don't really like a free lunch. I like a little bit of a chase, or at least someone who isn't so blatant and in my face, or assumes that just because I'm a guy I like a loose woman. I don't. Never have. OMG, the more I think about it, I passed up so many relationship and uh...other opportunities. My friend Neda. Total package in every way. Gorgeous woman, smart, VERY smart, very savvy as well. Artistic. Expressive, and she had a mouth on her if she was upset. I thought she liked my friend Zack. Nope. I didn't pay attention. She invited me to every one of her gigs. Every. Single. One. Neda was an unbelievable woman in every respect. EVERY respect. One day she stopped calling, and ended up in a relationship with a carbon copy of me. Looks, clothing style, even personal taste and mannerisms. Hah, that was awesome to see. She's really happy with him, so she ended up well and good. This girl I met way back in junior high. I went to this party for this girl. There was this really cute blonde. She paid attention to no one else but me the moment I walked into the door. Never got her number. Never forgot her face though, but that one...wow, I've met some amazing women in my life, some of whom I let slip through the cracks. So many others. I actually went after this one girl in High School I had no chance with. Wasn't remotely interested, and I knew it. I didn't want to date at the time, and preferred a scenario of the unobtainable. In college, just have fun. See women, meet women, if you find someone amazing, and she thinks you're great, go with it. Seriously. Go. With. It. Don't pass up a good thing. If it doesn't work out, you'll find someone else. Careful though about women who are too loose. That's when you run into problems. Plot twist: ignasia7 was a puppy all along, and never realized he wasn't human. It makes perfect sense. People are generally less shy around animals, hence the girls in towels. Sarah never let guys see certain piercing, but had no problem showing them to a puppy. Mel was afraid of dogs, so she spread her legs to appear bigger, like people spread their arms to try and scare bears. The girl from art class was taunting poor Pupnasia with candy. Kali was actually kinda shy, so she practiced her lines to a puppy, not knowing he could understand her. I have no clue why Neda would marry someone who looked and acted like a dog, but I won't judge. The girl from the party gave Pupnasia all the attention because he was an adorable puppy. Finally, the girl he had no chance with was more of a cat person. The only question that still remains is this. How did a dog learn how to use a computer and/or phone?
  2. There will never be a party game as good as Mario Party 2 and 3. However, my personal favorite is probably Mario Superstar Baseball. It combines my two favorite things, baseball and Mario.
  3. Speaking of love, if there is one thing high school taught me, it's that when you like someone, you don't really see their flaws. Aside from two or three, whenever I think back on most of the girls I liked, I wonder what I was thinking. One turned out to be really stuck-up, another one was crazy, and this one girl had a really annoying voice (a voice that still haunts me to this day).
  4. There is still justice in the world.
  5. I always assume everyone votes for themself, and thus I always vote for myself if I'm in a contest. In short, go vote for yourself. There are teachers at every school that I've been at that tell kids not to vote for themselves in classroom elections. I try to teach the students how stupid that strategy is. Yeah, it's "polite" or whatnot, but it's plain dumb. I ask them all the time, "When he went to go vote, who do you think President Obama voted for?" and then I show them how by voting for someone else it's actually putting them at a 2 point disadvantage (the vote for them that didn't happen + a vote for someone else = 2 point swing) and how important that is in a class where we're only casting like 36 votes anyway. To combat that indoctrination by former teachers a bit, I do always allow them 2 votes. I wish presidential elections were like that. Imagine if everyone went out and voted their party affiliation and THEN got to vote again for someone they actually thought would do a good job. I think we'd see a lot more independent or moderates elected. I wasn't trying to be "polite" so much as I wanted to see if I could win without voting for myself. That being said, this is all for fun so I guess there is no harm in it. Time to go into full corrupt politician mode. Vote 4 The Chief!
  6. With all the presidential stuff going on this year, maybe we could try to make a campaign for a character of our choice.
  7. As much as it pains me to say this, I don't think I have anywhere to put this poster. As cool as it is, I'd rather it go to someone who would use it. Perhaps it can be saved for a future contest, or if Bururian wants, he could keep it. As for the poll, I shall refrain from voting. The urge to vote for myself is too great.
  8. Now I want a dub comprised entirely of Zero Wing style digitized Engrish.
  9. So we can finally all agree on something? It's a bad localization, but it isn't some intricate conspiracy. Now on to more important matters, I know who I'm voting for.
  10. This discussion has us all worked up! We need to calm down a bit before it gets out of hand. I like flat characters. I personally thought Paper Mario had a great script, thank you very much. Perhaps it was due to his lack of comprehension that Romance languages have different vowel sounds. (Specifically that whole "I" in French fiasco. I take languages very seriously)
  11. I hope you're not trashing The Honeymooners. Because if you are, one of these days Calem, Bam! Straight to the moon!
  12. Hahaha, what a story, Yangus. But in all seriousness, while I definitely see the problem with some of these, as long as it doesn't majorly affect my enjoyment of the game, I don't really mind it.
  13. I'm still waiting on a FF5 remake, and no, the mobile version doesn't count.
  14. As far as I'm concerned, all the protagonists are named after me. Not in French. It's more of an ee sound.
  15. SNES version it is then. I'm keeping my expectations in check, otherwise it will never live up to the praise it gets. That happened with another Square RPG, Live A Live. It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but it isn't the perfect game that people make it out to be. I will say that MEGALOMANIA is an amazing boss theme, though.
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