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  1. OHGOSH Xiphos-kun is definitely the hardest of the Demon Lords to draw for me. Zoma-sama's big collar around his neck thing is hard for me too.......and my love's (Mordegon's) form I like most (2nds one) is hard to draw the details of his armor. I need to work on how to simplify it. Then again my disability makes it hard enough for me to draw. XD;; We should collab on art sometime and draw something together!
  2. ^ ////^ THANKS! I can draw Dhoulmagus again someday! I did once back in college but I drew him in Toriyama style and less super duper somewhat early 2000's anime style like mine haha. XD I'm working on an animation that's DQ-related. Doesn't have Dhouly, but has Zoma-sama, Xiphos-kun, and many others.
  3. Happy DQ XI Release Day in West! ^ /////3/////^ Have my ultimate DQ husbando to celebrate with!
  4. TLH is my least fav Star Ocean, coming from someone who has that as her fav series.......But I loved IaF. If you're into really mainstream stuff, you'll probably like TLH better, though.
  5. *huggles chuu* Well i do have my games back and my new shelving is amazing! ^ w^ Images of them~
  6. ~ I recently took up a hobby project to create a small Dragon Quest Abel Yuusha-based online RPG. We've decided to call this Dragon Quest: Epics. ~ ** DQ: Epics is an ORPG built in the Intersect game engine. At this point we are at asset creation - the graphics, sounds, animations, will all be made from scratch for the specifics of the game. You can track this game's progress here and discuss it at our Discord server. ** ------- Dev Log 8/1/2018
  7. I'm finally in my new apartment so I can continue to work on things! I hope life doesn't get in the way again. I miss working. > o<;; Mainly trying to find someone to compose music for a DQ hobby project of mine. Having no luck yet, but fingers crossed!
  8. Happy birthday Demo. o 3o Yooo I'm late as always. Go me. < .<;; *gives extra huggles and puff-puff for being guilty of lateness*
  9. I've been through some really really traumatic events lately, which resulted in an emergency move to another town and I'm still in the middle of the move because of some like unfortunate events. Everything surrounding the move seems to kinda of be going wrong, but I'm determined to settle in and reclaim my peace of mind from what's happened. > .< I'm away from the danger now so that's going for me........And I've gotten more diagnoses from my doctors so I'm dealing with that too. My dog was also diagnosed with epilepsy just these past weeks, so that's on my plate. Like I said, just
  10. The first that comes to mind is Ladja-san from DQ V. He drives me completely crazy. Our personalities gel well together, and I love his silky voice and pretty smile. His sadistic nature is a sure bonus. He's absofrickenlutely beautiful. GAHHH I've memorized his lines in the drama CD too. ^ w^ And I love his laugh right here after he incinerates you-know-who
  11. Why are music creating programs so frustrating to use!? > .<

    1. Democrobot


      Which one are you using?

    2. Dhoulgirl


      Tried a few of them including LMMS, FL Studio, and some online browser ones (but those don't let you customize the melody as much). FL Studio has been the easiest so far, but still too complicated for meh. T .T

    3. Democrobot


      FL is probably your best bet then. There should be several guides online for what you wish to do with it

  12. Something with a combination of all my favs in it, I guess? I really want to see more or Ladja-san. Or maybe a game based on the Abel Yuusha animu.
  13. The goal is to have one very special Valentine (else it's not a very special thing), not to have 100 run of the mill dime a dozen ones collecting them like stamps cheapening their value. XD;;; Lordamercy.
  14. I spent all yesterday drawing my Dragon Quest Valentine for all my friends. XD;; So today I am totally wiped out. But my Valentine surprised me with some gifts today so that makes up for the tiredness I think!
  15. I'm here with a Happy Valentine's Day arts I hope everyone had a nice one. = w=;;
  16. Nehhhhhhhhh you reminded me. I have to recert to get my medicine I need and I'm already almost out and they're always a PAIN to recert. XD Often I think about the people I meet online too actually. One of the scariest things for me is having one of my best online friends disappear with no way of knowing what happened to them. > .<;; Which is all too possible.........I even had nightmares about that once.
  17. I mostly just watch all the horrors on Netflix.......and anywhere else too. I'm a horror otaku of sorts, and it's really the only movie genre I actually LOVE though sci-fi and thrillers are fine as well. I sometimes catch animu on Netflix.
  18. Congrats on the sale. I'm actually keeping my eyes open on there just in case something I want crops up. :3
  19. I got myself a new Deviant Art finally. Let's hope I can stave off my stalker and have an enjoyable time there. XD
  20. Thank chuuu. I works hard to try to improve this year. > u<;; I hope you stick round and watch my animation when it's done. <3
  21. I've been drawing and writing and learning = u= I'm really trying to push myself this year and challenge myself to grow. And I'm proud to say I am really sticking to my resolutions so far and its paying off! I also dyed my hair so I feel cool. XD Now if only I could learn cooking. But that might result in me poisoning somebody < .<;;
  22. The only reason I do not have the mobile ports is because........My dumb phone isn't compatible for some weird reason. I was super upset when I realized this as I really wanted them, especially I-III. But I would most like to play Dragon Quest of the Stars. I know its not a main series title but whatevs.
  23. You hear that, Zach? I'm playing Deadly Premonition again. XD Third playthrough ftw! It's my fave horror game soooo. Ř̐̎̅͞͏̵̦̱͇̱̝E̝͇̥̩̤̭̤͋͜Ḋ̳̳̦͐̂͋̄̓́ͦ́͞ͅ ͮ͂ͨ̀҉̢͍̤̼T̤̞̫̘͖̯͇̙̏̌̇ͫͬ̐̚͘͞R̮̠̭̪̖ͩͨ͐ͫE̊ͤ͒̔̌̉̊͞͏̲̹̞͜ͅE͙̤̱̰͙̤̠͙̻͌ͤ̊
  24. Added a WIP. I gotta finish coloring his bodeh and make teh background and effects but I think I did an okie job.
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