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  1. I got cast as IA in a Vocaloid English song cover group, so i was looking up some of her songs (to try out with) and came across this one and now it is stuck in my brain.
  2. Still watching Abel Yuusha. > .>' Had some writers/mechanics designers on my game dev team who hadn't watched it so I'm rewatching itwith them (not that I mind, even though I can quote the whole thing lol). I actually got people into the DQ series this way as many of them had never heard of DQ before I recruit them.
  3. Merry Questmas and a Happy Goo Year

  4. *insert Life is Beautiful theme from Deadly Premonition* For the past couple months, things have started looking up! I had a rough two years (my soulmate died on me, for one lol), but now moving to a status I wanna be. Learning JavaScript, my team's Dragon Questy game is steadily growing, I've made some amazing friends and grown super close to existing ones, able to apply myself better now that I became stronger, and things in general are looking up. lol had to learn that being nice doesn't mean letting any ol monster do what they want. oof I just punt bad actors to the stars now. XD They make awesomesauce villains for my games, though. *nods* That and one of the richest DQ fans are my friend and they throw thousands of $ at me for contests. XD;; Gave away 2 PS5's in last month's DoItForHargon thing and it was naisu. My own DQ collection has grown like heck too. Except I may be a little too obsessed with XI as I own 9-ish copies of it. > ///> forgetwhatIsaid Happy Holidays and Merry Questmas Eve (and day soon) everyone!
  5. 2019-2020 have been Hell years for me, so this project went on semi-hiatus while we just worked on assets. XD; I mean everything from soulmate dying to losing my home and all to my name in a fire/flood, and my friends being targeted by unsightly sorts (well this part is still happening, oof). But things are picking up a lot now and the project has exploded a bit. Our casting call received nearly 500 auditions! My art skills leveled up a little bit, we have a bangin' OST, and our first little taste of a video where the playerbase gets to vote which voice they want for a few characters will drop in late January 2021! How far along is the game? We've gotten it to where players can log in, choose an affiliation for alignment (Good, Neutral, Evil), interact with NPCs who change their attitudes/dialogues/etc. towards the player depending on that player's alignment, player can gain or lose favP (favor power) with NPCs which also direct the flow of conversations a player can have with NPCs, players can join NPC-related factions such as Children of Hargon which affects questlines and more, achievements can be well achieved XDDD which grants items exp favP or even currencies that players can use in specialized shops, and rudimentary crafting/building/etc. systems are in place. We're mostly focused in NPC to player interactions for now as well as general world-building systems. But the universe is persistent. Some changes players can make will affect what other players can see/do. Stuff like that! What is currently being worked on? Perfecting world systems like day/night, NPC routines, and such. The game is focused on living a Dragon Quest life and a rich lore and breathing world so we wanted to punch that up first and then add player interactivity to it. :3 We're testing voice acting soon to see if that's an ave. we wanna go down. We have auditions up until the end of Christmas. Are you currently recruiting? We recruit endlessly for volunteer positions! But before you send us an email, please understand that core team members are expected to work longterm for the project. It's fun, but also work! If you have a skillset you think you can bring, our email is here: [email protected] Our community is also holding a Dragon Questmas event that anyone can participate in! Find details on that in the image below! We're also giving away a CORE membership on DevArt! More about that HERE. Thanks for reading our lil update and I hope you'll return to see our video that I'll link here come late January. I'll also include our social media links to my signature so you can find our Discord server, pages, etc. Happy Holdays!
  6. OHGOSH Xiphos-kun is definitely the hardest of the Demon Lords to draw for me. Zoma-sama's big collar around his neck thing is hard for me too.......and my love's (Mordegon's) form I like most (2nds one) is hard to draw the details of his armor. I need to work on how to simplify it. Then again my disability makes it hard enough for me to draw. XD;; We should collab on art sometime and draw something together!
  7. ^ ////^ THANKS! I can draw Dhoulmagus again someday! I did once back in college but I drew him in Toriyama style and less super duper somewhat early 2000's anime style like mine haha. XD I'm working on an animation that's DQ-related. Doesn't have Dhouly, but has Zoma-sama, Xiphos-kun, and many others.
  8. Happy DQ XI Release Day in West! ^ /////3/////^ Have my ultimate DQ husbando to celebrate with!
  9. TLH is my least fav Star Ocean, coming from someone who has that as her fav series.......But I loved IaF. If you're into really mainstream stuff, you'll probably like TLH better, though.
  10. *huggles chuu* Well i do have my games back and my new shelving is amazing! ^ w^ Images of them~
  11. ~ I recently took up a hobby project to create a small Dragon Quest Abel Yuusha-based online RPG. We've decided to call this Dragon Quest: Epics. ~ ** DQ: Epics is an ORPG built in the Intersect game engine. At this point we are at asset creation - the graphics, sounds, animations, will all be made from scratch for the specifics of the game. You can track this game's progress here and discuss it at our Discord server. ** ------- Dev Log
  12. I'm finally in my new apartment so I can continue to work on things! I hope life doesn't get in the way again. I miss working. > o<;; Mainly trying to find someone to compose music for a DQ hobby project of mine. Having no luck yet, but fingers crossed!
  13. Happy birthday Demo. o 3o Yooo I'm late as always. Go me. < .<;; *gives extra huggles and puff-puff for being guilty of lateness*
  14. I've been through some really really traumatic events lately, which resulted in an emergency move to another town and I'm still in the middle of the move because of some like unfortunate events. Everything surrounding the move seems to kinda of be going wrong, but I'm determined to settle in and reclaim my peace of mind from what's happened. > .< I'm away from the danger now so that's going for me........And I've gotten more diagnoses from my doctors so I'm dealing with that too. My dog was also diagnosed with epilepsy just these past weeks, so that's on my plate. Like I said, just so much stuff. o .o;; 2018 is a cesspit lol On the good side........I'm going to continue educating myself in game development and design through courses on Udemy. u wu I'm still tinkering around with an engine, making an online DQ game as a hobby project to learn. Just need to find someone to help with sprite animations and some music tracks (and sfx maybe). And I'm still trucking away at my animu animation for my DQ fan fic. :'3
  15. The first that comes to mind is Ladja-san from DQ V. He drives me completely crazy. Our personalities gel well together, and I love his silky voice and pretty smile. His sadistic nature is a sure bonus. He's absofrickenlutely beautiful. GAHHH I've memorized his lines in the drama CD too. ^ w^ And I love his laugh right here after he incinerates you-know-who
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