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  1. Hi I've been out of the game for awhile I think the last event was the re dragon lord event. My account was locked for alittle but now I'm back. Now we get Mini medals in arena? Is there any ranking rewards anymore? Did they add anymore quests to the main story? Did they fix Nizmo's black blight 1 shotting metal slimes? Any guys I should shoot for when they become available that were recently added? Thanks in advance
  2. New Box Tombola S rank is Barbatos. Nothing really of note in this box. Maybe Taruix?
  3. Didn't get a beaster egg this time to oolve my dragon Lord. But gor enough of the gold ones to make sir sanginus +2
  4. Ha nice all I need are 2 leaders I'm up to 30 eggtremist
  5. I didn't get Hargon I didn't want him either. I want Zoma and Psaro left. Maybe a Living Statue? After I SS Dragon Lord I have 4 SS
  6. I arena tickets reset I think. I saved the entrance tickets for the new monsters.
  7. Sent you a request I'm Terry with a Armful as lead
  8. Whiteblaster change the time zone on your phone and it will show up
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