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  1. Alrighty then. I just kind of skimmed through this topic and wasn't sure if it was 100% yet. Awesome Guide!
  2. I checked this morning about 2 days since I started playing again and they finally respawned. Im back in seed heaven.
  3. I tried kathwack, fuddle, and kasnooze without any success. I wish there were an indicator to differenciate betwren failing a status roll, or failing due to immunity Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Ah, I tried Kathwack on em without killing a single one so I figured they were all immune to instant death. I resorted to using butterfly bop and kaboom which was taking too long. I'll give death dance a try next time Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. I didn't even know they were still distributing dlc items. Im on a roadtrip right now so I'll have to wait until I get home to connect to the internet with my 3ds. Maybe I could try my phone's mobile hotspot and see if that works
  6. Started up my game again yesterday for the first time in a long while. I went into memories lane to find all the purple chests already opened. From what I understand they work like blue chests which respawn at midnight and it checks if you have changed the clock to prevent you from cheating it. So I figured it was probably because I hadn't played since I changed the clock for daylight savings. Come midnight however, they were still opened and they still havent at the time of typing this. Maybe Im remembering wrong but I could've sworm the purple chests were supposed to respawn like the blue ones (I havent checked any blue chests yet though) Am I just remembering wrong? is there a fix?
  7. Just got to Evil jessica in Mem. Trying to strategize for it. I think Im going to need some yggdrasil dews. Problem is I forgot to ban my gold and I lost it all to the postgame bosses without reqlizing it.
  8. Aw man! I cant believe I missed all these! all I got was the candy cane :/
  9. On a roadtrip right now and Im going to pick up this game again and play around on the same file. Amazing guide you got here! Not sure if you're still working on it after all this timr, but I'd be happy to help if you need someone to collect more data or anything. Im well into the postgame so I should be able to access any chest you need me to.
  10. Yeah I'd love to make some gmod videos and screenshots using them. I really outta teach myself how to make those kind of addons, I do have DQH2 installed on my PC so theoretically I could use that.
  11. I'd love to have some of the characters, monsters, or weapons from either DQH game. I could have some fun with those.
  12. Dragon Quest XI Echos of an Elusive Age... I'm glad they kept the whole alliteration thing going there.
  13. Aw man I would love to see a modern remake of DQ3. There is so much you could potentially add to that game.
  14. I seem to get them a lot from killing all varieties of metal slimes in the dark world. The snowy place in the dark world stands out in my mind for some reason, but there's probably better, more concrete ways out there.
  15. Nintendo put another Wii U game onto the switch. That's what? 3 now? I bet smash bros will be next.

    1. slimeborgi


      But wait it'll have 2 new characters! Buy the game again! It's reaching S.Enix levels of rehashing. At least DQ waits a few years to re-release something.

    2. mariosmentor


      Meh, don't worry 'bout it. It's just Nintendo trying to erase all memory of the Wii U by porting all the games worth playing onto the Switch, with bonus features. Me, I'm still waiting to see if they'll do Bayonetta.

    3. SlimeVagrant


      and I didn't even mention the Wii U games that got remade for the 3DS. There's at least 3 or 4 of those too.

  16. huh, I never could get into hearthstone, because it felt way too generic. But assuming this gets localized (which is a big assumption) I'd definitely give this a shot.
  17. I just started playing from the postgame, and I haven't played since I beat the game a week or two ago. Now I have all these quests that involve going into the Dark World (or Dark Pikachu as the kids call it these days). Problem is I can't for the life of me remember how to get there. Can anyone tell me? I've been wandering around for a few hours now and it's getting frustrating.
  18. Huh, I never knew about that, that sounds a lot cheaper and easier than using the NDS adapter plus, I should look into that.
  19. You're going to want to talk to Liamland, he's the expert around here and he also can do mail and tag. He's based in the US though, I'm not sure if he does overseas. I might be able to walk you through how to set it up by yourself using the NDS Adapter Plus. I have windows 7 and had a difficult time getting it to work on my PC. I ended up having to disable the check for driver signatures (or something to that effect) by mashing F8 on startup and then logging in as Admin. The same fix might work on Windows 10, but I'm not sure. I think my Dad has Windows 10 so I might be able to test it on his PC to see if it can be done if necessary. Anyway I just got out of bed so once I wake up some more I'll play around with my NDS Adapter plus and try to remember how to work it so I can put together a guide for you.
  20. If you look at my Steam profile I have put the "A Prophecy Fufilled" Achievement (for beating the game and finishing the end credit sequence) as the first achievement on my showcase. You know its my profile because it shares my Dragon's Den name, and my primary group (as shown on the profile) is "Woodus's Dragon's Den"
  21. Yeah I apologize. Read too fast, responded too fast to actually process the words you were saying. But eal is right, JonTron might have done that a few years back, but not these days. Yeah he's got a point.
  22. Never mind, after leveling a bit more and discovering a few more of its abilities, I am actually really liking the Sage class.

  23. Yeah I wouldn't expect it to be sponsored content but that's not what I said.
  24. So glad someone with a big youtube channel is talking about this series. I thought it would've been JonTron first since I know he's a fan.
  25. unlocked the sage vocation in Heroes 2, and maybe I'm missing something but I'm very dissapointed with it. Just feels like a glorified priest. I want to go back to mage :/

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