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  1. Is it going to retell the story of V? or is it going to be a sequal or spinoff story? I'd be a little worried if it's the same story because the story of V really benefits from being in a video game format. I don't know how they could capture it in movie form.
  2. Playing through DQIII without a priest is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

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    2. SlimeVagrant


      According to the wiki you cant get your merch back until you awaken Ramia. Im really starting to regret not having a priest now.

    3. ignasia


      Oops, I thought it was after the orb.  Sorry about that.

    4. SlimeVagrant


      Practically is, as iirc you can awaken Ramia immediately after getting the last orb.

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  3. According to nintendo direct (may have been Sakurai himself who said it, im not sure) each of the dlc packs will come with 1 character, 1 stage, and some music for the stage. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Added Captain Crow to the list as an event encounter. I just obtained him in the game and for some reason the guide book does not mention the event at all I added a new color to the list for monsters like the king squid where you can encounter them but I am not sure if you can scout them or not. As I continue through the post game I will continue to add any monsters to the list that the guide book neglected to mention.
  5. Finished making a list of every way to obtain a monster in DQMJ2 other than synthesizing. I ended up finding 250 different ways that are still possible without cheating.

  6. Alright here it is! I'm finished with it for now but I can always add to it if more information comes to light. I can't promise that I've got everything because it really seems a lot of the information on this game is kind of iffy. The guidebook has some weird inconsistencies and doesn't even acknowledge certain monsters in the game, like the now unobtainable schlieman tank (though it does have information on the schlieman tank's unique skill trees). As I mentioned before some it only has scouting locations listed for certain monsters in the walkthrough chapter but not the monster data chapter. I tried to clear up some of these like the "communication battle" rewards for example: some websites will say this refers to Wi-Fi battles but I've found many users of other sites say it actually refers to tag mode battles. In my table I reworded it to "tag battle" for the sake of clarity. Please let me know if there are any mistakes in this guide or anything I missed and I will update it as soon as I can. I am also going to edit the original post with a link to the guide. Edit: Wow so after finishing I started playing the post game event and I found a King Squid in Unshore which isn't listed as scoutable anywhere in the guidebook. It seems like after the credits new monsters start appearing that aren't listed in the guide. The King Slimes you find at the Albatross at night are another example. I will try and add any of these I find to the table but I would have to play with it a bit to find out exactly when you can find them and under which weather conditions. Edit2: I'm not actually sure you can scout the king squids found in Unshore. You can attempt it, but I never got even a 1% chance to scout. I looked over on the companions list to find out that it's actually a rank S monster so I suppose it would be weird to be able to scout it this early. I wonder if you can scout it at all.
  7. Happy to help! This is turning out to be a great experience. I've found a lot more in this guidebook than I ever have online. I'm honestly surprised I'm the first one to do this. I found some more event monsters while reading the walkthrough chapter, I'm adding those right now before I get into the scoutable monsters that are only listed in the walkthrough chapter. Finally I will go through the monster data chapter again, this time looking for events rather than scouts. I think I will edit the original post in this thread with a link to my table when I'm done for ease of access because I think it could be pretty useful to see all the monsters you can get without synthesizing in one place.
  8. Yeah I figured that would be the case. From reading the walkthrough I find it very unlikely that you can scout Rigor Mortex. I will leave it out of the table.
  9. Okay a few things I'm noticing as I'm finishing up this table. The guidebook has quite a few typos consistent throughout, I'm trying to avoid them but I apologize if some of them slip by. The guidebook also does have information about Dark/Light World Monsters (probably more than the wiki) but for whatever reason they left out those areas in the monster data chapter and it's only found in the walkthrough chapter (which is why I didn't notice it before). I will add these to my table. The wiki lists at least one monster (Sagittar I know for sure) that can be encountered but not scouted. I'm reluctant to include monsters like that in my table as I wanted to make a scouting guide. I suspect Rigor Mortex would fall under this category as well, however I haven't progressed far enough into the game to see if you can scout him or not (can anyone confirm or deny?). Edit: One more thing. Even though I originally wanted to make a scouting location guide I will add event locations too (where monsters are received but not scouted). I feel that would suit the Den page better.
  10. Is it though? I mean they forgot to put n/a on some of them early on for ones that you can't scout (they left it blank instead) but my guidebook doesn't mention the Dark World or the Light World as locations for whatever reason. Edit: on closer inspection yeah it actually is missing some information, like cyber slime and imp for example. I guess I'll just finish my table and you could combine the data from the two, because it seems that I have information it doesn't, and it has information that I don't. Edit 2: Actually I'll just add data from the wiki into my table. Sorry for all the edits, I just woke up and I'm not all there yet.
  11. Wow so I got almost all the way through my table when I found this page which has all the same information as my guide book, and more.
  12. Could you just as easily do it in Google Sheets? It's a little more tedious to do it in sheets because I can't just tab to the next row after I finish one since the rows are literally endless. Im going to make it in docs and paste it into sheets when I'm done.
  13. I'm making it in a google docs table format because it's easier for me to type it that way, but when I'm done I can always just paste it into a spreadsheet if you prefer.
  14. I've already begun working on it in a table format in google docs. I will make it public and link it here when I'm finished. I'm not sure how to handle monsters that appear in multiple locations this way though. I figured the best way would be to list the monster again for each area like in the attached image. Is this formatting acceptable?
  15. Awesome! I'm glad I can contribute. I'll write one up here soon. I will format it by monster alphabetically if that's alright. I won't list ones that can't be scouted.
  16. So my guidebook has arrived and it seems to have exactly what I was looking for. I take it by the silence that no one knows a good spot for this information online. In that case is there any way I can help get this information on the den? We already have a list of all the monsters with a location column it just needs to be filled in.
  17. Maybe my googling skills are just really off right now, but I cannot seem to find a good guide to the locations of all the scout-able monsters and when you can scout them. I'm currently in the middle of the playthrough and the monster synthesis search on the Den has been a godsend, but neither the "monsters - companions" nor the "monsters - enemies" list has anything listed under the location column. Does anyone know of a guide of where/when I can scout monsters? If there isn't one, maybe we can make one. I have already ordered the physical strategy guide off amazon (while supporting the den ) so I might be able to use that. Edit: Ended up making my own guide using the official strategy guide among several other sites for research.
  18. 'MURICA! I actually didn't know that. I've only ever played the Wii fortune street and off the top of my head I don't remember any of the main dq heroes being playable in it.
  19. Brave huh? Well it's obvious who it is.... Braev Lee the Templar! Edit: omg i can't believe I just realized that "Braev Lee" is a play on the word "Bravely" me smrt.
  20. Decided to give Monster Joker 2 another shot. I never finished it but I decided to start fresh. Anyone got any tips?

    1. Democrobot


      You can get some pretty nice monsters early on if you play your synthesis right. Also explore when there is weather because it opens up a lot more than you think.

      Another tip I advise is to focus on maxing at one skill tree at a time. Especially the ones for magic. Being able to pass those on will make life easier.

      As for specific monster recommendations, there aren't many that you can't make use of. I got all the way to the end with nothing higher than rank D. However, in other plays I used King Bubbleslime and Pink Sanguini with amazing results. They carried me to the post game dungeon.

    2. SlimeVagrant


      hmm alright I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks a lot!

  21. Yeah they'll probably hold onto him and make him the star of their own Disney/Marvel/Star Wars fighting game. XD Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  22. I really really want this to be true! I've been loving smash ultimate, and I think I'm nearing the end of World of Light. I had heard from a supposedly reputable source that one of the dlc fighters would be from Squenix but I just figured it would be from kingdom hearts or something.
  23. I did not, I completely missed the Challenge at the beginning somehow. I'll have to give them a try on a 2nd playthrough.
  24. Also Overweening pride wasn't that bad for me. I had a similar experience with him than I did with the true final boss, except I never "lost" to Overweenie just took too many turns. Was able to get him on my 2nd try also.
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