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  1. Yeah when I heard it was going to be an MMO for the wii, I knew there was no way it would come to the west. Torneko's chapter in Dragon Quest IV was the worst part of that game.
  2. That makes a lot of sense to me actually. IX is currently my favorite dragon quest game just because it has so much to do, but it was also the first main series Dragon quest game i played. I had played rocket slime a few times and Monster Joker beforehand, and after IX I played DW III. After that I played V, which would be the first DQ game I played with any serious story focus, and that game blew my f***ing mind... It's still a close second favorite though
  3. My favorite is IX, but I'd probably have to say that V is the best overall. Though I kind of feel that from what I've played (Excluding I, VI, and VII, for now anyway) each game is different enough to have their own flavor so we have preferences, but similar enough to where none of the games are really much better or worse than any other, (which is great if you're relatively new to the series like me, because playing them out of order doesn't feel weird). Only exception to that that I've played is II, because it didn't really have any way to personalize your party other than names, and not much sidequests. It's kind of unfair to compare it to the later games though, I still enjoyed it, and think it was great for its time, and had a kickass soundtrack.
  4. I'm only an hour-ish into VI so I can't really make a good opinion on it, my sister is almost finished with it, but I do remember her struggling with it at times, like not getting any good spells, or not being able to progress even with a walkthrough because an event wouldn't trigger, and it took her a few days to figure it out. She still seems to be enjoying it overall though. I was surprised to see a lot of negativity towards IX though, all my friends loved that game, my sister and I played through it together twice.
  5. I can agree with that. DQV did a lot well, but Nimzo was really disappointing, especially following Psaro. The only thing interesting about him is the font he uses when he talks.
  6. No problem. I can see how that would be confusing now. I haven't played much Final Fantasy and completely forgot that it also had a character called Gilgamesh.
  7. Right here https://youtu.be/j1JERhUoQoU?t=16m38s I'm really exited for it, I love old Namco games.
  8. I'm more exited about the Gilgamesh Mii costume coming in February than either of the two new characters. I never liked fire emblem (tried a couple games hated both of them) and have never played Bayonetta. They still look cool though, I do like the fire emblem characters in smash even though I think there's too many, but Corn looks different enough.
  9. I kinda like the idea of using four different slimes to fill the roles of a traditional, DW III style party. (Hero, Warrior, Mage Priest) Man O' War and Healer/Curer fill the mage and priest roles pretty well respectively. The other two are a bit tricky. Slime Knight can kind of fill the hero role since it has both healing and offensive spells. But then he's the only Warrior-like slime too. I'd Probably just throw a regular slime in just so the party has safe passage and evac.
  10. Ah, thank you that was very helpful. Maybe instead I'll do "A boy and his slimes" and only use Protagonist + 3 Slimes. But idk that doesn't seem as fun to me. I'll think of something.
  11. I was thinking of playing through DQV using only a party of 4 regular Slimes. I don't know how possible that is though because if memory serves the game often forces you to use human characters, at least before you unlock Patty which is fairly late into the game.
  12. Ah I think I finally figured it out sorta. The timing is really tricky but I managed to pull it off as Psaro against the grim Golem, and a little bit against the darklings as Luceus. It doesn't seem to do any damage though? Maybe it just negates the damage to you? eh I'll probably just go back to rolling.
  13. I hope this game gets put on PC eventually, I'd be able to play with more friends that way... This game is multiplayer right? I'd think surely this kind of game would be, but I said the same thing about DQH so I can't be too sure anymore :/
  14. Strange, using that link the photo appeared in the form just fine and I was even able to preview it, so the site recognizes it as a picture, it's just blocking me from posting it. Ah well, guess I'll just have to attach files instead of linking them. (I'm just really stingy about that kind of thing)
  15. How do I add my picture? When I add mine it shows up in the form but when I click post it says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Do I need special permissions or something? Edit: I can at least make a Link though.
  16. Likely going to be getting this game for Christmas, it's next on my list for my quest to complete the entire main series. Hopefully I remember to post it here, though not sure my username will fit within the character name spaces.
  17. I try not to use them too much, and it's almost rewarding finding yourself overleveled from random encounters after wandering around looking for the next objective. Sometimes it's unavoidable though. I remember my first playthrough of Dragon Quest V, I wasn't very clear on where to go once Gen3 Started. I did a few side things like getting the Helmet and Hocus Pocus, found Bjorn got destroyed and figured that probably wasn't what I was supposed to do yet. I found the cave where I was supposed to go, but I didn't think to go past the huge door that you can't enter yet. (the one where you use the three rings) Still not wanting to look at a FAQ, I decided that Bjorn was the only thing I could do at this point. It took me several hour-long attempts, when I finally beat him the fight had lasted roughly an hour and a half (I would get low on resources, go for hocus pocus, and reset the battle...TWICE in the same fight.) Afterwords I still didn't know what to do so I finally caved and looked at an FAQ to see that I skipped quite a few areas, I thought it was weird that I got the Ultimate key before the magic key. Good times...
  18. Certain characters (Such as Luceus, Aurora, Doric, Psaro, etc.) Have a perk on there skill tree that lets you counter an attack by blocking at "the right time". I've been trying at it for quite a while but have never managed to pull it off. The game doesn't seem to give any indication of what that right time is. Has anyone figured out how to time it?
  19. I got it for my birthday, but was only recently able to mod my NA 3DS to be able to play it (had to get a Powersaves device). It's really fun, I love playing Rhapthorne's theme. It wasn't too hard to play without knowing japanese, I was able to figure out how to change vocation and even what most of the items in the TnT board shops were, there was some other character customization options I couldn't figure out though. The game includes songs from Dragon Quest X though, maybe that's part of the reason there's no plans to release it here
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