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  1. Finally got around to finishing the rest of the quests in the game.



    Did the first of four post-Calasmos Tickington quests, got a really neat accessory that gives you a chance to cast spells or abilities for free! can't wait to see if it works with Magic Burst.


    Edit: doesn't seem to work with magic burst, but is still insane.


  2. Completed the 3rd trial of the trial isle after using most of my pep pips to farm some seeds of skill. Figured "what else am I gonna do with em?" My party is starting to look final boss worthy, though somehow Serena is significantly under-leveled compared to the rest of my team. Apparently I forgot that I was missing a pastword for DQ2 and after obtaining it I now officially have all the pastwords. Haven't touched this new DQ2 one yet, and still haven't figured out the last DQ1 quest, but I'm getting there.


    A close friend of mine is also playing through DQ11SDE, having not played the PC/PS4 version. I find it fun seeing his reactions to it. (Act 2 SE story spoilers ahead).




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  3. Finished all of the story quests save for Final boss and the last two parts of Trial Isle. Only sidequests I have left is one that requires the final WoH trial, and the last tickington quest for DQ1 (which I understand requires you to beat the true final boss?) Somehow made it this far with my team only in the mid 70s, I need to do some serious MKS grinding. Though I am kind of worried because I wanted to unlock all the appearance changing outfits but so far I've only gotten all of Erik's and I only know of costumes for Serena, Veronica, and Eight that I don't have yet. No idea what/where the rest of the party's final outfits are. Maybe they're all in the rest of Trial Isle and WoH, but I still feel like I'm going to come up short. :unhappy: Maybe there's some random unmarked npcs out there they give them to you similarly to the Stellar set. Gonna be like looking for a needle in a planet-sized haystack.

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  4. 3 hours ago, AustNerevar said:

    Yeah this is easy to miss especially for people who a lol ready p look aged the game on PC/PS4 and wouldn't think to look there.

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    Yeah I only found it via the shell phone or whatever it's called.

    Forgot how Awful the final trial of the wheel of harma is. Those squids just won't die. >.<I think it might be time for some MKS grinding, but I'll see how many quests I can clear before I have to resort to that.

  5. Only did the first part of it so far and did notice something a little different.


    Maybe I remember wrong but there's an option for one of the rewards that says something like "I want to choose someone to spend my life with". Pretty sure the PC version just said "I wan't to marry Gemma".

    Tried to pick it to see what's it's about but apparently I can't get married because I'm homeless. So uh I guess I'll work on that O_o. Got a recipe for the supreme sword of light instead. I got the dinky little thing to +3 and it still doesn't compare to my berserker blade plus 3, but hey it's still free panaceas.


  6. 2 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:

    People saw screenshots of "new party members" and idiots went and posted idiot stuff. It was just from those character-specific add-on portions at the beginning of Act 2.

    I figured as much.


    Still Dave's Captain Falcon Impressions were pretty epic


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  7. I was wondering about those crossbow target things! I thought I had just missed a trigger or something. I never bothered with them in the PC version anyway.

    I got the Tickington statues for III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, and X. Those quests have been pretty hit and miss in my opinion. A lot of them are just joke lines from previous games that they stretched into a whole quest. I'm also disappointed that many of the pastwords lead to the same areas as others.

    TFW no DQ3 Ghost Ship Pastword



    About to dive into (minor act 3 spoiler)


    Drustan's Trials

    I wonder if there's anything new to Definitive Edition there.


    I'm pretty sure there aren't any new party members as someone hinted to earlier. If there are then it's pretty dang late in the game. Sorry fans of (super spoilerific name ahead)


    Doge Rotondo.


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  8. Finished off Mordegon this morning. I decided to see if I could use switching to 2D to back in time in order to dupe the unique weapon you get from slaying him in an effort to keep it well into the postgame. Didn't work unfortunately as it removed it from your inventory when you go before Mordegon. Now that I'm actually spec'd into that type of weapon I will miss it once it's gone.

    Finished off some sidequests. Took me a good 8 hours to do Richie's Quest for the vest of success. That sure was a well designed quest! But with that I think I've done all the sidequests that you can do before the big event that kicks off Act 3, unless there's a way to get the 3rd DQ5 pastword that is required for the second DQ2 pastword quest. But I'm sure you can still access all of tickington  in Act 3 so I'm getting ready for the postgame dungeon.

  9. Can't believe it took me this long to figure out what the golden pickaxe from


    Alltrades Abby

    was for, man am I slow!

    Just did the 2nd DQIX tockle quest and it was on point!


    Felt just like I was playing DQIX going grotto diving again. The premise of the quest's storyline was absurd and hilarious I thuroughly enjoyed it. Was able to complete the Go Fygger quest while I was there too. I love the benevelescence it gives as a reward. It's a useful battle item and a good nod to my favorite DQ game. Can't wait to see what the rest of the pastwords have to offer.



  10. 21 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    Got to L’Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles (god I hate French and French accents) at last. I still love how eccentric the headmaster is.

    But what I love even more is that we get to hear that awesome Tokyo Metropolitan rendition of “Castle Trumpeter,” from DQ5 when on the school grounds during the day. I’m probably going to keep praising the use of the symphonic music with each piece I finally get to hear in symphonic form in game. Mainly it’s just nice to finally hear these songs I love so much in an actual Dragon Quest game instead of just listening to them from my iPod or the physical discs. I love it.

    Anyway, I’m thinking before I make the trek to Phnom Nonh I’m going to head to the valley east of the Medal Academy. I’m pretty sure one of the orbs is over there in that valley if I remember right, and, well, I’m not exactly excited to go back to Phnom Nonh.


    What could you possibly have against Phnom Nomh? There's a very nice mural there you should check out. By the way have you seen mi Papi?

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  11. I've had a few disagreements with people on here but I don't think I've ever had things get too uncivil. Closest I've seen was that one time we got raided by Fire Emblem Fanbois for some reason but even then they seemed more reasonable than people I've had to had to deal with in other parts of the internet. I'll put some of my unpopular opinions here if it will make you feel better.

    Lets see...

    Dragon Quest I has aged like milk. (actually not sure how unpopular that is but damn is that game hard to get into even as someone who loves to play older games)

    Dragon Quest IX is the best game in the series.

    While DQ8's Orchestral soundtrack is nice to listen to on its own but when its used in game it makes all the music in the game way too soft and homogeneous. The synthetic is way more effective in in boosting the energy of the game where it needs to, but with the orchestral tracks I'm constantly fighting sleep the entire game.

    I'm sure I've pissed at least one person off with that last one in particular.

  12. 3 hours ago, ErdrickRotoLotoOrtega said:

    So, I had a lot of time to play this weekend and...



    I'll just put the rest in spoiler tags for those who may not have reached this point yet. I made it past THAT scene with the World Tree.

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    So...yeah. Wow. They did it. They finally REALLY did it--they finally took Dragon Quest in a Final Fantasy-type situation. You maniacs! You blew it up! LOL! Just had to slip that Planet of the Apes reference in there. 😛

    So...wow. I'm stunned. While I don't like Final Fantasy as much as Dragon Quest, I've always admired the Final Fantasy series for having the balls to include apocalyptic after Earth scenarios. And...after eleven installments, Dragon Quest FINALLY decided to go "there". Not since Dragon Quest VII have we seen the big bad cause THIS much damage.

    First of all, I wasn't really surprised that the king was being possessed by Mordegon. It made perfect sense, really. What I wasn't expecting was for him to actually EXTRACT the Luminary's own power/essence like that. WOW! And then he takes what we know to be the future Sword of Erdrick and morphs it into a demonic sword and WHOOSH--the World Tree itself--SOURCE OF THE AFTERLIFE--is destroyed! What a riveting and cinematic scene! Now I see why people were trying to keep this under wraps. This was one of the best sequences of the entire franchise!

    And now here we are in a dead world like Final Fantasy III--er, VI (It's still Final Fantasy III in my heart of hearts. I never got used to calling it VI) with an eternally-dim sky where the sun shines at 50% reduced brightness. And now it feels like Dragon Quest IV with character-specific chapters and our entire party scattered to the four winds. I'm only assuming it will mirror IV where I play a chapter for each character now with the Luminary as the culmination. I'm currently on Jade's chapter where she's trapped in some demon world called "Limboo". Dragon Quest IV is my favorite of the series so I love the idea of going through a similar chapter system for the next little bit.

    Amazing. I can see now how people tried to hide this surprise in the game. Up to the point of that World Tree, you already feel as if you've played a full Dragon Quest experience and then WHAM--a total curve ball is thrown in when you realize that was only Phase 1 and Phase 2, so far, feels like an entirely new game.

    I love this twist. This game is very deceptive in it, too. Up to this point (save for Dundrasil and the mermaid) this felt like a rather lighthearted Dragon Quest adventure. Now it's just as dark as Dragon Quest VII / Final Fantasy VI.

    PS: I couldn't help but notice that Erdwin sure looks a hell of a lot like Erdrick from Dragon Quest III. Interesting...


    I find it really fascinating how Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest take inspiration from each-other. You have Final Fantasy 6 like you mention taking a page from DQ4 with its party members having their own stories before all converging, and now DQ11 taking from FF with the big cataclysm ruining most of the world and breaking up the band of heroes. it's a beautiful thing if you ask me.


    That part of the game really hit me having played the original with some of its foreshadowing. Especially one line in particular...



    Last Chance


    Serena: "We were born at the same time, so our leaves bloomed at the same time, didn't they? Do you think they'll... fall at the same time too?"

    Veronica: "Hmm.. I don't know. You've always been a bit slow, to be honest..."

    :cry2: Ohhh right in the feels...



  13. 1 hour ago, solo said:

    you can get the dlc with out cfw i got a copy a few weeks ago and then i used this method and i got all the dlc

    There are many ways to get it other than cfw. I even mentioned one in the first post. Thats a pretty easy one too if you can connect to the server but certain ISPs won't let you use a different DNS. Plus you're also relying on someone else's server making it a less than permanent solution. Out of curiosity though, which shop items does that method give you? Unless it rotates like the service did initially you'd still wouldn't have access to a few items, but they're mostly just healing consumables iirc.

  14. A big problem with playing DQ9 nowadays is gaining access to the huge amount of locked content that requires connecting to an online service that no longer exists. There's all kinds of different solutions to this out there, but one I haven't seen talked about anywhere is 3DS Custom Firmware. All you need to do is make a save backup via the checkpoint app, put your SD card in your computer and use the DQ9 save editor on the .sav file that checkpoint created. Afterwords you can put your SD card back in your 3DS and restore the edited save to the cartage via checkpoint. I can confirm this method works as I just now tested it personally.

    I used to use the NDS adapter plus but it is a real pain to get working on my computer due to its lack of licensed drivers iirc. This method requires no additional hardware other than a Micro SD card if you don't already have one (assuming you use a 3DS). I've looked and I haven't seen this offered as a solution anywhere else so I just figured I'd bring attention to it as it seems to be a rather good one.

  15. As someone who has only ever played remakes of main series DQ games except for IX, and XI it's interesting to see the different takes on these. Especially how people seem to prefer the DS versions of IV, V, and VI, to the Mobile versions. Especially with how laggy DQ4 and to a lesser extent DQ5 were on the DS (never hear anyone mention that, seriously use swoosh on a decent sized group of enemies in DQ5 and you'll see what I mean), and how a lot of the party members in VI are locked behind the tag system on DS which is rather difficult to use, especially in the west. Though I've never played the original version of VII myself I remember there being so many complaints of cut content in the 3DS version and poorly implemented modern features. Even having only played the 3DS version you can definitely tell that the maps were not designed to have monsters roaming around on them.  For how much crap I've heard talked about the remake I was definitely under the impression that it was generally considered inferior.

  16. Been taking the game pretty slowly recently, just made it through the last of the Start-of-Act 2 Mini stories. Here's some brief thoughts on them.


    I really liked Rab's story overall. It's the only time I can recall in the series where you get to play as a king and actually do king stuff like international relations. Was neat that you got to see the results of your choices at the end and it makes me wonder just how much the results can differ. I was able to even get something of a puff puff out of it :laugh:! For how many time's I've played the beginning of DQ5 I immediately recognized it when they started taking dialogue directly from the opening of DQ5 when the Luminary is born. Makes me want to try and name my Luminary Erdrick to see if the King's name suggestion changes just like it does in DQ5. The boss at the end was a welcome challenge as well.

    I feel like Erik had the weakest of the 4 stories. I didn't think they could but somehow they managed to have a healslime be even more annoying than Helix. I also can't remember if Erik's amnesia was explained in the original version, but the reason him getting Amnesia seemed really contrived.  Maybe I'll change my mind when I get to his part in Act 2 proper because I can't remember much about it tbh besides him being a stowaway aboard your boat at some point.

    Jade's was okay. It was really neat getting to see all the fighters of Octogonia in action again, this time fighting alongside you. It was nice to see how Jade acts alone and that she's a hero to her core. Other than that it was your typical DQ wackiness.  Was good, but didn't have as much an effect on me as Rab's and Sylvando's.

    Sylvando's was the longest and the most developed of all of them. I never thought I'd want an origin story for his "Soldiers of Smile" but it was fantastic. I've already talked some about it earlier, but I love all the temporary party members you can recruit in this chapter. They even went so far as to have their own unique voice acted lines for battle when they do certain moves or win a battle etc. I still chuckle whenever I think about "DAVE CHOP!" and "DAVE KICK!" "LOVELY JUBBY". One thing I didn't mention before was some interesting dialogue at the end of his chapter with the circus ringleader. He mentions that Sylvando resembles a talented female performer he used to know that apparently disappeared and got married to a knight. Ya wouldn't know it at this point unless you've played the original, but Sylvando's father is a pretty important knight.... I wonder if anything more comes of this later...


  17. Sorry, didn't mean to come across as un-calm. It was a genuine question out of genuine confusion. If it was just Yangus and his silly emoji that's fine but when I have two people complaining about me simply mentioning a character's name then it seems like something is off.

  18. Seriously how is a name of a character a that's only in this game a spoiler? I could see if I mentioned who that character was or their relationship to the plot, or if it's a returning character like 


    Aquilla, or Baramos apparently.

    but I just don't see how a name alone is a spoiler.

    btw there's also a character named


    Doge Rotondo



    Should I just censor every name of every character I say? I honestly don't get it.

  19. On 10/11/2019 at 12:58 AM, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:


    Fun fact: they changed the appearance of the Drasilian Armor set. Specifically, it and the cape are new colors, which means it no longer is identical to the upgraded version of the armor set later in the game. I hope this means every costume option that looked identical in the PS4/Steam version will now be alternate colored in order to better differentiate between them.

    I thought it looked weird! You might be onto something there with pallete swapped outfits. In one of new mini stories an alternate color of a certain outfit is featured. Though I don't recall there being a higher level version of that particular outfit in the original so there's still room for doubt.


    16 hours ago, Kaeneth said:

    For anybody who has beaten ******* for the third part of the Alter of *********** with harder monsters on, what level were you at? I'm at 54 right now and the boss just feels like a joke he's so broken. Somebody at SE had to have a massive nostalgia hard on for this guy. I don't think he was this bad in 3.

    Woah spoilers! I was kind of hoping there'd be a fight with that guy but man I wish you spoiler tagged that

  20. Just went through the first of the switch exclusive story chapters at the start of act 2...


    Absolutely loved all the voice lines they had for each of the temporary party members you accumulate through Sylvando's chapter. Especially Dave pretending that he's Capt. Falcon.




    Was grinning ear to ear the entire time it was wonderful. Have to take a break now but I can't wait to play all the other switch exclusive chapters.


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