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  1. Can't wait to spend my birthday playing DQ XI S. Definitely going to try at least some of those challenge modes this time, any suggestions?

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    2. SlimeVagrant


      No shopping might be an interesting challenge to try then, would be fun to see what happens when literally all you can do with gold is Inns and Casinos. Would be kind of weird if you ended up hoarding tons of gold with literally nothing to do with it. Interesting about boomerangs though. When I played on PC Erik could pull off some insane damage with boomerangs once I got to late game and skills like Divide and Conquer and Critical Claim (which I still can't believe isn't a special move like it was in IX.)

    3. ignasia


      Well, there is Sylvando's utterly borked and broken skill that uses 1000 gold to deal fixed damage (possible to learn late Act 1, and viable all the way through): Gold Rush.

      It's a hidden "?" tile in his Showmanship line, the one on the right.

    4. SlimeVagrant


      Ohh yeah I totally forgot they brought back gold rush from IX as well! I think I might go with Strong Monsters, Talk Tripe, and No Shopping then.

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