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  1. Decided to give Monster Joker 2 another shot. I never finished it but I decided to start fresh. Anyone got any tips?

    1. Democrobot


      You can get some pretty nice monsters early on if you play your synthesis right. Also explore when there is weather because it opens up a lot more than you think.

      Another tip I advise is to focus on maxing at one skill tree at a time. Especially the ones for magic. Being able to pass those on will make life easier.

      As for specific monster recommendations, there aren't many that you can't make use of. I got all the way to the end with nothing higher than rank D. However, in other plays I used King Bubbleslime and Pink Sanguini with amazing results. They carried me to the post game dungeon.

    2. SlimeVagrant


      hmm alright I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks a lot!

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