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  1. Want to get back into DQMJ3, but it's been so long since I last played it that I forgot what I was doing. Guess I'll restart it.:content:

  2. PC or PS4? I've gotten multiplayer to work once or twice but I'm only familiar with the steam version of the game.
  3. Completed the 3rd trial of the trial isle after using most of my pep pips to farm some seeds of skill. Figured "what else am I gonna do with em?" My party is starting to look final boss worthy, though somehow Serena is significantly under-leveled compared to the rest of my team. Apparently I forgot that I was missing a pastword for DQ2 and after obtaining it I now officially have all the pastwords. Haven't touched this new DQ2 one yet, and still haven't figured out the last DQ1 quest, but I'm getting there. A close friend of mine is also playing through DQ11SDE, having not played the PC/PS4 version. I find it fun seeing his reactions to it. (Act 2 SE story spoilers ahead).
  4. Finished all of the story quests save for Final boss and the last two parts of Trial Isle. Only sidequests I have left is one that requires the final WoH trial, and the last tickington quest for DQ1 (which I understand requires you to beat the true final boss?) Somehow made it this far with my team only in the mid 70s, I need to do some serious MKS grinding. Though I am kind of worried because I wanted to unlock all the appearance changing outfits but so far I've only gotten all of Erik's and I only know of costumes for Serena, Veronica, and Eight that I don't have yet. No idea what/where the rest of the party's final outfits are. Maybe they're all in the rest of Trial Isle and WoH, but I still feel like I'm going to come up short. Maybe there's some random unmarked npcs out there they give them to you similarly to the Stellar set. Gonna be like looking for a needle in a planet-sized haystack.
  5. Yeah I only found it via the shell phone or whatever it's called. Forgot how Awful the final trial of the wheel of harma is. Those squids just won't die. I think it might be time for some MKS grinding, but I'll see how many quests I can clear before I have to resort to that.
  6. Picked the game back up for the first time in weeks. Going to try to finish all the sidequests. Found another story quest new to the switch version in Act 3 Heliodor Castle. Got some sweet looking armor out of it!
  7. Only did the first part of it so far and did notice something a little different.
  8. I was wondering about those crossbow target things! I thought I had just missed a trigger or something. I never bothered with them in the PC version anyway. I got the Tickington statues for III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, and X. Those quests have been pretty hit and miss in my opinion. A lot of them are just joke lines from previous games that they stretched into a whole quest. I'm also disappointed that many of the pastwords lead to the same areas as others. TFW no DQ3 Ghost Ship Pastword About to dive into (minor act 3 spoiler) I wonder if there's anything new to Definitive Edition there. I'm pretty sure there aren't any new party members as someone hinted to earlier. If there are then it's pretty dang late in the game. Sorry fans of (super spoilerific name ahead)
  9. Finished off Mordegon this morning. I decided to see if I could use switching to 2D to back in time in order to dupe the unique weapon you get from slaying him in an effort to keep it well into the postgame. Didn't work unfortunately as it removed it from your inventory when you go before Mordegon. Now that I'm actually spec'd into that type of weapon I will miss it once it's gone. Finished off some sidequests. Took me a good 8 hours to do Richie's Quest for the vest of success. That sure was a well designed quest! But with that I think I've done all the sidequests that you can do before the big event that kicks off Act 3, unless there's a way to get the 3rd DQ5 pastword that is required for the second DQ2 pastword quest. But I'm sure you can still access all of tickington in Act 3 so I'm getting ready for the postgame dungeon.
  10. Maybe because Rocket Slime was my first game, but I always imagined the rider just a tool for the slime, like a puppet. I could see an argument that it's a ghost symbiote, but I highly doubt it's a human. That would raise a lot of questions in a lot of games.
  11. I find it kind of funny that some NPCs will start off in 3D, and then turn 2D when they stop being important to the plot. Not that it isn't jarring and a odd flaw in the game but It's interesting to play through the game with that quirk in mind.
  12. Can't believe it took me this long to figure out what the golden pickaxe from was for, man am I slow! Just did the 2nd DQIX tockle quest and it was on point!
  13. What could you possibly have against Phnom Nomh? There's a very nice mural there you should check out. By the way have you seen mi Papi?
  14. I've had a few disagreements with people on here but I don't think I've ever had things get too uncivil. Closest I've seen was that one time we got raided by Fire Emblem Fanbois for some reason but even then they seemed more reasonable than people I've had to had to deal with in other parts of the internet. I'll put some of my unpopular opinions here if it will make you feel better. Lets see... Dragon Quest I has aged like milk. (actually not sure how unpopular that is but damn is that game hard to get into even as someone who loves to play older games) Dragon Quest IX is the best game in the series. While DQ8's Orchestral soundtrack is nice to listen to on its own but when its used in game it makes all the music in the game way too soft and homogeneous. The synthetic is way more effective in in boosting the energy of the game where it needs to, but with the orchestral tracks I'm constantly fighting sleep the entire game. I'm sure I've pissed at least one person off with that last one in particular.
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