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  1. I've had a few disagreements with people on here but I don't think I've ever had things get too uncivil. Closest I've seen was that one time we got raided by Fire Emblem Fanbois for some reason but even then they seemed more reasonable than people I've had to had to deal with in other parts of the internet. I'll put some of my unpopular opinions here if it will make you feel better. Lets see... Dragon Quest I has aged like milk. (actually not sure how unpopular that is but damn is that game hard to get into even as someone who loves to play older games) Dragon Quest IX is the best game in the series. While DQ8's Orchestral soundtrack is nice to listen to on its own but when its used in game it makes all the music in the game way too soft and homogeneous. The synthetic is way more effective in in boosting the energy of the game where it needs to, but with the orchestral tracks I'm constantly fighting sleep the entire game. I'm sure I've pissed at least one person off with that last one in particular.
  2. That part of the game really hit me having played the original with some of its foreshadowing. Especially one line in particular... WARNING! DO NOT OPEN THIS NEXT SPOILER BOX BELOW UNTIL YOU'VE REACHED THE END OF ACT 2. SERIOUSLY.
  3. There are many ways to get it other than cfw. I even mentioned one in the first post. Thats a pretty easy one too if you can connect to the server but certain ISPs won't let you use a different DNS. Plus you're also relying on someone else's server making it a less than permanent solution. Out of curiosity though, which shop items does that method give you? Unless it rotates like the service did initially you'd still wouldn't have access to a few items, but they're mostly just healing consumables iirc.
  4. A big problem with playing DQ9 nowadays is gaining access to the huge amount of locked content that requires connecting to an online service that no longer exists. There's all kinds of different solutions to this out there, but one I haven't seen talked about anywhere is 3DS Custom Firmware. All you need to do is make a save backup via the checkpoint app, put your SD card in your computer and use the DQ9 save editor on the .sav file that checkpoint created. Afterwords you can put your SD card back in your 3DS and restore the edited save to the cartage via checkpoint. I can confirm this method works as I just now tested it personally. I used to use the NDS adapter plus but it is a real pain to get working on my computer due to its lack of licensed drivers iirc. This method requires no additional hardware other than a Micro SD card if you don't already have one (assuming you use a 3DS). I've looked and I haven't seen this offered as a solution anywhere else so I just figured I'd bring attention to it as it seems to be a rather good one.
  5. Just occurred to me that you could use the chapter selector when changing between 2D and 3D modes in DQXISDE to effectively start a NG+

  6. As someone who has only ever played remakes of main series DQ games except for IX, and XI it's interesting to see the different takes on these. Especially how people seem to prefer the DS versions of IV, V, and VI, to the Mobile versions. Especially with how laggy DQ4 and to a lesser extent DQ5 were on the DS (never hear anyone mention that, seriously use swoosh on a decent sized group of enemies in DQ5 and you'll see what I mean), and how a lot of the party members in VI are locked behind the tag system on DS which is rather difficult to use, especially in the west. Though I've never played the original version of VII myself I remember there being so many complaints of cut content in the 3DS version and poorly implemented modern features. Even having only played the 3DS version you can definitely tell that the maps were not designed to have monsters roaming around on them. For how much crap I've heard talked about the remake I was definitely under the impression that it was generally considered inferior.
  7. Been taking the game pretty slowly recently, just made it through the last of the Start-of-Act 2 Mini stories. Here's some brief thoughts on them.
  8. Sorry, didn't mean to come across as un-calm. It was a genuine question out of genuine confusion. If it was just Yangus and his silly emoji that's fine but when I have two people complaining about me simply mentioning a character's name then it seems like something is off.
  9. Seriously how is a name of a character a that's only in this game a spoiler? I could see if I mentioned who that character was or their relationship to the plot, or if it's a returning character like but I just don't see how a name alone is a spoiler. btw there's also a character named Should I just censor every name of every character I say? I honestly don't get it.
  10. I thought it looked weird! You might be onto something there with pallete swapped outfits. In one of new mini stories an alternate color of a certain outfit is featured. Though I don't recall there being a higher level version of that particular outfit in the original so there's still room for doubt. Woah spoilers! I was kind of hoping there'd be a fight with that guy but man I wish you spoiler tagged that
  11. Just went through the first of the switch exclusive story chapters at the start of act 2...
  12. Huh, I stand corrected then. I definitely remember seing the message for obtaining the yellow orb in that scene but somehow missed the one for the red. I was looking for it too. More tickington updates (through sniflheim)
  13. Spoilers for Lonalulu: I wouldn't say I dislike XI's soundtrack, only that it has the weakest soundtrack in the DQ series (which is an insanely high bar to be fair). I don't count all the re-used tracks from previous games and the few tracks it does have don't really stand out to me. Any other dragon quest game I can hum a few different tracks on the spot any time because they've stuck with me. I couldn't even pick a favorite OST the rest of the series is so Phenomenal.
  14. More Tickington stuff: Really digging this Orchestral version of DQVI's "Folk Dance" in Lonalulu after the boss fight.
  15. DLC outfits do work in 2d. Though not in cutscenes Ah maybe they do! I think I figured it out: I just went to Tickington and Jade wasn't in the bunny outfit I had set her to. In the equipment menu in 2D mode the outfit selector is absent and it seems your sprites reflect the actual gear you're wearing. That would explain why Erik and the twins are still in alt outfits while im in Tickington but Jade isn't.
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