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  1. There is Flying Ragnar's Wiki, but I actually prefer making guides to writing up wiki code. I also enjoy the fact you can download and keep a guide for yourself, but that's just me. Wiki's rock since you can sort details, assuming a sort function is available. Just clarifying, the monster wiki isn't a wiki, it's that thing here on Woodus with every single monster in the series. It's more like a database. It just has the name of 'wiki'. http://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki.php
  2. Just taking a guess: you accidentally posted in the wrong topic? The only post since your last one was mine, and 'I think you're right' doesn't match that, so...
  3. I've done a search, and it doesn't seem that my first idea exists in the games, but my apologies if I missed it. (required parts) Vocation Title: Dragon Warrior Description: It takes one to beat one: use the power of dragons to fight against dragons! Advanced Class (Y or N): Y (if so) Previous Classes Needed to Unlock:Dragoon, Dragon, Warrior (Yes, I know Dragoons and Dragons don't appear in the same game) Spells or Abilities Learned at: Level 1 - Dragon Bacon Learns Heal Level 2 - Dragon Dag Learns Fire Breath Level 3 - Dragon Dragger Learns Dragon Slash Level 4 - Dragon Riva
  4. I'm not sure it it's the intention that people are going for, but why not make it a site project, like the Monster Wiki? With all the different English translations and everything.
  5. For the most part, Australia pairs up with Europe for just about everything, although there are occasional exceptions. For instance, we never got the DSi version of Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Europe got it four months after the US), while we get the American names for Kirby games, such as Squeak Squad instead of Mouse Attack. We also got the New 3DS before the rest of the world. But a majority of the time, we're the same as Europe.
  6. Unfortunately, Etrian Odyssey doesn't seem to go on sale as often here in Australia. It's always Mystery Case Files and Azada and 4 Elements and Hidden Expedition and Jewel Quest and Real Heroes. Looking at the sales list right now, I'm surprised that that Blackjack game that seems to always be on sale isn't on sale right now; they must have forgotten to refresh it.
  7. I'm considering buying Untold 1. I've read something about it being a sort of remake/reimagining of the original. Does it do that in a way that renders the original somewhat obsolete, or is it worth trying the original some time as well?
  8. I can't say I'm a huge fan of 6 either, but I'd be interested to try the smartphone version some time. I seem to remember reading that it slightly bumped up the level cap, and since I consider that game's level cap to be one of the worst features ever introduced in a video game, I'd be more than happy to give it a try. As for puns? I've noticed that the original NES ye olde English translations seem to be popular, but I don't like them at all. I'm fine with accents, but one particular 'accent' used for an entire game is a bit much. When they vary it up and sometimes revert to 'normal' Engl
  9. The uploader has not made this video available in your country. At least I have something to add to my signature now.
  10. People seem to be stressing here lately. Or staying calm and making jokes while talking to people who are stressing. Or staying calm and making jokes while talking to people who are staying calm and making jokes while talking to people who are stressing. So here are some cute animal pictures to make everyone happier. I'm not sure if I need to say this or if it's just assumed, but I got all these straight from Google. I don't own any of them or anything like that.
  11. Hopefully I'm not too late for it to be relevant, but the WiiU virtual console in NA already has the two GBA Fire Emblems that have been released in the West, and the PAL virtual console also has Shadow Dragon, so it will probably released in NA any week now. ...The release gap is actually rather large. It was released back in early July for PAL. There was only a 4 month wait for 'Fire Emblem' and a 5 and a half month wait for Sacred Stones, but 9 months is suspiciously large, especially since it's traditionally us PAL regioners that get the short end of the stick. So Shadow Dragon really
  12. My apologies for my somewhat incoherent post earlier; I was rushing while trying to not be late for TAFE. People were mentioning something earlier about the 'Canadian Devil'. What was that about? I couldn't work out the context; the only game that people mentioned just before the comments was Boom Beach, but that was made in Finland. Somewhat related to this topic: Streetpass. Let's face it, did anyone ever get the 30 tags in DQ9 the legitimate way? As in, they just walked around with it in their pocket randomly and happened to meet someone who was also in tag mode, nowhere near any
  13. I have four points to make... or HAD, since I forgot the first. I know I thought of it before the other three, but reading back through the early pages isn't helping my memory. The ... conversation... Doing some quick research, it seems it was probably just Youtube's sense of humour, but I could have sworn there was a C support back in FE7 that also had two assassins just saying '...' to each other. Maybe it is in the game and it just wasn't Jaffar that was one of the characters, but more likely it was just an ironic in hindsight Youtube video. Streetpass. I'm running out of time, so I
  14. They've released only one game in both NA and PAL: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. And that was only released in January this year. Still a good game though; I can't complain.
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