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  1. Dragon Quest 8 to me is the best to start with. It has voice acting, incredible graphics and so someone who may not be a RPG or DQ fan would have a positive first impression of the game due to that. 5 would be another really good game since it's very easy and straightforward. To me 5 is also my personal favorite of the series and although the entire series is great I believe V to be the highest quality game which would also make it good for someone new. Other then that, all I could say is IX or IV. VI or III should be avoided for a first timer since they're both some of the most challenging of the series and III is the traditional old-school RPG which for a newer player would likely turn them off.
  2. For the final world if you go to Rimuldar that's the best training spot in the entire game. Wander around the world map very close to RImuldar and you'll encounter Liquid Metal Slimes. Use Bedragon and Speed Up and if your Sage whom turned into a dragon gets off an attack they'll 100% guaranteed kill a Liquid Metal Slime. This is due to the dragons breath attack completely ignoring the defense of Metal Slime type of enemies and so you do like 80+ damage and kill them. Also, there are no Metal King Slimes in Dragon Quest 3. During the final final boss fight I suggest the mid 40's at the least and making sure you have the Sage's Stone on your Hero. You should have one Sage casting things like Bikill or Barrier and the other using Healus when needed. The Sage's Stone should be used almost every round of the final boss fight unless everyone is near full HP in which case just have the Hero attack. As a extra precaution you might want to have whoever is low on HP defend until everyone gets healed during the final boss fight. The final boss fight in my opinion is the second toughest in the entire series with Dragon Quest 6 having by far the hardest final boss. Use as little MP as possible before the final boss fight too. Try to use the Sage's Stone for all random encounters in the final dungeon on the way to the final boss. The Sage's Stone by the way is found about halfway through the final dungeon. Do not miss it. It's too good to pass up. The Sage's Stone is basically a free Healus that can be used infinite amounts of times.
  3. The key to Baramos is getting Healus. It's a necessity to winning against him. A Sage learns it at level 34. At that point of the game, I think I was 29-30 and I just leveled to 34 at Baramos's castle. If some fights are giving you trouble try using Increase with one of your Sages. Since if I remember correctly one of the big threats in that area is high physical damage and even just one cast of Increase will make those physical attacks significantly less threatening. Barrier is also very good too. Sage learns that at level 32. So you'll learn it on the way to learning Healus. I can't recall if Baramos does the wave attack that removes debuffs on him and buffs on your party, but if he does the key to those type of multiple turn bosses whom use those canceling moves is to get them to waste one of their two turns getting rid of buffs/debuffs. That way they only have one turn to attack you instead of two.
  4. You mean how Krage becomes Slime Island? Yes, that still exists. I'm not sure on that one. Like I said in my First Impressions thread, I never did manage to find it, and even looking it up via Google and the like didn't give me any results. I believe it's supposed to be accessible right after you clear Dharma, but that's all I know. The Japanese playthrough I watched never showed how to access/find it, only that the LPer had become advanced classes just after he finished Dharma. The noob avenger might know about it. Thank you for confirming. Cool to hear that place is still in the game. I have fond memories of leveling up there before the final dungeon lol.
  5. I would suggest class changing around 20. Other people will disagree, but I recently played through the game again and changing my Thief and Cleric into different classes at 20 they were ahead of everyone in terms of stats by far. Class changing even at the minimum level of 20 makes a huge difference.
  6. Yangus can you confirm if the slime forest near the end of the game is still in DQ7 3DS? It's the place with the forest where you can encounter literally any type of slime in the game. One of the best leveling spots in the PS1 version end of the game.
  7. Sadly, there's almost no chance of official localization for the Dragon Quest Monsters remakes. It's a shame since the original games back on Gameboy Color were such cool games too. It's how I sort of feel like with The Legend of Heroes series. One of the best JRPG series out in a long time, but if Trails of Cold Steel 1/2 don't sell well XSeed might not localize future games of the series and that would be a shame. It's unfortunately it's a very obscure RPG series and a lot of people don't know about games like The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky or Trails of Cold Steel.
  8. Arguably, you might not need a second Sage. I played through the game again recently and a second healer wasn't really needed. The only real boss fight you need a second healer for is the final boss and you get the Sage Stone which takes care of that then. You might just want to get a Fighter since they're the highest damage dealing class against bosses in my opinion towards the end. If you're going to get a Fighter though I suggest starting off the character as a female Thief and then class changing them later on into a Fighter. The optimal party for the main story in my opinion is Hero, Female Thief--->Fighter, Cleric--->Sage and Mage into a Fighter. Mage is needed early on for some enemies whom take low damage from physicals and because Increase is way too good the whole game to not have. Beyond that though, the mage doesn't have much MP to cast spells while traveling through dungeons until the later half of the game. By the time you get to that point though, you'll likely have your Cleric as a Sage and the Sage can do attack spells when needed too. Attack spells also fall behind against late game bosses and physical attacks prevail. For a Fighter try to get a personality like Hyper which gives big boosts to Agility. The reason for female Fighter is females can get the Magic Bikini armor which is one of the best armors in the game and a female Fighter can equip it. It not only has quite good physical defense, but lowers damage from magic attacks. Furthermore, the only armor you can get for female Fighters that is better than the Magic Bikini is from Pachisi Tracks. The Magic Bikini is a lot easier to get compared to having to mess around with Pachisi tracks. Male fighters cannot get the Magic Bikini and cannot get any better armor in terms of defense than the Magic Bikini from the Pachisi tracks. If you do have the patience to do the Pachisi tracks you can get a Light Dress for a Female fighter which has 92 physical defense as opposed to the 65 from the Magic Bikini, but does not help further reduce damage from magic attacks.
  9. Except for a few monsters, it's true for the whole game. Metals are excluded in this bonus and reduction as well as sub-bosses, and bosses. Technically it's 25% reduction in HP, and 25% increase in Exp. Same goes for the mobile. Yeah it looks like this is correct. I compared a enemy list between the SFC and DS versions and the DS remakes had higher EXP even for enemies post Murdaw. So this means that the DS version does across the board with those exceptions you mentioned have enemies with lower HP and whom give more EXP when defeated.
  10. I had heard that you get like 20% more EXP for defeating enemies and that enemies had 20% less HP compared to the SFC version. Is this true or no?
  11. So as we know in Dragon Quest VII the 3DS remake they changed the way the job system works. You can carry over abilities between the basic jobs, but with the advanced classes abilities cannot be carried over from one class to another. I think this is a positive believe it or not. I see it as a positive because it makes the game's job system more original and not just a copy of Dragon Quest VI. Dragon Quest VI had practically the same job system as Dragon Quest VII PS1. You can change between classes whenever, learn abilities and carry those abilities over to any class no matter what. There was nothing separating the two games in terms of job class mechanics. Now with the 3DS remake it will be original because the job system will be different. The job class itself will be even more important. It will no longer be about making copies of the same characters whom are the same with all the same abilities by the end, but rather about choosing which job classes are the right ones for the battles that await you. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree?
  12. Definitely seems worth it over the PS2 version. They changed the game from random encounters to you encounter battles by running into enemies in areas, bonus bosses, bonus equipment, bonus dungeons, two additional characters and they nerfed some things considered overpowered.
  13. I'm doing a second playthrough of the game and enjoying it quite a bit. However, there's something I've always wondered about the game. The first half of the game has a very focused story. You go on to stop Mudo/Murdaw and you learn about each of the main characters and there's a lot of very interesting scenarios going on. Then you defeat Mudo/Murdaw and the game's plot literally vanishes. From that point on, it's mostly wandering around until you come across Jamiras randomly and he mentions the demon clan and how there's other demon lords. There's also very little else you learn about the main characters. It just always seemed odd to me after how story focused the first half is. Even in Dragon Quest 3 you always had a clear objective. First it's stop Baramos and afterwards Zoma. There was a goal and a story behind what you're doing. VI though it just becomes more about the sub plots in the second half rather than the main story of stopping the evil demon lords. Does anyone agree the story was possibly rushed?
  14. This is a noble effort. I thank you for attempting to translate this. I have nothing, but the utmost respect for fan translators. They are saints and without them we would have missed out on many great games that were never localized officially.
  15. I recently started a second playthrough of the SFC version of DQ6 as well. I got the DS version and even though the gameplay is better in terms of interface and there's less grinding I find the SNES version to have the better graphics and music. Perhaps it's just I'm a sucker for sprites though. In the DS I got up to the part with Murdaw and stopped around there. My strategy in terms of vocations for the SNES version is to have everyone master Dancer, Goof Off and then Superstar to learn Hustle Dance. I just finished Calcado and I got Dancer mastered on everyone and Goof Off is nearly mastered too. Although, I changed Hero/Hassan into Fighters and Muriel/Chamoro back into Priests until I get to the first area where there's no level limit for if battles count. I've discovered that as soon as you get vocations changing everyone into a Wizard and winning one battle teaches them Blazemore. So I got Blazemore on everyone and regardless of job class Blazemore does 80+ when casted against a enemy or boss. This is surprisingly powerful. I mainly spam Blazemore in fights and have Hassan use a Fire Claw since his MP is the lowest and Fire Claw casts Blazemore when used. A long time ago DQ6 may have been my least favorite when I finished it. I just didn't enjoy it too much for some reason and it didn't help I got really stuck at the final boss for a long time. This time though I'm enjoying it a lot. My main reason for trying to get Hustle Dance is I figure it's probably the best skill in the entire game. I say this since it's basically Healus, but heals like 10 less HP to everyone for the benefit of not costing any MP. Getting that on an entire party would essentially make them invincible. After that, I can begin to focus on getting a Sage for buffs like Increase and Bikill etc. I'm looking forward to trying the bonus dungeon too. It was very interesting reading about your experience with it. I do agree with you though on probably needing to be level 60+ to take on Dark Dream. I haven't fought him, but if he's as tough as Divinegon is to beat in a certain amount of turns in 3 then you'll need all the level ups you can get. I don't know if it's true, but I hear you get some really cool ending if you go back to fight the final boss with Dark Dream if you defeat him under a certain amount of turns.
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