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  1. Same here can't access the aeriewingdreams site and the twitter posts were removed. I guess it has already been abandoned.
  2. You did a 10-pull (2700 gems) rather than 10 individual pulls, right? Yes i did. Is it better to do single pulls? Now i see he is not that great for a boss. Don't do single pull, 10-pulls gives better rank monsters. I agree with you, just wanted for collection and I found his looks funny Save gems for Zoma.
  3. Sorry for the late reply bro. Here it is.
  4. Spent 10800 gems (ugh) for this hilarious monster
  5. Okay, it's time to put our gems to the test again. Any idea how good this boss monster is?
  6. Sorry for the off-topic: Speaking of Orobas, I've noticed that we can get the "assassin's stab" for him through skill ovolving.
  7. That bug/error has already been there for a long time. Another face palm thing right? lol
  8. Arena tickets still for Mum and Boh. I thought they will change it. Goodnews for those still wanted to get ovolved S Rank.
  9. Did they specified if will going to update the ticket league prizes?
  10. Yeah, I also waiting for those. Broken Slime for the win!
  11. I already have *3 jesters. It's okay, I just continue anyway. Maybe I will post when I'm done 3rd generation output of Juggular Joker.
  12. Yeah, I wanted to try if it's worth adding B's for buddy boosting. Maybe I need TMO's advise regarding this, I hate math.
  13. I'm also curious with this. Anyone who could clarify and test would be appreciated.
  14. Any pictures for Gracos guys? I'm still having bad luck catching random gracos pals lol
  15. Thanks Chrzanek, just need rank B and A clowns for buddy boosting and medium doesn't seem to recruit at all. Glad I got them all before the event ends.
  16. Guys have you recruited clowns in Medium difficulty?
  17. Thanks for the heads up! Looks like we need to change our strategies now.
  18. No problem bro! I understand the hype for the SEA monster. I personally like Sealion slime and Sarangay , Try to get Gem slime pal as possible to make the events easier for you.
  19. You are right Zenith, so annoying bug that restricted to use cast skills as supposed to. Do normal attacks in Arena fixed or is it officially applied?
  20. Hi Chrzanek, I suggest go maximize doing Joker quest first because it's easy to farm exp, low stamina cost and this event is about to end. The SEA exclusive monster event just got started so you have ample time for this.
  21. I think Uberkilling machine is better than Gracos, but we need Gracos pics on our list! (No. 666 )
  22. Idk guys but I'm expecting MORE Gems for us! This is the best maintenance ever! LOL
  23. I wonder what's holding it up? The maintenance took almost a day and still not finished. I wanna play and continue to farm eggstremists lol
  24. I feel you TMO, same case but in the last DragonLord tombola darn it LOL. That's why I refrain for top ups for awhile until there's very interesting update. You have nice pulls for +* though . Thornella have SS but it will take time from our dqml to import I think. Tartarus have slashban which I found it cool but idk if that skill was fixed. That's what I expecting too. Any news or heads up will be appreciated. In the mean time, let's try save as much free gems as we can.
  25. This is pretty useful! I'm sure Woodus will love this, thank you Ritzier!
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