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  1. Beat the game last Friday, and just finally got enough Gratitude Points to unlock both of the hellish resource islands.
  2. I know. It hits that rare milestone of both epic and bad that you can't help but be amazed by it. Like, it's their interpretation of what sounds "badass" in English, like how we take combining words for describing creatures and they took a stab at it, and that's what they got. I know they do it with Japanese, but it's more or less playing with characters of hiragana or kanji, or using alliteration to make puns, as opposed to using actual phonetics to just make the name.
  3. You know what sucks? The Japanese name for Braviary is "Wargle", which is, like, 50 times better than what we got. Anyway, I'm not too surprised about getting Erdrick/Loto in Ultimate, considering the data... but I am going to be surprised if Dragon Quest gets all of this music and spirits when, let's be honest, Final Fantasy (the more globally popular of the two JRPGs Square-Enix operates) just has Cloud and didn't even bother making the summons in Midgar spirits (which would have been easy), it's going to put people in a sour position.
  4. Joker on the Nintendo DS. That sounds crazy, but I got really tired of Pokémon and wanted something with more variety & input.
  5. 1. Couldn't you have had the option to let Angelo drop Marcello to his demise? Marcello is a guy that, while people wanna speak in Trope speak about him being a tragic figure, is nothing more than a contemptuous waste of oxygen, lured in by greed and power, and would not be missed. Since Marcello's Templar ring can't be used, maybe there should have been a choice where Angelo finishes off his brother, which would have been satisfying to the player, but would have Angelo relfect how he saw another person in his life die without facing the consequences of his actions while the rest of the party tries to justify what type of person Marcello was. 2. If Jessica is more... Bouncy, why did they modify the Bunny costume? Weird they tried to be more modest in attire but were over the top with the character. 3. I am happy that the Alchemy Pot is instantaneous, but it means you can't exploit the Yggdrasil Leaf trick anymore.
  6. Personally, I agree with your sentiments, Cobi, so it's fair to me. I found ORAS & XY to be disappointing in some regards, such as XY limiting Pokémon riding mechanics, and ORAS not having a wardrobe setup for Hoenn (though they had no problems converting Mauville City, for example). If Sun/Moon doesn't prioritize extreme exploration where you need stuff like the Magma/Aqua Suit, I will have some issues. To be honest, I got into Dragon Quest Monsters Joker because I wanted to try something different as Pokémon had gotten stagnant for me (I wasn't following too much at the time, but I still consider the 4th Generation to be the worst of the series, in terms of new Pokémon & location in Sinnoh) and although there weren't a lot of monsters in the first game, I was very hooked into playing it. Also, I think Canzar (the Crab Monster you are likely referring to) got an update since it's an original, DQM-only creation.
  7. I honestly don't see how. Frankly, I am cool with a "Dragon Quest in the Future" setup, because it's not like things got too advanced in the Joker series before 3 compared to the rest of the franchise.
  8. Considering SquareEnix's problems across the realm with Final Fantasy, Hitman, and Just Cause... I will not be surprised if they decide they don't bring over Joker 3... even though they released the first two Jokers (even if our Joker was the "introductionary" version). Jeez... why must we suffer for their incompetence?
  9. Yeah, I finally got around to seeing the 30th anniversary presentation and there they announced that Joker 3 is being released in Japan on March 24th. Hopefully we'll get to see more details before then about the game.
  10. I have a copy of Joker 2's strategy guide that I was able to get on the cheap. It's not entirely reliable, though, as several monsters (Barbarus, Stormsgate Citadel, Schlemian Tank) are omitted for some odd reason, yet their skill sets are in the guide. Also, does anybody know of any scans for Dragon Warrior Monsters, preferably DWM II? I wanted to buy it, but $37 at the minimum is out of my price range right now for something that might have had some tears and writing on it. It always bugs me that an out of print book often translates to excessively high prices. $50 for a new guide isn't unrealistic, but charging nearly $200 is.
  11. Yeah, I'd really love for this game to come here because I'd absolutely love to give this a shot.
  12. Also considering that the whole process is very tricky regarding emulation, the best bet is that it likely can be put into an R4 cartridge that can be played on 3DS units.
  13. I told a friend of mine who complained about VII not coming over, and he was very ecstatic. I don't think we'll be getting all of the Dragon Quest games, unfortunately, but hopefully X and XI will come down the road, and we'll also get Joker 3.
  14. I was wondering if somebody had done a list of all of the monsters from the remake of Dragon Quest Monsters 2. I know of the bestiary of Terry's Wonderland, but somebody had to do a list for the Marvelous Mystery Key.
  15. Personally, from my experience, what you likely have to do is fight Rigor Mortex with an Orochi, and the one way you can get Orochi is by synthesizing four of the giant monsters (Wormonger, Bjorn, Empreya, and the Missing Lynx) and obtaining it through four-body synthesis, and then grinding Orochi to around Level 35-40. It's imperitive that Orochi gets the Empreya trait so that it can learn Megaheal, which will benefit it during the battle against Rigor Mortex due to Frizz Cracker.
  16. At this point, I think Joker 3 has a better chance of coming stateside than either of the original DQM remakes, which sucks because I enjoy the series and would think it can appeal to people. I know that because I got into the original Joker during a time I was burned out by Pokemon. Still, any attempts at translation I can appreciate. I know I always wanted to play Joker 2 Professional.
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