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  1. Some say Master Chief should have been the Microsoft rep. Some people are also stupid.
  2. I picked up Bloodstained recently. Got 100% Map completion and it's a VERY good game. Really scratched my Metroidvania itch.

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    2. DrippySlimeStar


      I've been thinking about getting it since it's been getting pretty good reviews. I haven't played SoTN or any game like it so I wouldn't have anything to compare it too which I see as a plus.

    3. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Yeah I've wanted to check that oput Yangus, thanks.

    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Cool, glad to hear it. Hope you enjoy it whenever you pick it up.

  3. Gintama finally ended. Wasn't able to catch up with before it did like I wanted but I feel more motivated to now that it has a definite ending.

  4. Beat FF8! Ignasia's tips reall you helped!

    With that done, I think it's a good thing I decided to return to FF8 after all these years and appreciate in a way I wasn't able to back then.

    Onto NG+ in Sekiro!

    1. ignasia


      Awesome buddy.  Cheers and have fun with the next round of PAIN, you masochist, you!

  5. I'm very excited to finally be able to play Ni No Kuni! Fire Emblem, Pokemon, FF7R, new Smash DLC, and sequal to Breath of thewil are all ones I'm excited for.
  6. At the final boss of FF8. Any tips are appreciated.

    Now, let me finally finish this game that I absolutely have not given it's deserved credit over the years.

    1. ignasia


      1) Triple , Triple , Triple

      2) Aura , Aura , Aura (impacts crisis level, which impacts how often you go into Limit Break Mode)

      3) Holy Wars if you have any (24-second invincibility, or the trial which I believe gives 6-second, to the party!...refine...Holy Wars can be created by refining the Gilgamesh Card for 10, or 10 Holy War-Trial's for 1 Holy War).  So use them AFTER Triple and Aura are cast on everyone, as that 24-seconds is in real-time.

      4) 1st battle: any spell type but holy.  So all summons pretty much, except for Alexander.  You can try to poison her.

      5) 2nd battle: When she summons in Griever, HOLY (super weak to it, 2.5* damage, also Wind 2* damage)

      6) 3rd battle: Water (3*) or Thunder (2*), do NOT use Holy or you'll heal her.

      7) 4th/final battle: no bonuses, but no healing either.  Everything is 100% damage.


      Three ways to exceed 9,999 damage cap:

      1) Aura and Limit Break abuse, particularly Squall's.  Lionheart is insane for overall damage.

      2) The GF Eden (you can get her from Ultima Weapon or Tiamat in Ultimecia Castle) can hit a damage cap of 60,000 when fully boosted, and is neutral property.

      3) Quistis' Blue Magic, Shockwave Pulsar.  Learned from Dark Matter (refine 100 Cursed Spikes with Tool-RF...farm them from the Deep Sea Research center, near the save point inside, you want to fight the Tri-Faces).  Aura in effect will boost the damage naturally as SP is affected by the hidden stat "Crisis Level," which determines Limit Break.

      Vs Ultimecia, at 4~37 spirit, from levels 1 to 65, the damage output, depending on your hidden Crisis level, will dish out, and I'll assume her Magic stat is at 70 after Junctioning:

      Ultimecia Level 1:  8,411 (CL 1) ~ 20,390 (CL 4)
      Ultimecia Level 65:  7347 (CL 1) ~ 17,812 (CL 4)

      So with Aura on, you'll be dishing out tons of damage with Quistis.

      Let's say you have 100 Magic as your stat?  Possible to hit Ultimecia at level 65 with 19,482, at Crisis Level 4.  So don't worry so much about maximizing her stats, as the spell itself is quite potent on its own.

      4) Cactuar at level 100 will always deal 10,000 damage per summon.

      5) Not quite possible without a pocketstation...yeah, that was one thing Square did that screwed over a lot of players.  The Chocobo summon through completing that mini-game learns an upgraded skill that allows for eh...decent damage (4th battle has 4~37 Spirit from level 1 to 65, and that changes output from 405~3750, and with 1 Spirit, damage goes up to 15,000...yeah, only +3 spirit and the damage drops from 15,000 to 3,750).  I thought I'd mention this anyway, since FF8 is being remastered, and no doubt the Chocoboworld system will be implemented without the pocketstation (clearly), so it will be useable.  I forget if there is a way to reduce Spirit.  I think there is, but I'd have to do further research.

    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Thanks for the indepth guide ignasia!

    3. ignasia


      Anytime bro, anytime.

      Oh, I forgot one thing.  Risky, but you could actually set up for low HP % wise (so maximize your HP value with Junctioning, 9999 being preferable if possible, and it doesn't mean sacrificing core damage stats to lower values).

      From there you time your Triple + Aura + Holy War as Critical Level 4 is much easier to achieve naturally with under 30% HP (well, under 50% helps, but under 30% really makes an impact, I think 24% and below is the lowest point where you have the highest chance to shift back to Critical Level 4 after a Limit Break is used...meaning you'll constantly go back into Limit Break mode and any attacks that use Critical Level as a determinant for Skill/Spell power will likely just stay there).

      Then just time it with your Holy Wars.  Technically Lion Heart if you can pull off over 7k per hit will just dominate every battle (literally move you from one form to the next and about 3~4 of them for the final form, which has a buttload of HP...I forget how much, and I can't find a good wiki with that data for some reason, but I think it's in the 300k range).

      I do believe every form switch will reset your Holy Wars, but I'm not sure.


      Technically you don't need Holy Wars for Ultimecia (you definitely do for Omega Weapon however), but if that's all you have left to do, and you have any left over, definitely use them.  Or if you're not interested in the hardest version of the hardest boss in FF history, and yeah, he makes Ozma seem like a joke without Holy Wars...that's the broken aspect about that item, it's like an easy-mode to super-hard-mode switch.  Even Ozma fully powered down, and using Dark absorbing equipment is more threatening than Omega Weapon if you have the right setup and a good portion of Holy Wars to keep your party from being wiped. 

  7. Yeah I guessm and in a sense I very much disliked how the internet kind've preemptively assumed they would shrink them. To hate on le es jay double u's epic style.
  8. If they were big there'd be people complaining they're not small enough. Just can't win these days.
  9. They could stand to be a *bit* bigger... but I'm not complaining....
  10. Can't say I balme 'em eal. Can't say I blame 'em...
  11. I'm very excited for the SE conference soon! And the recents FF7 Remake trailer has finally given us a release date, it's my birthday!
  12. Beat the final boss of Sekiro! Easily my favorite of the game. I'll return to FF8 now but I'll be starting NG+ on Sekiro as soon a I finish that off.

  13. So after some long and hard thinking... 

    Sekiro is my new favorite game of all time. At long last, Majora's Mask has been dethroned.

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Why has it replaced Majora’s Mask?

    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Oh yeah, a while ago I said Breath of the Wild was my favorite. I changed it back to MM a while ago. Lol

      But in a sense, I like it for a lot of the same reasons I like MM. Soulsborne has always had MM feel with me. The emphasis on cycles and repetition and the structure of questlines.  Sekiro just happened to finally be the one I liked more than MM. 

  14. So I was making pretty good progress in FF8...then I picked up Sekiro.

    This game may seriously be my favorite of all time. It's already my favorite Soulslike game.

    1. ignasia


      Definitely on my list of must-haves.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Gah, you’re making me want it too, Dragovian. I put off buying it since I was running into free memory space issues with my PS4. It will have to wait until later this year.

    3. solo


      sekiro is awsome i got it myself i have yet to finish it 

  15. I've gotten the Ragnarok in FFVIII, with the world pretty much opened up I guess I'll really start side quests now. And uh, getting rid of Random is gonna be a pain for Triple Triad. 


    Eyes on Me is also a really good song. Squall and Rinoa are well developed.

    FF8 is a good game I secretly liked it all this time I was only *pretending* I didn't like it....yeah...that's it.

    1. ignasia


      Oh.  MAKE SURE TO SAVE before taking on Seifer in Lunatic Pandora in a SEPARATE file.  Immediately following that battle is the point of no return.  Literally one of the worst forms of it.  You can go anywhere in the world, but interact with nothing.  No battles, no draw points, no npc conversations, no shopping, no farming, no making new weapons if you haven't completed your final weapons, no card game if you wanted the best cards...NOTHING.  It's like the biggest #$*! slap, but it's also cool because of the story elements at play.

      This is especially true if you ever want to take on Omega Weapon and Ultima Weapon.  I don't think you can enter dungeons at that point, and Omega is brutal in this game (easily the hardest version of any super boss ever, but is also the easiest with Holy Wars and that spell that allows triple actions...so both brutal but easily broken, especially if you're level 99...Omega has by far the highest spikes in stat gains all the way through 99, and is kind of easy at level 1 if you managed to stay that low...Ultima Weapon is actually harder at level 1).

      Anyway, thought I'd give you the heads up, as you're forced to the final fight after Lunatic Pandora.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      @ignasiaBravely Second does something like that. When you beat the last few bosses in the Kaiser’s floating keep, the game throws you into an (for lack of a better explanation) empty world. You can go to any of the previous locations, but there’s no interactions of any kind. Things don’t change until you save, go back to the title screen, and then notice a new option is available.

      I remember thinking I had screwed up something, but once I chose the new option and noticed a big old change during the opening sequence (when I did it again because I screwed up the first time I tried the new option) I realized what was happening and what I needed to do in the opening.

      Mother 3 is another game that really likes to use “points of no return.” In particular without any warning either. Earthbound at least gives you the heads up on what will happen when you use the Phase Distorter in Saturn Valley and beyond, but Mother 3 doesn’t really foreshadow the points of no return very much from what I remember of the game.

  16. On Disc 3 of Final Fantasy VIII!

    1. ignasia


      Hot damn, you really move fast.

    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      I surprised myself to be perfectly honest. I expect my pace will slow down because I'm gonna be taking my sweet time for side quests and optionals. Queen of Cards, Tonberry King, Doomtrain, Ultimate Weapons, Limits, Omega Weapon, etc. 


      Didn't expect to come around to liking it so much now though.

  17. Inb4 we have Serena, Veronica, and their new friend they met at hot topic dress up like Charlie's Angels and the skill panel I said changed to a class systemvased on the girls wearing dresses. On second thought Jade in her Re-Vamp form already fills the place of the hot topic character.
  18. Beat the 1st disc of FFVIII. I uh...

    Take back every joke I ever made about it.

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      That battle system is still jank though ngl. But I love how exploitable it is.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Hey, now you’re going to get into the part of the game where everything starts to go kind of crazy. It becomes Mr. Squall’s Wild Ride once you hit disc 2.

    3. Slimeknight


      @King What legal exploits are there?  I try to keep a low level and have my best limit break characters low on HP in order to use more limit breaks.  I am kind of nervous playing the game because I heard you can get stuck if you over level or something.

  19. And at long last... after all these years I finally feel like giving Final Fantasy VIII a second chance. So I guess I’ll boot it up on the ol’ PS1.

    1. Slimeknight


      This is one of the games I am playing now.  I am the farthest I have ever been but I am still on the second disk.  It could well end up being my favorite game.   Be careful because the enemy scales with you.  Early on make sure to get the skill that makes it so you do not have random encounters because in many ways you want to avoid leveling.  Message me if you want any more tips.

    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Uh thanks. I’ll take you up on that offer for help I guess, if I find myself needing.

  20. Gotta say I’m digging the new FFVII Remake trailer. It actually looks good. But there’s so much that could go wrong with game that I’m anxious. Especially if SE will stick to episodic releases... please no.

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    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Hmm I suspect it’ll be Sephiroth talking in Cloud’s mind. People have theorized for years who the voice inside Cloud’s head was. I subscribed to the theory that it was always Sephiroth, so if that’s the case it’ll be nice to have called it right after all these years.


      Also ai suspect that the scene at the end with Sephiroth is the flashback of Nibelheim. I hope it’s teasing the iconic scene with Sephiroth walking through the fire.

    3. ignasia


      I remember that being a long-time theory, and it makes sense, however given Cloud develops a form of Multiple Personality Disorder where his brave side is hidden from his cool and aloof side, and his child side is further hidden (they never really explored this, but it stems from the basis for Fei Fong Wong in Xenogears as the original build and concept was initially the original build and concept for Xenogears).

      So based on the actual development notes it would be his own personality, and a part of himself he's kept hidden (his child side and brave side), while the side we all know is in control.  However as it's very shallow in presentation and never fully developed as a concept, and is essentially treated as memory issues by the time Tifa saves him in the Lifestream, it leaves the door wide open to insert Sephiroth.  Especially given Cloud was given Mako infused Jenovah cells after the events in NIblehiem, because he took out Sephiroth.  Then of course we know that Sephiroth can communicate directly with Jenovah infused soldiers, and takes over their mind as his disciples.  Sadly that too is WAY underdeveloped.  It would be nice to see some utilization of those controlled soldiers.  Like an army going up against Shinra and the party.  Or mass slaughter of a certain area to distract on intent and direction while Sephiroth prepares the Northern Crater for his body transformation.

      The biggest issue though is the set for that particular scene looks less like the Mako reactor room in Niblehiem than it does almost anyplace in Midgard.  Plus it talks about Sephiroth's current plans, and the dialogue is goading, as if reference past events.  So it's unlikely to be a flashback, it would be a current event.  So it could be a hallucination.  It could even be at the top or near the top of Shinra Tower, in the jail cell, after Sephiroth clearly freed the party...like a new scene midway into that, as a more proper introduction.

      I expect the first release to be all events through the escape of Midgard.  I expect the second release to be through to the events in Nibleheim in the present, and the third to be everything else beyond that point.

    4. ignasia


      I missed something.  Pause the video at 58 seconds.  Notice the ground, there's a white stripe as from a road.  Should be interesting to see when this is (maybe in the midst of escape?).



  21. I’m a fan of the BIG masculine mangos. The especially manly ones with the based alpha males with the HUGE swords that DEFINITELY isn’t compensating for other insecurities.
  22. So I finally finished all of Bleach. This time around I actually really liked Fullbringer. Thousand Year Blood War was also good in my opinion. I wanna post more extended thoughts, but for now, rankings: Arc Rankings: Hueco Mundo Fake Karakura Town Soul Society Lost Agent Thousand Year Blood War Deicide Arrancar Invasion Agent of the Death God Character Ranking: Rukia Kuchiki Ulquiorra Cifer Orihime Inoue Ichigo Kurosaki Aizen Sōsuke Fight Ranking: Ichigo vs Ulquiorra Rukia vs As Nodt M
  23. Just finished "goodbye, halcyon days," very good volume. I like most of the fights in the Arrancar arc and it's fun getting to see the characters in a more slice of lifey setting for a bit until Hueco Mundo. Orihime is a much more compelling character than I remember, I dunno what it was that I disliked back then. Maybe it was shipper bias? I was a big Ichiruki guy. I think Kubo did a good job with her so far. Also looks like Ichigo went to the Kaneki Ken school of "MUST PROTECC."
  24. I´m not sure it´s so easy to tell, everything seems pretty good when it comes to foreshadowing and planning ahead. Might change later but I think it´s fine. I finished volume 21 today. That was basically through the end of Soul Society to the very beginning of Arrancar. Ichigo vs Byakuya was still an amazing fight and the full color chapter ¨Black Moon Rising,¨for Ichigo´s bankai was hype. The Aizen reveal was as great as I remember. I know a lot of people just flat out dislike Bleach after Soul Society and I haven´t read it in quite a while, so with this reread I´ll see if that di
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