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  1. I've gotten the Ragnarok in FFVIII, with the world pretty much opened up I guess I'll really start side quests now. And uh, getting rid of Random is gonna be a pain for Triple Triad. 


    Eyes on Me is also a really good song. Squall and Rinoa are well developed.

    FF8 is a good game I secretly liked it all this time I was only *pretending* I didn't like it....yeah...that's it.

    1. ignasia


      Oh.  MAKE SURE TO SAVE before taking on Seifer in Lunatic Pandora in a SEPARATE file.  Immediately following that battle is the point of no return.  Literally one of the worst forms of it.  You can go anywhere in the world, but interact with nothing.  No battles, no draw points, no npc conversations, no shopping, no farming, no making new weapons if you haven't completed your final weapons, no card game if you wanted the best cards...NOTHING.  It's like the biggest #$*! slap, but it's also cool because of the story elements at play.

      This is especially true if you ever want to take on Omega Weapon and Ultima Weapon.  I don't think you can enter dungeons at that point, and Omega is brutal in this game (easily the hardest version of any super boss ever, but is also the easiest with Holy Wars and that spell that allows triple actions...so both brutal but easily broken, especially if you're level 99...Omega has by far the highest spikes in stat gains all the way through 99, and is kind of easy at level 1 if you managed to stay that low...Ultima Weapon is actually harder at level 1).

      Anyway, thought I'd give you the heads up, as you're forced to the final fight after Lunatic Pandora.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      @ignasiaBravely Second does something like that. When you beat the last few bosses in the Kaiser’s floating keep, the game throws you into an (for lack of a better explanation) empty world. You can go to any of the previous locations, but there’s no interactions of any kind. Things don’t change until you save, go back to the title screen, and then notice a new option is available.

      I remember thinking I had screwed up something, but once I chose the new option and noticed a big old change during the opening sequence (when I did it again because I screwed up the first time I tried the new option) I realized what was happening and what I needed to do in the opening.

      Mother 3 is another game that really likes to use “points of no return.” In particular without any warning either. Earthbound at least gives you the heads up on what will happen when you use the Phase Distorter in Saturn Valley and beyond, but Mother 3 doesn’t really foreshadow the points of no return very much from what I remember of the game.

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