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  1. Gotta say I’m digging the new FFVII Remake trailer. It actually looks good. But there’s so much that could go wrong with game that I’m anxious. Especially if SE will stick to episodic releases... please no.

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit
    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      ☹️ I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed. All I can hope for now is that at least each part will absolutely blow me away. But, it definitely brought down my excitement.

    3. ignasia


      What is very intriguing is it seems like the battle system returns to turn-based.  Maybe with the ability to move around on the battlefield, but from what little is present in the trailer, it doesn't look like an ARPG anymore.  They would have to if they want the game to sell in Japan.  Japanese gamers do NOT like ARPG's very much.  A few exceptions to the rule, but even Monster Hunter is far bigger outside Japan than in Japan (FAR larger), and most of those are due to having multiplayer elements.

      Also interesting to note that Sephiroth seems to play a role earlier in the plot in this than in the original.  I hope they don't bungle that.  The coolest aspect of the surprise in the Shinra building is that you never saw it coming, or expected it.  Just wake up to find your cells are open and everything is quiet, the walls smeared with blood.  If that mystery an intrigue is removed from the picture, well I don't know, I hope they're very careful about how they retell the story.

      Oh, I expected the multiple releases to continue.  Especially now that Nomura is focused on it.  One core problem with his lack of focus on projects...it goes in all sorts of whacky directions.  I assume he's terrible at picking subordinates to manage projects in his stead, or he leaves it too open and is too disengaged to properly determine whether new asset and direction ideas sent his way would work in his vision.  Why KH3 took so long after he finally focused on the project.  Why FFV13 was such a mess, as he was never allowed to fully focus on it.  Why FF15 had to be rebuilt because the entirety of the original project and the V13 assets brought in to fill the void were never focused on and given any hard direction as the man had like 8 bloody projects at once. 

      SE really sucks in utilizing Nomura.  Or in forcing him to deadlines.  Would be nice.  However the amount of content they'd have to work with would hinder them given how many drastic production changes in gameplay and art direction we're seeing with this video.  Even the set designs are distinct, the explosion points different.  They likely reused assets, redesigned them, then remade a whole new game...again.

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