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  1. Gotta say I’m digging the new FFVII Remake trailer. It actually looks good. But there’s so much that could go wrong with game that I’m anxious. Especially if SE will stick to episodic releases... please no.

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    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Hmm I suspect it’ll be Sephiroth talking in Cloud’s mind. People have theorized for years who the voice inside Cloud’s head was. I subscribed to the theory that it was always Sephiroth, so if that’s the case it’ll be nice to have called it right after all these years.


      Also ai suspect that the scene at the end with Sephiroth is the flashback of Nibelheim. I hope it’s teasing the iconic scene with Sephiroth walking through the fire.

    3. ignasia


      I remember that being a long-time theory, and it makes sense, however given Cloud develops a form of Multiple Personality Disorder where his brave side is hidden from his cool and aloof side, and his child side is further hidden (they never really explored this, but it stems from the basis for Fei Fong Wong in Xenogears as the original build and concept was initially the original build and concept for Xenogears).

      So based on the actual development notes it would be his own personality, and a part of himself he's kept hidden (his child side and brave side), while the side we all know is in control.  However as it's very shallow in presentation and never fully developed as a concept, and is essentially treated as memory issues by the time Tifa saves him in the Lifestream, it leaves the door wide open to insert Sephiroth.  Especially given Cloud was given Mako infused Jenovah cells after the events in NIblehiem, because he took out Sephiroth.  Then of course we know that Sephiroth can communicate directly with Jenovah infused soldiers, and takes over their mind as his disciples.  Sadly that too is WAY underdeveloped.  It would be nice to see some utilization of those controlled soldiers.  Like an army going up against Shinra and the party.  Or mass slaughter of a certain area to distract on intent and direction while Sephiroth prepares the Northern Crater for his body transformation.

      The biggest issue though is the set for that particular scene looks less like the Mako reactor room in Niblehiem than it does almost anyplace in Midgard.  Plus it talks about Sephiroth's current plans, and the dialogue is goading, as if reference past events.  So it's unlikely to be a flashback, it would be a current event.  So it could be a hallucination.  It could even be at the top or near the top of Shinra Tower, in the jail cell, after Sephiroth clearly freed the party...like a new scene midway into that, as a more proper introduction.

      I expect the first release to be all events through the escape of Midgard.  I expect the second release to be through to the events in Nibleheim in the present, and the third to be everything else beyond that point.

    4. ignasia


      I missed something.  Pause the video at 58 seconds.  Notice the ground, there's a white stripe as from a road.  Should be interesting to see when this is (maybe in the midst of escape?).



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