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  1. I've beat the Hunter's Nightmare and gotten all the DLC weapons. 

    I went ahead and polished off all the weapons for the main game. Currently only have 4 trophies till Platinum, and I'll be able to get 2 more very soon. Might as well go the distance for the 100%.

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    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      I'm at Layer 3 of the Defiled Chalice. I believe after this one I'll have the final chalice for the secret boss. I have access to the Lecture Builing which is where I'll find Augur of Ebrietas. From there I can go to the Nightmare Frontier for my final special hunter tool, Messenger's Gift. After that all there is beating the game two more times.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Oh yeah, the Messanger’s Gift! I didn’t find that till my 3rd playthrough. They did a good job hiding it in the Frontier (and hiding it behind a nasty enemy too, those cursed Winter Lanterns).

      Good luck getting the rest of the trophies! It’s wonderful to get that platinum. If you want a good trophy to end on, consider the sunrise ending for last.

    4. ignasia


      Nice going.  Reminds me I really need to finish up my normal playthrough.

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