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  1. First of all, I've only played the zenithia trilogy and ix. IX is the best for me. Story imo is not bad because it had good length and twists and even though your party had no personality, there were other reoccurring characters that were good and you could always use your imagination for your party. Post game makes this game stand out because there is so much to do, and not just a whole bunch of the same thing either. VI is second because there are TWO worlds and it makes for a longer game and deeper plot. V is third, gave more emotion and story than others. IV is last because
  2. Alright! I got it guys! Thanks for your replies! After trying lots of stuff you guys suggested, I tried using other save editor versions and stuff, but none of them worked. However, I decided to try the Japanese one, and it worked! Now I can just have the English one in a separate window and go off of that to translate. I'm guessing that it was my computer is interacting with the save editor like Liamland said. So yeah, thank you! Here is the link for the Japanese save editor: http://www.asa-o.net/tools/dq9_cheat
  3. Ok, I have tried multiple rips and running as admin, but to no avail. However, if I try to edit something like quests available or the monsters defeated, the values change to what I had on my save. But the thing is, it only works for some things, other stuff like money, time played, etc., don't work. So I got everything I needed to change, but there's no good solution so far.
  4. It's 64 kb and I used an NDS Adapter Plus to get the save onto my PC. Here's the message as well.
  5. So today I got the save editor, and I got a message when I loaded my save onto the save editor. It said it couldn't load the file, and when I went to the save editor screen, all the values were 0. I'll try to get some screenshots later but I can't atm. Please help!
  6. Ok, this definitely helped! I think I'll use two games and shop raid, since my friend has a copy he doesn't use. Thanks!
  7. So, as far as the dlc goes (Quests, Shop Items, Inn Characters, and Maps) is there anything that you absolutely NEED a second copy of the game/ds for? I know it would be more legitimate to have two copies and transfer the quests over, but I don't want to have to buy another game if possible. Also, is it possible to ONLY use the save editor on a second copy and get all dlc stuff (including the dqvc shop) to transfer on to a primary copy from the second copy via ds wireless stuff so it's technically 100% legit? Thank you!
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