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  1. The good thing is we will probably get some gems for waiting so long,
  2. Welcome to the forums guys I see you have also had the same problems as us however everything seems to be fixed now no crashes for me so far
  3. I keep crashing as soon as the prince of darkness casts sizzle on the cyclops level I have tried countless times to try and load the game and complete the level but it keeps crashing because of that I even tried downloading the game again but still crashes whenever the prince of darkness casts sizzle, they seriously need to fix these bugs I really wanna play the new update and try get the zombie gladiator
  4. Ah yes totally forgot about that ill just scrap it for now I'm thinking of putting midheal + maybe kabuff with kazam and c-c-cold breath definetly midheal though anyway thanks for the advice
  5. So I'm about to ovolve my hargon to malroth and wondering If I should keep spooky aura I don't think its necessary but just checking with you guys and thanks chichi for your gem slime really helped me
  6. If there is any bugs to do with gems though they will get to it in an second lol anyway chichi whats your timezone I can hardly ever use your pal only after the server restarts I play in GMT btw
  7. Yup thanks a lot gem slime is ridiculous extremely helpful, is the gem slime broken lol? Yes. Gem slime is, in fact, broken. But in a good way. lol we better use its op-ness while we can
  8. Yup thanks a lot gem slime is ridiculous extremely helpful, is the gem slime broken lol?
  9. Heyo chichi sent you a friend request for the ovalutionary road event this week I really want to ovolve my hargon
  10. Just got hargon yesterday on my 2nd single tombola pull so happy hargon has similar stats to dragonlord high wisdom ,decent healer
  11. Woo just got my hargon on my 2nd single tombola pull did my free one and then spent 300 gems and got him so pumped he looks better than dragon lord
  12. I just came across him on my second run of 13-1 so I guess it cant be that hard to encounter him his minions - 2 king cureslimes have around 700 ~ 1000hp and he himself has around triple that around 3000hp he isn't very tough I would recommend killing of the kings first so he dosent get revived saves a lot of frustration xD his max stats are fairly average being in the mid 200s except his hp a whopping 600 he isn't very agile though
  13. Me and my friend are on 0 gems all though we did not exploit this glitch heck my friend hasn't even reached level 15 he is still on 7 and he is pretty upset we are in eu so I guess ill wait till tomorrow
  14. I have 2 questions 1. how do you get to the level after 14-5 2 what effect will +1, +2 etc have on abilities based on probability such as zing frenzy etc
  15. I think you should ask that in the advice thread personally I would use it to spar as I don't think the monster is really that good pretty bad abilities imo
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