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  1. Who always bombed garena? Help pass such above feedbacks to them?. Basically we r buying lottery lol...a kimd of gamble. I think dragonlord is good after reincarnte. But that content would be after 9 months? Hargon too, its the nimzo v2.0... i still waiting for estock n zoma....but my love is shifting to another game call queen of the 3 kingdom(though their engish translation sucks) but there r so many boobies n pretty ladies as famous generals of the romance of 3 kingdom.. i love the vip system there, cos the money i spent actually didnt just vanish, it at least give perks as beni
  2. Save for 10 pull, single pull is too risky. Only pull boss event monsters, the rest r gimmicks.
  3. Scary! Sounds like scams, sounds like ready to ditch this blood sucking company call Garena..
  4. Dont think so, garena is playing trick again. Ok found out, u need to update ur client.
  5. Will they ever have a boss monster carnival?
  6. Can't commit much this week till 17th as i am on northern light chasing vacation in finland now with wife... too tired to log in n spend all my stamina...
  7. They are pretty weak monsters although S rank. May be in future there be a 6 in 1 combination to a SS mob? Who knows..
  8. Would prefer playing jap version, so use to jap wordings of spells... but my region Singapore dont allow me to download other than SEA version...
  9. This kind of gold whale oal is nost welcome.. The new demon priest whacker? What you guys think? His stats isn't good n his magic reflect spell(mahokanta),is it bounce? His SS form come with kaswoosh
  10. LOL Xrabite! Just keep looking for them. I got tons of rank E jollybags too. Plus the stamina event which is a great timing for farming! I only met the lurker once but gave me 500k IIRC. So his gold loot still a matter of luck. Yeah, what a scam... 50exp 50g *faint*
  11. Of all runs, i only got 3 anazingly, 1 lurker. The rest r pretty trashy. I so prefer dungeon events lol..
  12. Spotted those 2 dq6 characters. Tok bad no Terry.
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