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  1. So i have ended the game today, fantastic ending. Right to the kokoro.
  2. Oh nice, now the game is on sale in playasia. Im gonna buy it
  3. Thanks ignasia, so is true that we have to chose 3d or 2d in one point?
  4. Yeah, not the most hard dq but one of the funniest. So with no spoilers do you know the differences in this version?
  5. How about buying DQXI 3ds and play all the way in japanese after ending the ps4 version... What do you think? Anyone thinks the same? Please dont talk about spoiler things thx ( i just got Erick one more time)
  6. Long time no see, we are about to fight Corvus. My GF got all the basic jobs to 32-45 now we are powerhouses. After getting the celestial train ítem what do you recommend?
  7. I see, now i hace a little problem... Im out of yggdrasyl dew and i need for the final battle. Where i cand find more than one?
  8. I have two ds, one with the original game and my save and another with the backup and the woodus save. If i tag the two games i can have all the quest?
  9. Oh what a typo, sorry xd i mean prizes, i dont know what i have to buy with the tokens
  10. Interesting Erdrick, how is the process going?
  11. Oh and the fan translation of the ps2 is any good?
  12. So the New Itadaki hace ff xv characters in It i hope for a west release like fortune street Wii. Sorry for not putting photos with my mobile. What do you think about the game
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