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  1. Miel, your art is the best! I love seeing whatever you come up with.
  2. I'm halfway through Grandia 1 now. I haven't decided if I want to jump into the second game right away or play a shorter RPG in between them. I did just get a nearly complete copy of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete this past weekend, and Howlongtobeat says The game is under 30 hours. Do I play that between Grandia or do I keep going at it hard?
  3. That's one I'd never heard of, but oh yeah, that's definitely one. Looks like that company Rideon makes a bunch of budget games in various formats. I have Bar Story, mainly because I really enjoyed their Tavern Story game. Funny enough I got Adventure Labyrinth because I wanted a Mystery Dungeon game that wasn't Pokemon, and at the time there wasn't a lot out there. I tried One Way Heroics, but it wasn't really clicking with me, and I wasn't willing to pay what people online were asking for Shiren the Wanderer on the DS. I also didn't have Torneko: The Last hope like I do
  4. ahh, it was the other one. Adventure Labyrinth Story. That's the Mystery Dungeon one I played. Not the aforementioned.
  5. Plus, you can't tell me that settling in to a new game an wandering the opening encounterless dungeon with the nice dungeon music isn't totally a chill evening kind of thing. I love doing this every time, and it got taken away from me in the 3DS version.
  6. Gonna have to give this game a shake when it releases. I love Mystery Dungeon games, but the only ones I've played is the original one, the PS1 version we got here, and Adventure Bar Story on the 3DS.
  7. Started playing Guacamelee 2 this morning. The soundtrack and visual for this game are so what I love. I love good vibrant colors in games. The humor is super well done too. Most lines get a chuckle out of me. I'm really looking forward to all the references the game will throw at me. Just in the starting area there was nearly half a dozen of them that I recognized. and some that I didn't.
  8. Like the Heroes games did, I would love to see a story where the worlds start coming together and something like Legacy bosses fusing or teaming up. It definitely did for some people, but not me. I know several who cut their teeth on these games and love playing it to this day. I think the general director for that game left Square Enix, so I don't see it being likely. I think it's amazing we got two of these games, much less one. I'd say the runner up to this is likely the Golem I've played everything available in the US so far Stars is great, but that's a ha
  9. Eal has successfully made me want to play a VN, and I generally don't like VNs. you made it sound cool so let's hope it doesn't disappoint!
  10. When I do get around to playing it, I will be playing the PS1 version myself. I like playing it at my little CRT station I have set-up. Grandia 1 has been a blast that way so far.
  11. I spent so long with Toadstool Tour on the Gamecube. I really loved that Mario Gold game.
  12. IF (and that's a big IF) you are able to deal with mobile, they ported Lunar: Silver Star Story to phones. It also supports bluetooth controllers. It's only $6. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this to you before though. Just a reminder!
  13. Dark Souls Dark Cloud It's all relative!
  14. Wait. I should have know this. I'm sure I did, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. Of course. It's from 'From Software'
  15. I started up the first one for the PS1 the other day. First time ever! I died within a few minutes to a boss character that is near the start point. I'd say that's pretty brutal in and of itself.
  16. My SO played that game, and I really enjoyed watching her play. I was never into Digimon so getting to watch someone else play one of these games was actually pretty fun Last night I filled out my white board with "Backlog games I wanna play". It ended up being nothing but PS1/PS2 JRPGs Once I get through Grandia I'm gonna roll through the other three Grandia games. Then do the Lunar games that are on the PS1. Others include stuff like Thousand Arms, Arc the Lad, Legaia, King's Field, and Alundra. I've heard that Ephemeral Phantasia isn't that great of a game, but I'm int
  17. I replayed it in 2019! You're more Platty than you think. Heck, I replayed Grandia 1, 2 and Rune Factory 4 all within a calendar year! What! My world is shattered!
  18. Are you upset that he beat your record?
  19. I'm pulling an Anti-Platty and replaying Grandia 1 for the first time since 2008. It was the first summer after I graduated college and the killer job market at the time kept me from finding a decent job so I was really depressed over it (This was even before the 2008 crash) Grandia 1 was there for me! It's time to enjoy it once again. I'm already five or so hours in and through the first few dungeons. I won't talk tooooo in depth about it because I know Twinkie is gonna be playing it here soon, but man oh man. This game is so good. It has great laughable moments.
  20. I've been looking at various games lately, but I got a copy of Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS today. The RPG portion of it sold me after looking at Stardew and other farming sims. Let's see how long I last, @Plattym3
  21. I do have two copies of the game, but no means to rip them.
  22. From everything I see about it, the game looks really, really cool. Just another game system to get used to though The Endless Legend tutorial took me 30min to do last night, so I can imagine the same for JUST the basics in Endless Space
  23. I'm a weenie and hate using the Draconian quests. Maybe if I ever do a third play through. I did a Platinum run of the original game and now doing a 2D run of the Definitive version. I like the idea of them, but I also like a non-obfuscated run of an RPG. Maybe one day in the future.
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