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  1. Sorry this took so long, you're looking for the Critical Hit song? Don't worry, I got you.
  2. I don't upgrade weapons/armor unless it's at the minimum a five point increase. I save a lot of gold that way.
  3. If you want to play multiplayer, joining the discord is the best way about it. It's newly created after the last one was deleted. Come on in and make some friends, run some maps, or talk about Dragon Quest otherwise. https://discord.gg/4GEdxBB
  4. The time for tacos has passed.
  5. So Infinite Adventures. I got to try that game out at a floor show back in 2016 when they were still working on it. I liked what I saw of it, but I managed to make the game lock several times in their demo so they got several nice bugs just from me playing alone. that's my claim to fame.
  6. I browse this forum a lot even if I don’t post, but I use discord sometimes. For stuff exactly like this.
  7. For anyone that wants to join, I made one. I won't delete it. https://discord.gg/6b8E8r
  8. @Woodus What's your secret for leveling? I'm playing every day, doing Alltrades near daily among key dungeons when I have them, but I seem to be behind the level curve of everyone else.
  9. Well, I think only Myself, Glaceon mage, Aust, Sickboy (Whatever his name is here), and Democrobot ever posted, and it was very infrequently.
  10. It's gone for me as well. @Democrobot What happened to the server?
  11. I imagine it's so much worse in other multi-year established mobile games like this. I honestly have done all of three to four 10-pulls since the game came out. I've been lucky enough with doing my daily pulls that I've accrued a metal weapon for my party members. Gear has basically not mattered to this point for me as I'm not focusing on the super high level stuff. I don't think I've had a full party wipe more than once or twice, even doing the Legendary Dragon Lord/Malroth fights. The game doe not punish you. You just need the levels. It's a very generous mobile game. Edit:
  12. In my state, our governor didn't know people could be asymptomatic and now is holding a day of prayer to stave off Covid-19 infections. I live in a world where a Cereal mascot's villain is running the state.
  13. I'm the same way. Been very much into muosu games this year. Hyrule Warriors & Fire Emblem Warriors were good. Not as good as DQHTWTWATBB or the 2nd, but playable until the end. A buddy talked about how amazing Dynasty Warriors 8 was. Tried it, but it's not an IP I recognize and I lost interest within 2 missions. I can't play Muosu unless it's a property I already like. Sure this NES game isn't quite the TnT board but I gotta make do with what I can. At least until I can earn that golden ticket Yangus was talking about for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.
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