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  1. So on the Square Enix Online store, the pre-order page still has generic box art for the game despite being able to pre-order it. The last two times this happened with Dragon Quest stuff (DQH1 and DQXI) At E3 they announced some special edition for the relevant game. Since it's about two months out and this is still the case here, I think that there will be a special edition of the 2nd game that will be announced at Square's E3 announcement videos, and the page will relaunch at about that time with the new product updates.
  2. Apparently all that FF8 in the book is, as per this amazon review: "No early designs, nothing behind the scenes, just artwork and character bios "
  3. I went and took a picture just to show you. Green is FF7, Red is FF8, Yellow is FF9.
  4. Look at the 2nd volume when you get a chance for FF7-9. Final Fantasy 8 really gets the shaft. less than 25% of the book gets dedicated to FF8 and it makes me sad. I loved that game and it barely gets anything.
  5. Nope, I see your reply, and Woodus's test post as well.
  6. Quadraslash is now mine, and I'm back in Phnom Nohm helping Sylvando figure out a mystery. (I liked the parade a lot)
  7. Hahahaha! Chapter 20! I think I spent as long on that chapter as 1-19 combined. That's when it opens up so much. Chapters 1-19 fly by so quickly you can't keep up.
  8. With my current build I had no issue with Tyriant. Hendrick kept using Forbearance so I took el zilcho damage during that battle.
  9. I'm on chapter 20 of Alliance Alive. I wanted to try out Legend of Legacy as well. I agree with what you both say on this.
  10. I've been watching Escaflowne. the Blurays came out recently so someone dumbed their DVD collection at a local used store so I got the old DVD release for $12. Also watched the Burn Up! OVA that I got a couple of weeks ago. Also picked up two of the three original Dirty Pair movies. I do love older anime.
  11. I was trying out Legend of Legacy. I feel like I keep having to beat my head against the wall for a while to progress. I'm not sure I'm liking the game all too much. I love the music, and the general atmosphere of the game, it has a very high difficulty curve early on, making it hard to do a lot.
  12. I defeated Tyriant last night...and got the Purple orb back. Oh no, I hope I don't have to gather all 6 Orbs again. I don't think I'd mind too much, actually, but I hope it doesn't take me another 20 hours.
  13. Man I can't wait for all of these.
  14. Made it through infiltrating Helidor. Took a break for the night. I've put in about 11 hours in the last 36 hours.
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