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  1. Why would the DragonQuest twitter post it if it wasn't coming to America? That would be a bad PR move.
  2. I am hoping for a good award to be added to my awards list for it though 😛
  3. I am now in post game. Edwin's Lantern has fallen. I get to go investigate it after a very concerning cut scene that happened when it fell.
  4. I got it in the mail a few days before. Just check out when I earned the first Trophy of the game. haha, a lot of your posts at me lately have started with 'Hooray!'
  5. Dragon Quest Xi is finished. I started the game on 9/1/2018 at about 2pm. I ended it on 8/30/2019 at 6:30pm. Now to do the post game, right?
  6. Hmm, I know it lists who has done what class and how many stars, but everyone has such a smattering I'll have to sit down to figure it out. Oh I got it. It was one of the advance classes I hadn't unlocked yet. I had Ashlynn as thief as the last of the three needed to unlock it. The other one though still figuring out.
  7. I am currently on the 4th Floor of the Fortress of Fear. I had to drop down to the save point just outside to stop for the night. I am so glad it refreshes your HP/MP. I feel like I am really close to the Final Boss.
  8. I'm starting from the Dread Realm so it'll be only a small portion. I haven't looked in your guide yet, but I have two Classes left that i need to 5 star for the Fungeon, and I don't know what they are (Not Dragon or Metal Slime). I wish I could find a picture of the room that had each cauldron labeled with what class it is tied to.
  9. Ahh, you posted it here. If only I would read the forums before asking questions. I'll take a look through.
  10. Is your faq under the same name you use here?
  11. The one year anniversary is next week and I'm aiming to beat it by then, for stubborn reasons.
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