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  1. It's the Zombie's Bane. I have one, I was more or less referring to all the skills he tied to the Battle God Sword.
  2. You get to advanced vocations when you get 2 regular vocations to 50.
  3. I've been watching season 2 of Tower of Druaga and Konosuba. They are both fantastic.
  4. I finally got around to trying this. This is very enjoyable. I like this a lot. Thanks Aust!
  5. Due to shelter at home I've had a lot of free time and I have been blowing through all my games. I've been eyeing EO1 again on my 3DS and thinking about giving it another try on the Story mode.
  6. That's what I'm doing. I just really hate the One-Two-Hey! game. 10 coins to play, but I've had games where the back and forth goes on for up to 6 or so turns, only for me to then lose 10 coins. It's such a time waster, and not in a good way. I got lucky once and doubled my bet three times, I cashed out because it really doesn't feel like it's worth it after the first double. This is real, true gambling. I have all the event gear at this point, but I haven't been trying to max out the evolving on the gear. my main dude has the Battle God gear maxed including the sword so I trounce anything currently as a battlemaster. I'm trying to work on secondary advanced vocations for my party but it's moving slower due to me getting low on keys and chocolates. I've been relying on the Alltrades fights for the x5 XP. It's slow, and it eats your stamina if you do it more than once past the free daily play, but it really gets the job done.
  7. The difference of a Gacha that pulls units compared to a gacha that pulls equipment instead.
  8. I've played it a bit. It is a gacha game after all. They're trying to get you to spend real money. Even if you have the Star Pass, it still takes 850k coins to get that Gabadout scroll which I imagine will take the whales a week or so to get. I'll play in it from time to time but I'm not gonna try to go ham on it.
  9. The amount of times I'll host a room, and 3 of us will have the event items lined up for the +60 luck, then #4 comes in and chooses something like bread or ham. Everyone is spamming them to change to a combo food, and they do nothing. I kick a lot of people like this. I don't know if they're not paying attention or just being trolls.
  10. This info was a little harder to find than I was expecting, but I found that PS4 daily list. Every Monday: Increased gold gains Every Tuesday: Increased weapon proficiency gains Every Wednesday: Increased metal enemy spawn rate Every Thursday: Increased rare material drop rate Every Friday: Increased mini medal drop rate Every Saturday: Increased weapon proficiency gains+increased rare material drop rate Every Sunday: Acquiring Weapon Skill Level+increased accessory drop rate Sunday looks like my day for trying to get accessory drops.
  11. I just got a few of those today. Are there any items that will make drops happen easier? I'm trying to get some Slime Earrings to grind them down so I can improve a pair to maximum and I swear after 40min I haven't been able to get a Slime Knight to drop a single pair.
  12. I don't feel bad when they come in, everyone else is set up for a food combo, and they choose bread. Then when everyone is spamming "Go for a combo meal" the person doesn't change and readies themselves. So I do the same. I'll boot them if I'm the host because it's my stamina I'm using.
  13. I have now crafted my Slime Stack gear and Metal Medley gear with the fan and earrings. I don't think I'll bother to make multiple for evolving, having one is enough as I'd just glamour them over my current gear.
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