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  1. Bururian


    Hot mom leaving was a sad time. Hot mom left party to be with Horn-y pirate.
  2. Bururian


    I guess I have to elaborate now, but I can't defend it because I only played the game up until the MC's mom leaves the party, which isn't far in at all. I don't have enough information to form a good opinion on it.
  3. I purchased the first two PS4 Digimon games for the SO, but I am mildly interested in trying them out. I watched her play through the first area in Cyber Sleuth.
  4. Oh I just noticed you live in Atlanta. I do as well. Glad to see another DQ fan in the area
  5. Bururian


    Xtreme was 100% a dungeon crawler as there were only like 4-6 dungeons in total that you kept going through. That one is definitely not for everyone. As for Grandia 3, I can't even defend it.
  6. I can always suggest re-playing Grandia. It's one of THE best PS1 RPGs. So I started playing Illusion of Gaia on Saturday. I looked at the Nintendo Power guide that it comes with since I got a complete in box copy, and I'm roughly 1/3rd of the way through the game. I am immensely enjoying the game so far. The sprite work is peak SNES design. The soundtrack for the game so far has been amazing. The translation is pure 90s era translation so I love it on the quirks of that. It has been a great coming of age story so far as Will travels the continents trying to search for
  7. Brandon Sanderson, who wrote the last three books put it best at a Jordancon talk back in 2009: "By the time of Crossroads of Twilight, they are still expanding the story and points of view. Knife of dreams takes that the story and does the following:" / . \ / ...... \ /..............\ <--The End of Crossroads of Twilight /..................\ \................../ <- The end of Knife of Dreams. It basically start to reign the story in so that major plot points can now start being resolved as they work towards Tarmon Gai'don.| Knife of dream is an upgrad
  8. Hello friend. Currently I'm doing a WoT podcast that we're in pre-production of that will be run for the Tarvalon.net website. I'm a longtime and avid reader of those books, so I'm always up to talking about them. People hate Crossroad of Twilight for two reasons: A) They feel as if nothing actually happens plot-wise B) PoV are so out of time sync as one character is doing something, it's months difference compared to another PoV, which completely skews the process of the books.
  9. I'm still on Guacamelee 2. It's been a fantastic game so far. I do think that the two Guacamelee games are some of my favorite modern games. There isn't anything about them that I hate, and I can't really say that about the majority of the games I play these days. Atmosphere, music, character design, gameplay mechanics... It's all great stuff. I might have to play through the first game again after this one since I haven't played through it since...2015 or so.
  10. I had corned beef and cabbage with a Guinness beer for dinner. Great stuff. Now I’m relaxing and playing Dragon Quest 3 on my switch. It’s been a good day.
  11. I try to go through two games of opposite types of genre, so I don't blow out on one of them since it's really easy for me to do that. RPG & Platformer, for example.
  12. I'm glad we're getting more DQ titles over here but I am overly exhausted by mobile games at this point. Give me single player structured experiences. I don't need to be stressed out with FOMO gacha games and stuff like this.
  13. Bururian


    Pirate Island is the last thing you do on Disc 1, so yes. You're on what used to be known as Disc 2. Be prepared for a lot of fun! Do the special areas if you are so inclined. They will help out a lot.
  14. Bururian


    Yessss, goood. I'm glad you're enjoying it! I've finished Disc 1 myself, I decided to take a break for a bit because I was hurting myself by grinding for the sake of leveling up spells. So I needed a breather.
  15. Layout for this is really nice. Great job on the video!
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