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  1. Funny story about this guy though is that I lost the charger for it ages ago, but a PSP charger has the same specs for it, so I charge it with my PSP charger now. It works out! It's also End of Life, so there's zero support for it. Windows 10 won't recognize the device so I can no longer update the music one it, but I have some 3,000 songs on it already. When I had Win7 installed I got the program to work, but even then it wasn't supposed to work. It took a lot of USB serial bus finagling to get it to see the device. It's not supported above XP. I'm thinking about running a VM of XP to see if I can get the system to see it so I can still manage music in some fashion.
  2. I still use a lot of old things. One of my favorite is this guy: It's a 30gb music player This guy came out in 2002, and operates on string theory. I don't know how it's still going, but I like using it better than my iPhone a lot of the time.
  3. While this is true, you're a person too.
  4. I remember when I played this game, I think I actually maxed out levels for all characters and at least a couple of the jobs, but not all of them. I really enjoyed Bravely Default, but if you say that to the wrong person, they'll bring up a specific portion of the game very time
  5. You definitely deserve it after all of this, my dude
  6. I finished Metroid Prime1 at 100% completion, so I'm taking a break from Metroid at the moment, doing two games back to back like that. I'll likely continue on with Prime 2 after I go through another game or two from another franchise. I'm going through MMBN1, which I posted about in the RPG general thread.
  7. As a lifelong Mega Man fan, I skipped Battle Network. While I liked Mega Man and RPGs exclusively, I didn't like the two mixed. 20 years later I'm actually giving it a try. It's not too bad. I'm halfway through the game now. The encounter rate is a little too high for my liking, but that's the only real complaint I have about the game. Also, playing it on the Wii U VC is way better than trying to play via handheld.
  8. You've helped out so much over the years. How can I not donate?
  9. Glad to hear it. Once you get the games, you should swing back by and tell us how you're enjoying them.
  10. If his heal spells aren't just Lay on Hands, I dunno what he is. He casts radiant, can heal, does magical spell damage too? 100% a Paladin class.
  11. That's the Switch version, right? How is it comparatively? I played the on the PS3 originally and it was nice, but I never got far in it.
  12. Instead of playing Zero Mission again since I beat it in only 4 hours, I decided to start Metroid Prime instead. I haven't played that game in nearly a decade, probably. I forgot just how good that game looked. Sometimes you remember games and think they looked amazing, then you see them again and they did not. Metroid Prime is the outlier here. It still looks amazing despite being a 19 year old game. I made sure to play this on a little CRT and it looks phenomenal! I put about 2 hours into the game, and I already have 20% of items/scans while heading into Phendrana Drifts. These games really grip me. Those two hours felt like 5 minutes until I stopped to check my phone. Really looking forward to playing more tomorrow.
  13. Think of it this way: You want real copies because you have a soft spot for them, but this money isn't going to the developer in any way. that $400 AUD would be going into the pocket of some online seller that is making profit off your soft spot. I agree with Dwaine, you have better accessibility for DQ5 by doing mobile as your money would go to the developers instead of John Nobody. As for the Rocket Slime, I would say that if you really want a cart, look at reproduction ones of the GBA game at the least. That shouldn't break the bank by comparison.
  14. I was feeling pretty nostalgic last night, so I started a new file on Final Fantasy Explorers. I was really excited when it came out that I ordered the Collector's Edition off the Square Enix store when it was advertised. When I did get it, I had three other friends where we'd get lunch once a week and play for an hour or two. I really do miss doing that. It was a lot of fun. The only not fun thing is the CE came with a code for DLC missions that were tied to the save file so they can't be used again for a 2nd save file, and if my OG save file gets deleted...goodbye DLC missions. I have a cheat device for my 3DS, so I edited in the DLC missions on my 2nd save file since all those missions are actually on the card. The code card included with the game just flags the missions as active. That's really heinous. Anyways, I'm several missions into a new game as a Knight, and been enjoying it, so we'll see where it takes me this time.
  15. I mean, it'll only take a few hours to get through if you're fast enough.
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