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  1. Apparently all that FF8 in the book is, as per this amazon review: "No early designs, nothing behind the scenes, just artwork and character bios "
  2. I went and took a picture just to show you. Green is FF7, Red is FF8, Yellow is FF9.
  3. Look at the 2nd volume when you get a chance for FF7-9. Final Fantasy 8 really gets the shaft. less than 25% of the book gets dedicated to FF8 and it makes me sad. I loved that game and it barely gets anything.
  4. Nope, I see your reply, and Woodus's test post as well.
  5. Quadraslash is now mine, and I'm back in Phnom Nohm helping Sylvando figure out a mystery. (I liked the parade a lot)
  6. Hahahaha! Chapter 20! I think I spent as long on that chapter as 1-19 combined. That's when it opens up so much. Chapters 1-19 fly by so quickly you can't keep up.
  7. With my current build I had no issue with Tyriant. Hendrick kept using Forbearance so I took el zilcho damage during that battle.
  8. I'm on chapter 20 of Alliance Alive. I wanted to try out Legend of Legacy as well. I agree with what you both say on this.
  9. I've been watching Escaflowne. the Blurays came out recently so someone dumbed their DVD collection at a local used store so I got the old DVD release for $12. Also watched the Burn Up! OVA that I got a couple of weeks ago. Also picked up two of the three original Dirty Pair movies. I do love older anime.
  10. I was trying out Legend of Legacy. I feel like I keep having to beat my head against the wall for a while to progress. I'm not sure I'm liking the game all too much. I love the music, and the general atmosphere of the game, it has a very high difficulty curve early on, making it hard to do a lot.
  11. I defeated Tyriant last night...and got the Purple orb back. Oh no, I hope I don't have to gather all 6 Orbs again. I don't think I'd mind too much, actually, but I hope it doesn't take me another 20 hours.
  12. Man I can't wait for all of these.
  13. Made it through infiltrating Helidor. Took a break for the night. I've put in about 11 hours in the last 36 hours.
  14. I made a lot of progress yesterday. Now I'm sneaking into Heliodor by the way of Sewer.
  15. I just finished the Phnom Nohn vignette. Now I'm on to the last orb at the town in the winter wonderland.
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