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  1. The buildapedia is super helpful if you're trying to build specific stuff again. It's not been too useful since we've only dine the first island and know maybe >10 room recipes but in due time it'll be needed.
  2. ...How else have you been accessing the Buildapedia or saving?
  3. Pause the game and press Square (or whatever the Switch equivalent is) to see a bigger version of the list. I used the side island to grab a ton of seeds because they are very plentiful there and every time to go back the island shuffles.
  4. I am very close to doing that myself. I like building into the current landscape, but the hills at the waterwall kinda kill me. I'm trying to figure out with what I'm going to do with the immediate area around the Tablet too. I imagine the 2nd island will give us a stronger hammer so that we can actually destroy rocks, so it that's the case I will be doing some major terraforming.
  5. I did notice as I was making another pathway for the water, I got it flowing out to the desert area, but it hits an invisible wall and I cannot build anything there. "You are unable to place anything here" I get as I get that fantastic magical colored halo as I stumble after trying to place a block.
  6. Right next to the waterfall you created, I leveled some of the land off to the left of the waterfall against the rock. I have built a social bedroom, an Agricultural kitchen as well as a regular kitchen with a dining room on the second floor. I have also put a bathroom next to it so I have a continual supply of nightsoil. I also planted Pumpkins, cabbages, wheat, and Strawberries along the riverbed. The only minor complaint I have is that the worm food will cover the current plane you are on and everything below it if the land slopes down, but it won't go upwards at all, if that makes sense. Is there a way to do it that I am missing out on?
  7. I've finished the first island, and have gone to both Explorer Islands that you have near immediate access to once you get back. I have also done the first Isle of Awakening Tablet and am doing the optional tasks from it as well. The 2nd Island is open to me now but I haven't gone there yet as I wanted to get a small established base and crops going for the main island. The Tool you get for swapping walls in a godsend. So much better than the cladding item from the first game.
  8. It doesn't appear to degrade in the demo. I'm not sure on Malroth's weapons though as you only give him one thing in the demo.
  9. To add on, first person mode is fantastic as well. You're able to dig straight down in first person whereas you can't in third person. In the Demo the ceiling seems to be about 50 blocks high as well.
  10. I enjoy the quality of life improvements of Builders 2. The fact that you can pick up items now instead of having to destroy them to re-place them? Fantastic! Even better that you can position the items in your hand before you re-place them. Great for things like stairs. I like the visual indicator of blocks to tell you how broken they are. I also like that the hammer is infinite now. No more having to craft more. Biggest boon to me is in Builders 2, if you use the L1/R1 buttons to select the spot where the block will go, as long as you're holding them, you won't fall off the surface of current plane that you're on. I'm 99% certain that wasn't the case in the first game, but It's really nice here when you're building high objects and don't want to fall far. I also like how they handled fall damage this time with a visual/sound indicator that you land harder the closer you get to taking it. I haven't actually taken any yet so I don't know what the threshold is, if there even is one.
  11. I think this is pretty fresh news, but a Pokemon Go like app for Dragon Quest called "Dragon Quest Walk" Looks pretty interesting to me!
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