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  1. im looking to train up my christmas crew, currently he has the skills youd expect, silent night, sweet breath, angels choir, and the blizard one. I was hoping to make better use of his attack stat by skill ovolving him, currently the only physical skills i have eggs for for him is hatchet man, weakening wallop, paralizing/sleep touch (thats physical right? or does it not do damage?) and frenzy which im sure is bad. I was thinking of ditching sweet breath for one of those since its reduntant, are any of them worth it? or is there something else i should try going for for christmas crew? All
  2. I Liked the old icon better, it felt unique and dragon questy with the slime on it, while the dragon lord is cool, theres tons of dragon based icons for other games and this one looks to similar. Do a search for dragon in the play store and see how many have very similar images to the new one.
  3. wow nice! its such a shame the wierd thing they have goin on with newer monsters not getting full skill sets, but this is very intersting!
  4. I see there are maps and guides for the bonkers difficulty for the daily egg dungions, but i dont have any of them despite having beat hard. Are they just not out yet? Also for the Gyrogre's test event, im not 100% sure how it works but it seems like its just a count of how often youve completed one of those quests? so wouldnt it be best to just run the lowest stamina cost one over and over?
  5. That is correct for what i was mentioning, i also just discovered that theres a fight in the room to the left of the room with 4 vases. sorry i didnt notice it before, i had not went that way but just tried to dodge up there for the 4 vases to hope for some items and got surprise attacked lol
  6. Theres a slight error in that map, the enemy battle on the bottom left is actually one room over to the right. Also i found bonkers to actually be easier than hard. Other than the boss trolls the other enemies seem to have much less hp on bonkers than hard, oddly enough. Since the hard boss is still one hitting most folks anyway the bonkers boss one hitting stuff isnt much different. The final boss has alot more def though making something to reduce def and or oomph needed.
  7. Yea i suddenly got him 3 times in frazil caverns, i actually had to gem revive in the 3rd one cause of mass confusion problems. But i had caught him in the 2nd one so didnt want to lose it. Can you catch his buddies the soul moles?
  8. Yea i mostly just want him for book completion and maby a place to get some beast xp by feeding him some of the lmsimes i got while lookin for him. Just cant seem to get him to show mean less catch him
  9. So the event to catch him is back again, and ive had no luck in any of the others but i could never seem to find him. This time ive ran frazil caverns like 5 times and 10-2 10 times. And have not seen a single one of him or his minions. Is there some trick to getting him to show up?
  10. It's depending on your existing team. Orochi and Armful have different role in the team.However, in the future you may get A rank of Armful(skeleton swordman) and you can add the skill by ovolving him to S rank and maybe Buddy boost with your old one if you like(or wait for SS patch). So you can add skill to Armful without using Glorious Eggcelsior. But Orochi doesn't have A rank form, so you can't add skill via Ovalution until it can be ovolved to SS in the far future. So if you really want to use, I would suggest Orochi. Anyway, as I told, it's depending on your existing team. Maybe bot
  11. Ok so i only have one Glorious Eggcelsior and i have 2 s rankers that only have their 2 skills from S rank, orochi and armfull , which would be better to use it on? or just save it? I dont want to deal with having to relevel them right now.
  12. Question, in the first faq part of this thread it talkes about skill ovalution and seems to be saying the monster level is halved, but in the help section within the actual game it says that the skill level is halved. Which is it?
  13. Yea i did it with 4 80s, and a 67 with just one healer and got the kill all monsters achievment. (btw its like 15,000 xp for that). But i was completely runing on empty by the end and all but one monster died, So its definatly doable but if you want to go after everything definatly save that mp. If you just go strait to boss though should be relativly easy, the bosses hit like a truck but are much less tanky than some previous ones, the actual boss seemed to go down faster than his minions. Also their susceptable to paralize so with some luck could be an easy win if you bring some of that.
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