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  1. No dracolord but I did get two Rashaveraks. Well time to go back to saving all my gems.
  2. They still haven't fixed the ovolution issue. If it's not cleared up by the weekend I might wind up having to quit. I like playing the game, but well I can't play the game.
  3. I still don't understand why the phantom can't ovlvoe wtf Sent from my KNIGHT Luxe using Tapatalk Wait, phantom knight doesn't evolve into silver knight? That's kind of dumb.
  4. Unless the numbers are different, 500 and 501 are Draco Lord. Sadly no Estark for a long while, 542/543. Maybe I'll roll on the lord once.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. This update really convinced me to move to android when my next upgrade hits. If this phone doesn't outlive me.
  6. I hope they fix it soon because I don't have anything to transfer the account over to. iOS9 is literally the worst thing to come from apple.
  7. Ugh don't tell me that's the cause? I just had to update for another app and had to deal with all kinds of issues because of it. Not going to be happy if one of the few games I like to play is broken because of this awful update.
  8. So why can't I ovolve something all of a sudden? All of the eggs are blacked out even though the monster isn't in any teams.
  9. I run into them in 10-2 about half the time I do it. Except it's always both knights at once which is stupid hard to beat, for me at least.
  10. I want this guy but he's ridiculously tough, every time I fight them they just get unending strings of desperate attacks that destroy even my best monsters in one or two hits. I've tried finding them in the Carman Caves but I've spent my whole stamina bar in there several times over but nothing. Did they list the wrong dungeon or is the difference between spawn rates that abysmal?
  11. I got a Riptide from the free roll. My first B rank. Kind of neat. Back to hoarding gems until something I like shows up, come on Estark!
  12. Only downside to king bubble is that it just takes so long. There's like what, four or five floors? Incidentally, turns out you can fight King Bubbles randomly as encounters and they're just as strong as the boss one.
  13. With the high agility he should make a very good arena monster. I think I'm gonna go for him. Good point on the free refill for level up. That will reduce the gems we spend for Claws. I don't even mind spending a few gems on refills right now with Legacy still running. It's so dang efficient with stam/exp ratio. I find the King Bubble quest to be pretty great for exp. I can't do the hard difficulty of Legacy yet and I'm raising several low level monsters at the same time as my high level ones anyway, so the hard difficulty of the bubble dungeon yields a lot more exp than the easy diff
  14. Anyone got any estimates on when/if we'll get higher ranks of the metal dungeon? Because as it stands I can get maybe two or three runs of the LMS tier and then time runs out waiting for stamina to regen enough to do it again.
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