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  1. sadly The saves are stored inside the game cart themselves and there is only room for one save. I have started over 3 times and lost my previous save everytime. it's actually one of the messages when starting new game it will tell you doing so will result in current save lost if you end up saving. a work around would be to buy a 3ds save dongle and rip the save from the cart and start a new game and just keep a save backup on your pc. I just imported DQM2 3DS (it arrived yesterday) and it already has a save on it as well (plenty S rank monsters I might end up breeding those with my monsters on
  2. I'm Playing Terrys wonderland 3D and I'm wanting to do some breeding and I'm just curious from a List of my monsters Who would you choose to breed. I myself am looking at getting a Prism Peacock/Rainhawk if the same breeding is the same (2x)firebirds +(2x)snowbirds also I'm looking at those metal slimes to make anot her liquid metal slime and then combine those. other than that I don't see too much. my evil books I use a nature sceptre on a Monster I choose to keep but just inherent a different skill from the books. I know one book knows a skillset that learns kaswooshle and Kaboomle both rea
  3. It works I booted mine up on it the other day. I think as long as the cart. has an intended spot on top they will work. because when you power on the old school GB it also slides a gray plastic piece in place over the game holding it in place. other games without this prevent the GB from powering on. I could be wrong but I know DWM works for sure.
  4. I hate the visual encounters only because it drops really low in framerate when there are too many monster models on the screen at one time. which is why I believe 3D option isn't available to use. it would simply not be able to handle it. I'm playing DQM3D:Terrys wonderland 3D. other than that the visual encounters aren't all that bad in my opinion. now one thing I do not like is how they added scouting to terrys wonderland 3D. yea yea we still have meat but it's not the same. you can catch monsters without having to defeat them?! that's just crazy to me. I caught a king korol yesterday from
  5. there are some Cheat files for DQM3D + DQM3D2 ones giving max gold 999999 others giving max experience after battle and for dqm2 there's ones that raises scoutbar 100% everytime. I wonder if anyone could make one that triggers encountered monsters in the battle. so we can replace one variable with another and make dimensional dragon/ramia/slime gang available to us in battle and we can scout them. since we can no longer recieve them as gifts... i do not mean battle them all at once the code would have to be changed for each monster youd want to encounter idk if its possible or not. but it woul
  6. I know this thread is old but I can confirm a few things if you haven't already figured it out. 1.) Monsters can be scouted with as little as 1% [i've done it multiple times] 2.) There are Rare and Huge monsters in almost every gate if not huge monsters there's at least 1 rare monster (octagoon,lucky bag, and metal slimes and metal bubble slimes etc...) depends on the gate as to what rare monster can be found. 3.) slime icon with lightning bolt is the (street pass menu) you can battle people you have streetpassed as well as try to Scout their monsters. 4.) tip on scouting wan
  7. Can someone shed some light on the Streetpass Subject. today while checking the Streetpass I noticed I streetpassed a person with a round white head with the letters "SP" He had all Metal Slimes. and I managed to beat him and then I be-friend ed a Lvl 1 Metal slime for winning. but how did I streetpass this character I'm in NA and cant use online functions and it was at random he's as of now disappeared and my streetpass area is empty again. has anyone else gotten this Special character?
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