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  1. Hrm, my analogs aren't registering in the config menu, only the d-pad. Which option do you select for controller under Wireless Controller if you have a PS4 controller?
  2. Through the in-game options, yes. Second option in System (システム). Has Kanji at the end of it as well, but I'm a lost cause when it comes to that. Wait, where? is there anyway you can take a screen capture and mark it?
  3. Erdrick, if you could translate all of this, that would be amazing.
  4. Thanks for the Time/Date trick, it worked! @Malitias I don't know yet. @Ashes That is to one of the older config menus I think? Here are some screenshots I was able to take:
  5. I appreciate the effort but I didn't want to have to switch my OS to Japanese. I figured someone would already have it running in Japanese or at least have the translation? AzyxA
  6. I was wondering if someone would please post images of the configuration menu translated for me. Despite having the Japanese language pack, my configuration menu is being displayed with all question marks for text: In particular, I was looking for where the X-Axis Inversion option was located? The fact that the X axis is inverted by default is completely throwing me off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! AzyxA
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