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  1. I remember when SEGA released their answer to STAR FOX and the SNES SUPER FX Chip with Virtua Racing which ran off of the (SVP) Sega Virtua Processor Chip. Those game were amazing for there time and it seemed to me game companies were now making cartridge size Single Game Systems that would in turn be placed into the console cartridge slot using only the Consoles Video output abilities to boot up to be played lol. I didn't know anything about these new media enhancement patches (MSU-1) for SNES Games until reading your post and I have to say this is very interesting. I will check into this more and see if this is something I can fit into my current schedule, at this time I am finishing up my work on my game engine for a upcoming 8 bit RPG Series that I will be producing, I am testing my engine by making a Dragon Quest Fan Game that will be release soon (Site search Audio Android for info) But I am always looking for something to do between breaks and this MSU-1 has my attention. You mentioned it running FMV has this been proving on a Flashed Cart? I believe I can do what your asking once I get exactly what your trying to create, give me a test describing something you want done (not to long or huge) and let me see what I can do, please give me a detail of specs and anything else you have on your goal list for what you are hoping to achieve, this mite be something I can use later on in my 8-Bit series (if this could be modified for 8-Bit use)But anytime you have the words symphonic music, FMV and SNES in the same sentence you will get a programmers attention lol,
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Sumez, Its still in the creation stage but nearing the end, I hope the final product will be enjoyed by fans of the original classic.
  3. Thank You Twinkie for your comment I am glad you like it, I will have a trailer ready shortly, the game is 80% finished so a launch day is somewhere around end of April or early May.
  4. Yes Sir, I used RPGM VX Ace and I used Photoshop CS5 to change agjust the graphic Tilesets, if it wasn't for you and your staff this would not of been possible, I used your site for all of my resources, thank you and everyone who helps keep The Dragon's Den up and running, again for your hard work on this site, it works very well and I hope you all will like my Fan Game. I will get with the other guy in the morning about the contest, to me the contest could be about anything like the contests you had before, I will offer my suggestion about creating a quest and boss as the prize, I know a lot of good fans out there have always wanted to make a DW/DQ Game but don't have the time and effort to put into learning all the different software their is out there to help you make a fan game so I wanted to give them a chance to have their work and idea in a actual fan game Thank You and your staff again for all your help, your site is the Sun that gives the rest of us planets the chance to create and I thank you.
  5. My name is Chris Stone (Audio Android) and I would like to announce my entry into the DRAGON WARRIOR Fan Game Kingdom. I am coming to the finishing stage of my Fan Game and am currently working with the Staff of Dragon's Den on a contest for the games launch. I am excited for this game and would like to THANK front runners such as Hawkeye Productions for leading the way with such amazing fan games such as DRAGON WARRIOR Classic I +II showing us that this can be done, that you can do this, thanks. Here are 9 Photo Screenshots from my game a Title is still being worked on, look for a teaser trailer in the next couple of days.
  6. I am glad to hear that you are working on a project I knew it wouldn't take long for someone to reply and accept the help of a artist with awesome design skills as yourself. Let Robot Punch know when you are finished working on that project we will be happy to place you on a project or help you out on one of your own. Robot Punch Chris
  7. Looking for aBattle/Menu Script like the ones used in the Dragon Warrior Classic Fan Game. Must be a RPGM XP Script.I hope someone can help thanks
  8. Contest #139 - Dragon Quest Invades Your Music Album My second Entry Dragon Warrior + Johnny Cash 2002 Album "American IV: The Man Comes Around"also known as "CASH"
  9. Getting back on Track

  10. Contest #139 - Dragon Quest Invades Your Music Album Dragon Warrior IV + Weezer Blue Album
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