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  1. What in the world is with these "No Vita No Buy" people replying to the @DragonQuest account? I like my Vita as well and was hoping that DQH2 would be localized on it, but these people are screaming for something that isn't likely to happen and making the community look terrible. I really hope that the game comes to Vita and Steam, but these people need to calm down and think of a better way to organize and ask Square-Enix for a port.
  2. Just defeated the Golem and brought light back to Cantlin! I still have some green dragons to slay, side quests to finish (learning how to make gravestones, burying the soldier in the cave, etc.), but my Cantlin is at the max level. Is it worth it go to finish those and progress to the next area, or is it not worth it since I'll have to restart my progress when I get to the next town?
  3. Picking up my pre-order at Gamestop tomorrow. I can't believe it took a Dragon Quest title to sucker me in with retailer-specific bonuses. I did want to get the Vita version at first just for convenience, but maybe I'll get that version some time in the future - I don't want to spend $100 on two versions of the same game.
  4. So it looks like Gadabout is back to Jester now? I must have missed this when we got our first look at the English class selection this summer. It's cute that they advertise the StreetPass functionality, which I know I will get absolutely zero tablets with in my area.
  5. I see the Dragonlord still has it, but I wonder if any of the other Alefgard residents will keep the faux Elizabethan English.
  6. Echoing what everyone else said about the quality of the ports of 1-6. I played on iOS so I don't know if this problem exists on Android, but be careful about suspending DQ2. Even if I just went to go check a text or something, suspending the game would usually result in me being sent back to the title screen when I went back to the game, so make good use of quicksaves.
  7. Have had the game ordered for a while, but never got around to posting in the thread.
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  10. I can't be mad about the lack of a physical version for the Vita, I'm just glad we're getting it at all! That talk about "building on the foundations" of having Dragon Quest titles on Playstation in the blog post gives me the tiniest bit of hope of the PS4 port of DQX possibly coming here, but I'm still keeping my expectations in check.
  11. Like everyone else mentioned, I think IV would be a good place for her to start. Chapters 1-4 can be treated as their own miniature Dragon Quests taking breaks between each of these stories could help her not see the game as overwhelming. IX would be great for the two of you either when she's beaten IV or is more familiar with the general concepts found in DQ. I got IX for a friend who had never tried DQ before so they could play with me, but starting them off by telling them it was multiplayer-focused caused them not to play on their own, wanting to rely on my higher leveled characters in
  12. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/723602302737723392 This recent tweet from NoA shows that while DQ7 is still coming out here, albeit losing its "Summer" release date, DQ8 is nowhere to be found. Should we hold out hope that it'll be released this year as originally stated, or have the last Direct and this tweet cemented that Nintendo wants to give DQ8 some breathing room next year? As much as I'd love more DQ over here, with how massive 7 is I think I could bide my time and return to 8 after I finish this remake.
  13. The most important part about this news is that Alena's original outfit looks to be her default. Let the tsarevna have her tights. I'm kind of disappointed that Gabo (have we officially switched to Ruff yet?) looks like he only uses his wolf for special attacks, I was expecting it to be his noble steed he rides into battle.
  14. I'd say both. I like seeing customized characters and their movements in 3D, but 2D first person battles are great for admiring the sprite animation.
  15. http://hackinformer.com/2016/03/07/super-nintendo-vc-titles-leaked/ Looks like the SFC remakes of Dragon Quests 1-3 are heading to the Japanese eShop some time in the future. As happy as I am to have DQ3 on the go with the smartphone version, I'd love to play that game again with the battle animations and TnT. It's doubtful it'll ever come to the West, but there's a perfectly fine, modern localization just waiting to be used in another port.
  16. I don't know how the people who manage the NoA Twitter keep their sanity, the Torrential Downpour idiots replying to the tweets about DQVII will not shut up about how Nintendo is doing a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing by giving the remake a new translation.
  17. Found it under my order history for the game! Thank you!
  18. Only got to play my copy for a bit today, but I'm having a blast so far! I got the game from the Square-Enix online store and was expecting a download code for the Erdrick outfit for Aurora and Luceus, but I can't seem to find it. Is this being emailed out to people who ordered from the website? Do I have to get to a certain point in the story?
  19. Doric sounds like a jolly, benevolent Dr. Robotnik
  20. Glad to hear the levels sorted out and was very happy to hear more of what Alena and Kiryl sound like in the dub; the Russian accents are just cartoonishly over-exaggerated enough for me. I hope they show off Bianca in a later video, I still have no clue what she was saying in the character trailer.
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