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  1. I've been getting into making youtube videos lately, and I COULD make a video, but I'm not sure what the content would include or what I'd say, since I've never played TW3D.
  2. Durran is actually Centasaur + GoldGolem. And there are also easier ways to get Andreal (any dragon + Gulpple). I'd say go the Durran and KingLeo route, though I'm not sure what to do with SpikyBoy since he himself doesn't go in to anything special.
  3. I don't even understand the doubles format being the norm for pokemon tournaments. Maybe its just me being a nostalgia goggles wearing purist, but I hate double battles, and I've never and will never play doubles competitively.
  4. Why can't Nintendo/Capcom/SquareEnix just get with the times and do DLC? :/
  5. Japan just does that. They do it with Pokemon, they do it with Monster Hunter, they do it with everything. I don't understand why Japs like to pay for so many "1.5 versions", but I guess its just their consumer culture. Though here in the West we do $#!& out Madden and Calla Doody quite a bit, and people still eat it up...
  6. The scouting system has ups and downs. The biggest advantage is being able to choose which monster joins you instead of it being the last one you defeat. I agree that focused too much on physical attackers/psych up/oomph/sap users and made everything else too. The 3DS games bring meat back which gives you very decent % of scouting regardless of your team. I think a combination of both is the best. Also, monsters sometimes join you randomly in the remake of DQM2. Skill trees I'm not a big fan of because of how many "useless" trees there are. IMO all skill trees should be competitively viable. I don't know about joker 3 but this hasn't been the case in all the other games, with some trees being clearly better than others. The super/ultra guard trees in DQM2 are some of the biggest offenders of this. Very hard to get (you must scout a street passed monsters since they are event-only skill trees) but a must-have for wi-fi play. There are dozens of regular ward skill trees, but there is simply no reason to use any of them as long as the rare guard trees exist. Same thing goes for many offensive skill trees. And having to gather the scrolls to access the uber skills is pretty annoying too.... The old skill system on the other hand meant that every monster used the same 8 skills, more or less. It was flawed in its own way. You could also look up what skills your monster learned in the library. Only joker 1 had 'surprise' skills since it only listed the first four skills of a skill tree. As for the names, I grew up with the ones from dragon warrior but it's hard to defend names like "explodet" and "healmore". And don't get me started on the translation errors. NiteRich? Rayburn? WhiteKing? WindMerge? ArcDemon? Octoreach? Did nobody proofread the names? The new translation can be a little confusing at times, though. For example the old skill called "kamikaze" is now called "one on one" (or something, off the top of my head), and the old skill called "sacrifice" is now called "kamikaze". There is a monster in DQ9 that is called "leviathan", though it is not called so in the japanese version, instead there is a different monster in DQM2 that is called "leviathan" in japanese but its English name is something entirely different. Keep in mind that this is a series that has received different translation "reboots" like four or five times. You can mention one monster and it has like four different names that all refer to the same monster. Whyyyyyy? I did like how it gave you a choice of which monster to scout, I will admit. I'm glad the 3DS games (despite me probably never having the chance to play them) came back with meat and made it easier to scout in different ways. But I think the scouting system would have been so much better if they took ALL the monsters stats into account (or maybe just ATK, DEF, AGL, and INT) and averaged them and applied that value to the scouting % instead of just physical damage output. I thought the same about the skill trees. Stuff like Iceplosion Slashes and Dragon Lore are just crap. Crap crap crap. It happened exactly like it did in DWM - skills that could upgrade always beat out the rest, like how Frigidair and Fireair beat Firebal and Icebolt by a long shot. It's ironic that after all this retooling the series was given, this was still the case. I only played online with Joker 1 (and hated it), but I can see why the wi-fi only stuff to get particular good skills is a stupid idea. Just another reason to show how multiplayer is just a temporary part of the game's longevity. Its very evident the translation team wasn't on their A-game with the originals. I replayed DWM1 recently and there are some bits of dialogue that are just outright confusing. I get whats happening, but the way the words are put together is just... foreign. Like SkyDragon saying "squeek squeek strike!!" and Stoneman saying "sooo yoouu saw my face" or whatever. I still think there's a better way than translating the names into goofy nonsense. I'm VERY excited for the translation of DQM1+2, because it looks like they're using a translation of the words instead of just doing what the new games do (Kacrackle, Fizzle, etc). I really need to donate to those folks, because they're my only hope of playing a newer version of my fav games.
  7. I don't remember ANY monsters sizing me up in Joker 1. I specifically remember them ALWAYS taking offense if you fail to scout. I also don't consider multiplayer in my previous statements because I personally don't care for it - I think it did more harm for the game as a whole than good (since they had to rebalance the game around it so haphazardly). The servers are shut off eventually anyway (DQM:J2's servers were gone before I ever got around to playing the game), so singleplayer accounts for the longevity of the game as a whole, and both Joker's single-player were poor in replayability. I'd rather have a solid, enjoyable experience with singleplayer first before deciding to jump into the more complex, intensive competitive play. This is why I don't play games like Call of Duty, where 3/4ths of the game is solely for multiplayer, with a tacked-on singleplayer. I never got any of the Uber skills (or any skills for that matter) by chance. Not once. I only knew they existed after I beat Joker 1 and found my way to Woodus to look up synthesizing recipes. I'm not saying the old names are perfect. Not by a long shot. I'm saying that the new names are cartoony and cringey, and I don't like Squenix making Dragon Quest sound like the next Disney cartoon.
  8. When the fans asked if we were getting Joker 3, they deleted all the files live on stream. What files and graphics? Scouting is bad. Bad, bad, bad. In DWM1/2 you can use meat to bring in a steady stream of monsters (and some just join you for free), and its only dependent on your amount of gold. Scouting probably sounded good on paper, but it was implemented poorly in J1 and J2. Considering scouting getting easier, what happened is that they introduced scouting and made it to be punishing when you failed, and then slowly nerfed it in J2 where they added chances for the monster to weigh things up instead of taking offense. It was easier in J2, but near as easy in DWM. Scouting shouldn't be dependent on monsters having Psycho or Hit Squad. That just makes the scouting field exclusive to these monsters in mid to late game. I'm okay with the idea of Talent Scout and Psycho giving a bonus to scouting, but the way the game is set up, monsters with these traits rule and all others are left in the dust. You HAVE to stick with a select few monsters to make it work consistently. Do you have favorite monsters (which is a pinnacle trait of a monster-genre gamer)? You're out of luck. I think there would have been better ways of customizing a monster than just three skill trees. The way it is, there's no spontaneity with it. You know exactly what your monster is going to learn next. This was kind of the case in DWM1/2, but there weren't any indicators ruining the surprise of what they'll learn next, however small that surprise is. They also made learning new skills from ones monsters already know almost impossible in J1/2 unless you're already actively going for it. I've had multiple occasions in DWM1/2 where my monster will create PalsyAir, RainSlash, BiAttack, the elemental slashes, etc out of the blue because the pieces fell into place that way. I like that. The skill tree system just uprooted that entirely. And concerning names, that still doesn't change the fact that my GigaDraco casting FireBane on a NiteRich was changed to Drakulard casting Sizzle on a Knight Night. I have to play the game knowing its full of awful puns and whacky titles.
  9. Then that makes them double stupid, now for making an expanded version with tons of extra content, but made it ONLY for hardcore players. That's just an awful business decision.
  10. They butchered everything. Going from DWM2 to Joker made for a massive change. No randomly generated worlds to explore and keep things fresh. 210 monsters compared to DWM2's 350-ish. Ugly graphics. A poorly implemented scouting system that heavily favors high-ATK and/or Psycho-trait monsters, is based on chance, makes caster or healer monsters useless in scouting, and punishes the player for failing to scout by locking off the monster and increasing their damage for the next turn. Completely threw out monster's 8 skills (that were highly customization) for a bland system of three slots for skill trees and skill points. Overhauling the game (which encompasses a few previous points) to enforce balance for online multiplayer to the point of bland grindiness. And let's not forget the absolutely ABHORRENT renaming they did of all monsters, skills, and itmes, mutilating them into cringey, childish puns (Poisonous Poke, Missing Lynx, Chainine, etc.) I could go on and on. It gets worse in some areas when considering the next Joker.
  11. Personally, I dislike the futuristic setting. I wouldn't boycott the game because of it, but it isn't helping my perception of the Joker 3. It seems all sorts of games nowadays are going the future route. I noticed most modern FPS games are doing it, and even Pokemon started to do it (mostly in Black/White though they toned it back in X/Y). Final Fantasy had been doing the futuristic thing for a while, though recent additions have been barely medieval at all. I think the futuristic setting doesn't fit the Dragon Quest series either. The majority of Dragon Quest games are in a medieval setting, and battling monsters in a future setting seems so out of place. Why not just battle robots, then? It also takes away from the sense of "this place is old and decrepit and full of secrets and stuff to explore". Square Enix/Armor Project/Bird Studios just suck. They really $#!&ing suck. They kept Caravan Heart from us (as stupid as that game was - screw the rations and weight limit), threw out a lackluster and plain Joker 1, tried to fix it with Joker 2 but only ended up butchering it in different ways (like with the monster size limits) AND they released the base version of Joker 2 when it was well within their power and time frame to give us the improved Professional edition, and once they decided to redo my two favorite videogames of all time and put them on the 3DS? They don't release it in the states. Are there any means of contacting them? Emails, social media, etc? They need a piece of my mind. Right now.
  12. This. I hate the Joker series, and it got even worse when they added monster sizes in Joker 2 and onward. Sub-par 3D graphics, whacky (cringey) characters, and everything nerfed to hell to facilitate a tacked-on online play? Sure thing! Sounds like a great idea. Joker is actually my favourite series But yeah DQMJ is very easy, if you get the gigantes at the start it's ridiculously easy to kick start synthesis and get buffalogre or other creatures for an easy demon at arms and then synth your way to malroth then nimzo or zoma... However the first joker is still my favourite, Joker 2 didn't appeal to me as much It's kinda hard to decide which Joker I hate the least. Joker 1 "kicked off" the reboot and had randomly generated islands (which I thought was cool) but the main areas were really bland and (for the most part) were devoid of anything meaningful to find. There also weren't enough monsters. Joker 2 had a bunch of improvements and more monsters and had more interesting areas to explore, but the entire game was limited to one (deserted) island, had cringey writing, and added monster sizes, which really killed it for me. Both games are crap compared to Cobi/Tara, because Armor Project had to completely rework the game around multiplayer, which I don't think DQM needs that at all. Just another game that had its single player ruined by online play - though that's just my opinion.
  13. I saw a Metal Goddess that only took up one slot... interesting. Was afraid that the "small body" perk could only reduce a monster's space usage by 1 or 2, but it seems it can make a 4-spacer into a 1-spacer also.
  14. No prob. Wonder if we could try to sweet talk Square Enix by showing them the work? It was downloaded about 800 times after I put it up on mediafire. Maybe as a small "wink wink nudge nudge" that people still care about DQM.
  15. Updated to 1.3 - and I think this is as complete as it will get. I'd say about 99.9% accuracy. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i5xe362hv3xgo3q/DWM2_Breeding_1.3.txt Go ahead and add this to the site if you haven't already, Woodus hopefully you guys can figure out a way to get the formatting right. It was a lot of work and I'm glad its done, but I'm also sad, seeing as though the majority of DWM2's mysteries have now been solved :/
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