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  1. 100 stamina used = 1000 gold 200 stamina used = 3x LMS
  2. With the high agility he should make a very good arena monster. I think I'm gonna go for him. Good point on the free refill for level up. That will reduce the gems we spend for Claws. I don't even mind spending a few gems on refills right now with Legacy still running. It's so dang efficient with stam/exp ratio.
  3. Not sure if the event was posted all day or not but I just noticed it my in-game announcements. Assuming my math is correct we should be able to consume a maximum of 720 stamina during the event which means we need to spend gems to get any other rewards. I will definitely be going for the 1000 gem reward but not sure if I want to spend those 1000 gems to acquire the S rank Claws. Anyone have any information on him? Is he worth me spending 1000 gems to get him?
  4. I forgot about LMS. I've been getting those but nothing else. I guess I'm just unlucky.
  5. Has anyone else stopped getting drops from Legacy Dungeon? I haven't gotten a single drop in 3 days. The XP is still nice but I really want a Dessert Demon.
  6. Just pulled this. I can make this work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Sorry, I can't remember. Most of low rank monster I got from Tombola.Anyway, I would recommend you to collect it later. Because the upcoming event is Dragon and Zombie family. Just saw that. I am so screwed. Lol
  8. Anyone know where I can get a Powie Yowie? Trying to fill out my monster book. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I'm at 1000 right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I checked all the normal spots and can't find an announcement. Played the easy level once. Nothing special about it except Killing Machine is the boss. Maybe he is recruitable?
  11. I've gotten 6 so far today! RNG gods like me today.
  12. I feel that I've had better luck with buddy boost but I have no data to back that up.
  13. I'm ready to finalize my skills for Balzack. I've got 6 options: freezing blizzard, crackle, gale slash, sear, midheal, accelleratle. I'm thinking of dropping sear and accelleratle. Suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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