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  1. I have a question for you guys. I am currently 4 hours into the game. Before starting the remake, I played the first 4 hours of the original Dragon Warrior 7, then saved after the first battle (yup, took me 4 hours to reach it, 'cause I just love talking to NPCs and party chat) and decided to stop and wait for the remake to be published in the west. I couldn't help but notice how much they changed the intro in the 3DS version. I loved the first 4 hours of DW7, while the first hours of the remake made me feel like an idiot. :/ I understand why they felt like removing all the puzzles so that people could reach the first battle sooner, but I'm also afraid that the game could keep doing this with other parts of the game. So, my question is: does the remake ruin change more than just the intro? Should I stop and play Dragon Warrior 7 instead, then pick up the remake after I'm done with the original?
  2. Natural, flowing lines are the reason why I'm absolutely in love with Hayao Miyazaki's drawings (http://i.imgur.com/079qyM9.jpg), so I definitely know what you're talking about. However, I feel like there's something more to those drawings of yours other than naturality. Kudos to you!
  3. I like all of your drawings, but somehow I really, really love the older one (Grete and Alus). I also checked your blog and loved the drawing with Krift and the puff puff one (:'D). I guess it's because of the japanese artstyle and the heartwarming colors.
  4. It took me 9 months to notice your reply... I'm very sorry. There's a chance you might have forgotten about this completely, but I'll answer anyway. I made them with a 3DS. A standard size one up until this drawing https://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/pap/WVW69iZjid8ZdryJbq Starting from this one, I used a New 3DS XL, and things got waaay easier. I didn't get that many yeahs (you can check my Miiverse profile here: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/JereMii_91/posts),but what matters is that at least one of my drawings made it to the popular drawings board (made up of 6 drawings) for almost two weeks straight, and they were the first weeks after DQ8 3DS launched in Japan. So, basically, a developer checking Miiverse during those first weeks would have noticed at least one drawing containing English text. I'm sure it wasn't really much, but that's all I could come up with.
  5. @Yangus I'm being serious, here. Can I have an autograph from my favourite bandit? Anyway, I'm a big Studio Ghibli fan, and Howl's Moving Castle might be my favourite one, yes. It's up there with The Wind Rises and Totoro, haven't made up my mind yet. @Hawkeye Thank you for your support! There will be at least 4 more chapters after the second one, 15 panels each except for the fourth one, which is very long at the moment (major plot-twist!). The idea is to keep this going until these games (DQ VII and VIII) make it to the west... But I don't know if I can keep it going forever, if you know what I mean. Sigh. @HeirToRoto Finally, somebody noticed! Will other people notice, too? Find out next time on Dragon's Den comm-okay, I should stop this. @Awesomeinblue That's some pretty cool info you got there, thank you for sharing!
  6. Apparently I've reached the maximum number of images allowed in the opening post... So I opened a new topic and tried to post chapters separately. The problem is, when I try to post more than 12 pics in one reply, an error pops up telling me that I'm trying to merge too many images. So I couldn't post Chapter 2 in one single reply. I tried splitting Chapter 2 in two different replies, then, but it ended up being merged without any problem. What I mean to say is... I have no idea what I'm doing. Can anybody tell me how to proceed?
  7. Wow, I really love those drawings, Cesar! @Plattym3: either that or chainy jeans, I guess. ... Yeah, that wasn't fun, I'm sorry. Anyway, I hope to see some more drawings from you people!
  8. Thanks! I've written the script for 86 more panels, I hope I'll be able to start drawing them soon.
  9. I love Akira Toriyama's poop-pose, it's one of his classics! Glad you guys liked it, anyway. I might submit another one before the end of the contest. A very simple drawing, like this one, because I haven't got the technology nor the knowledge needed to advertise the game (never played it) at the moment.
  10. Grazie, Madrigal, sei molto gentile! You reminded me of a nice song and made me start the day the right way. I'll do my best!
  11. Here it is! Sorry for the *very* bad resolution, I drew it on my 3DS using "Colors!" and I had to download it from the online gallery in order to post it here. Atm I do not own a PC, so I cannot upload the better quality version yet. Resolution wasn't great at all, by the way. Had a lot of fun, though! P.S. Not sure if you could call this an advertisement. I want these games so badly I can only think in terms of characters needing to sail for the west. :/ I guess it's time I sailed to the east instead.
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