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  1. break

    Thanks for sharing the DQM3 Joker-Pro project !

  2. So I took the non pro version translation & inject it to the pro version because I wanted to play it. The result is partial translation of dqmj3pro. Still need testing, I couldnt modify the font, so it's taken directly from the non pro patch which has less glyph than the pro version. So I dont know if it'll break somewhere. dqmj3p patch: https://mega.nz/folder/8tkG1Tgb#WzEFO-JmytVXPkPGW0dnOA It would be great if anyone who knew japanese can help translating the rest of new monsters/skills. (un)translated text: https://mega.nz/folder/U8NDEAwR#mtJS3_vpLi8-zA9ujKet8Q How to u
  3. I cant create new topic?

    1. ignasia


      Are you seeing the "New Topic" button just below the "follow" count for that particular forum, on the right side, and just above the actual list of topics?

      If you do, and you click on it, what happens?  I have noticed this board is a bit slower with certain functions.  It took like 8~10s of waiting time for the last topic I created to load up after clicking the new topic button, and before I could write the initial post and title.

    2. Eiz


      It's solved. The problem was you cant use '>' at the start of new line. It'll give error when posted.

    3. ignasia


      Ah, I'm picking up an error as well, though it's a bit complicated, as I'm not using special symbols, just text.  Glad you got your issue figured out, and welcome to the Den.

  4. I stopped playing after rolling 2 10-roll on dragonlord gacha & got nothing but rank C&B. It seem I missed free 10k gems. Is there any published gacha rate on this server? I know on japan publishing gacha rate is required by law & the industry standard is 3% for SSR unit.
  5. I think he has the highest agi S rank for now, with pretty good attack & wisdom. And compatible with multiheal eggsolotl. Still waiting beast bonker to get compatible acceleratle egg for arena build. I already have him, but I think I'll refill stamina for lms grind because I have max liquid key+ several other in mail.
  6. Good thing we still have 1 week for legacy so I can focus egg hunting now. Just found out that freezing blizzard spam Leon is pretty good for arena lite. Using 4 Leons + 1 accelerator is pretty consistent.
  7. I just realized I need 3 more folieggs after daily changed. And 0 encounter so far in egg lair. (N) hard: Egg Royale(Midheal) Eggsolotl(Swoosh) Fangtastegg(Swoosh) Glorious Eggcelsior(Zapple) Hard-Boiled Egg(Kabuff) Mega Egger(Flame Breath) Skullywegg(Kasnooze) Speggtre(Hatchet Man) Wooden Egg(Chilly Breath) medium: Dreggon(Frizzle) Eggsolotl(Flame Slash) Eggsolotl(Wind Sickles) Fangtastegg(Acceleratle) Fangtastegg(Wind Sickles) Hard-Boiled Egg(Bang) Hard-Boiled Egg(Helm Splitter) Mega Egger(Sleep Sock) Megganoid(Buff) Megganoid(Dazzle) Speggtre(Baffling Bonk) Speggtre(Sleep Sock) T
  8. I got Cosmic Chimaera from non boss battle. As for announcement, it's on their site. Tough it's not better exp/gold than normal quest. I got Cosmic Chimaera from non boss battle. As for announcement, it's on their site. Tough it's not better exp/gold than normal quest.
  9. I've been doing some sniffing on packet data sent at dungeon. Turn out all monsters name(+skill if eggs) available although in japanese. Some egg have unique naming scheme that different than normal one. It's usually boss egg battle, but sometime random egg have it too. E.g.: [タマゴロンã®éš れ家_上級_1]Fangtastegg or [Egg Lair_Hard_1]Fangtastegg translated. This is probably the healing egg & friends. I guess I'll log all of my future dungeon run for easier monster location datamine. My egg run so far: Egg Royale(Frenzy) Egg Royale(Kasnooze) Egg Royale(Midheal) Egg-en-
  10. I think it's not worth using more than 9 monster to create one. http://muketsu.info/DQMsl/20140807.html For S rank monster created from 9 & 25 monsters, only 1-4 difference each stat.
  11. I was hoping multiheal compatible with balzack. I guess it's go to claw guy. If you want midheal, just do regular hard carnival. Anyone got non gale slash 17 mp red slash skill (thunderbolt, blizzard, etc)? I'm not sure if it's available in our version now.
  12. Did you play normal, medium or hard on the egg lair quest? Thanks I forgot to mention that it's not from dungeon. At least not today. I run 2 hard egg lair today, only got kazing & bounce. edit: Oh probably reward it's from dark king dungeon.
  13. Did they change something on egg skill? Because suddenly I have fangtastegg with gale slash & glorious eggcelsior with oomph. Not that I complain because I've been hunting them for weeks.
  14. I have better luck on free roll. Got 2 hunter mech, a skeleton swordman & comulus rex. But my ladder & 10-roll are worse. Probably I'll only use gems for stamina refill.
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