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  1. I'm in the post game now and the game is becoming tedious, are there any cheats that I can use to speed things up (Max stats for all monsters, heart codes, item codes, etc)?
  2. Over the past two weeks, I managed to rip the MIDIs from the PSX version Dragon Quest VII and tonight, I ripped the OST from the localized version of Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS. Feel free to download: Dragon Warrior (PSX) MIDIs Dragon Quest VII (Localized Version) 3DS OST.
  3. I've been looking for DQ VII sprites, but I can only find a limited number, none of the NPCs. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  4. I'm yet to play VIII, I played VII on the PSX Emulator and liked it, played it on 3DS and loved every bit of it. Near the worst part (the end, lol), I had an Air Freshner inn my room, which was "Airwick Life Scents Garden Escape", nice smell tbh.
  5. I hope to get these, I WILL give SQEX my money for a localized version of these... I'm guessing 1 and 2 will be one game again and 3 will be solitary? I played these three two years ago on a SNES Emulator, boy, they were archaic... Hopefully doors will be opened normally and not via command. Physical copies would be good, tbh.
  6. Last year, I purchased what I assume to be a bootleg copy of Dragon Quest IV from eBay. Now, I did a bit of research after purchasing the game, it seems to be a bootleg, it has one of those thick clear cases (I think it's a stable with European copies), the text on the case and instruction book is in Russian (not much of a problem as the instruction book gives you the basic controls and tutorial stuff). One thing I saw which made a breakthrough in my investigation was that the Criware logo was on the back of the game case and Dragon Quest was never part of Criware's products. However, I st
  7. I now own Dragon Quest V for DS.

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      Finished it completely a few months ago. Married Bianca.

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      Good bianca is the only choise

  8. The Pokémon DS games had 3D tiles like DQ on DS. What I want most is church tiles (inside and out). But thanks anyway.
  9. I'm sure everyone knows about "tilesets", I sure do and I was wondering if anyone could rip the tilesets from Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VI on DS. The tiles would be superb for RPGMaker and/or ROM hacking. Or is it possible to rip them myself?
  10. Sadly, there's only a handful of Dragon Quest related memes on the internet and we've pretty much seen them all, so I decided to create a thread where we can post our own memes. You can post any meme related to Dragon Quest, if it contains story content, please add spoiler tags. I'll start off by posting one of my own memes. Maribel just seems like the Feminist/SJW type, especially in Dragon Quest VII 3DS.
  11. I think last year, I began pronouncing Psaro's name like "ss-ar-o" (with a silent "p"), Tsarevna I remember pronouncing it like "tss-ah-revnah" or "tzz-rev-nah", instead of "sar-ev-nah". But maybe when I first played DQ IV in 2010, I pronounced his name like "puh-saro".
  12. Isn't the Joker series meant to be more modernized? Plus, I like how it's more modernized and it also still has kings, queens and some of the usual Dragon Quest charm.
  13. It has that feel that the music from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker has... I love it.
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