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  1. Congrats, guys. I wish I could have participated in this but I'm way behind everyone in that picture at this point, haha.
  2. The kanji is very complex, but the game's still pretty playable if you can only read katakana/hiragana and have a good knowledge of Dragon Quest.
  3. I've been wanting to get involved in this but I'm not sure how to approach it from or what to look at or really where to start. I work at a large, relatively well-known company as a development operations engineer and know a lot of Python, a reasonable amount of bash scripting, have worked with ansible, and have done packet examination and editing in the past for other games. I don't know how much of that would relate to what you're doing (most of it is used in the context of automated patching and installation), or if you even need any help at all on the coding side, but if you do I would be interested in at the very least learning how you set up the translation process for the offline mode.
  4. I would strongly recommend checkout out Discord. It has all the functionality of IRC and also includes a free voice chat server, which is of course totally optional to use for those not inclined, and preserves chat history even when you're not connected--something IRC is incapable of without heavy bot integration. Discord can be found here: https://discordapp.com/
  5. krw, how do you make so much gold? I can rarely scratch out more than 40-50k in a day, between gate quests and selling random unneeded materials. Will my income rise when I get toolsmith higher?
  6. Is it possible to trade gems? I haven't found a way in the UI to do so.
  7. As it turns out the incredibly obvious thing I was missing was that I hadn't actually installed the 3.0 client
  8. I hate to go back to this but I'm having trouble getting the master orb from the concierge. I've beaten the final boss and have the ★ next to my character on login, and I've bought and added version 3. When I talk to the concierge, however, he doesn't give me the orb..... what incredibly obvious thing am I missing?
  9. You need something called Akamai NetManager to download it from the Square Enix store. It downloads a zip file, which you can then use to install version 2. I had to do this through VPN, but once the zip is downloaded you can install the rest and patch on your own connection.
  10. Thank you, that clears things up a bit.
  11. I just got like 50 super genki balls from this thing, I definitely recommend checking it out if you're starting out.
  12. I'm trying to buy version 3 and I've heard tell that you get an orb for clearing the 6 keystone boss thing, which then gets experience in some way. How do I get this orb, and how does it work?
  13. I got my fifth key medal thingy! I've been blasting through the 1.0 story ever since I joined the team and got access to everyone's crazy level 85 support characters and their ability to vaporize anything and everything I bump into. It's fun doing all this stuff but I am a little sad that the challenge is sort of removed from it. I hope there's high level stuff where I can contribute to a party of human beings in. Enjoying the narrative nonetheless, and will probably be able to turn human tomorrow! I've also figured out the value of gate quests and have managed to greedily hoard a good 20k-ish gold, which while probably pennies in the long run means I'll hopefully able to afford some junk level 50 gear; though with the team supports I'm not even sure how necessary that will be for a while. I'm 3 levels away from the 50 cap so I'm going to have to start focusing on that soon, I suppose. I still need to get the black chest key and the Dola board, since so far the grindiest thing in this game seems to be running across the huge maps in sequence to get to my distant objective.
  14. That's pretty cool, I'll study the message a little harder and try to figure out the criteria. In-game streetpass is a neat idea, never seen anything like it in an MMO before.
  15. What is the function of this item: It seems to glow yellow in my inventory periodically, and prints out some message when I use it. Does it do anything in particular that I should be aware of?
  16. I believe they're points for a promotion on the estore
  17. Having started the game a little over a week ago, I just reached level 30 on Mage today and am looking into doing the first vocation quest. I've been putting all my points into the class skill and I'm beginning to run into serious MP problems. I recall reading that one of the mini metal items greatly eases this so I'm debating trying to scrounge some together tomorrow, even if it just means killing hundreds of low-level enemies since I don't have the black key. I'm also considering straight up abandoning Mage for now and leveling Monk instead, as I won't have to spend as much precious gold on constant trips to the inn to restore my MP. I'm looking into picking up the Armorer craft but I'm not sure how to get to Doruwamu Kingdom to learn the craft. I tried wandering around the dwarven continent to find it but got murdered by a strange Lich King mob and then had to spend a fair amount of time scrounging up gold to revive my priest mercenary (is there a way to kick mercs from your party when they die? It'd be a lot cheaper to just get new ones...). Really hurting on gold right now, I've been doing gate quests but I definitely can't afford level appropriate gear and I'm guessing the starting costs for armorer will be steep. I need to figure out the value of the various materials I've picked up and determine which ones I should hang onto for my own crafting, this will be quite an endeavor and will probably take hours of wiki-wrangling and I'm not looking forward to it. Despite all this I am having a lot of fun. The first two elf story quests were fantastic and I'm a ways into the third one now and it's looking pretty cool as well. Hoping I can get into the team soon, it's awfully lonely playing the game without anyone to talk to...
  18. Haha, I had no idea that was a thing! I wonder what the advantage is to leaving the icon on, then, beyond I guess inspring a sort of endearing pity. Now that I know about it I'll probably leave it off, at any rate. Jeez, I don't know what I would do without you guys, you are such a huge help. Thank you so much!
  19. I think you need to read a letter that tote sends you via in game mail first. No luck; he hasn't sent me anything and I still can't trigger it. I think I'm just going to move on and come back later and see if the situation changes with more experience. The extra equipment space isn't critical at the moment, really.
  20. You need to get to My Page and look at your receipt, if I recall correctly. That took me a while to figure out as well.
  21. Amazon cannot see through your VPN unless they have control of it (which they technically would if you're using an AWS EC2 instance as a proxy). It's more likely that Amazon has determined your billing address isn't in Japan, which is a problem that isn't easy to work around. I, too, was unable to buy the game through the Square-Enix e-store. What I ended up having to do was buy WebMoney from play-asia, convert that to Crysta, and then use Crysta to buy the game. Scarlata details this process here: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32694&page=2&&do=findComment&comment=433994
  22. Apologies for double posting, but... Ashes is referring to this thread, which contains tons of very important information including what you asked about. As for the elf storyline, I can recommend this page (google translated version here). You want to look at the Elf (エルフ) section. It can be a little hard to understand some parts even with google translate and a very rudimentary knowledge of japanese, when I run into comprehension problems I look at the native page and find whatever sentence was translating poorly, then feed it (or parts of it, in sequence) into google translate to see if I can figure out what it's talking about. In addition to the storyline I strongly recommend you check out all of the quests on this page (google translated version here) as soon as you meet the criteria to do them, as they all unlock important functionality in the game like the ability to store your gold in a bank or change classes. If a guide sends you to a location and you can't figure out what it's talking about (e.g. the name has Kanji in it oh god), I again recommend looking at the native page and finding whatever characters are being translated into that location, then looking at your map and seeing if you can find names that match up. As you play longer you'll start to remember most of them on sight, but it is definitely a trial by fire when starting out. I hope that's helpful. I definitely struggled quite a bit for the first 10 or so level, but it's gotten easier as I've gone along--baffling quest requirements aside!
  23. I'm back again and stuck on another unlocking quest, this one number 36. The wiki page here (as well as the in-game available quest list), indicate that I need to go to the well in northeast ジュレット and obtain the quest from the well. However, the kid inside the well doesn't seem to be interested in giving the quest to me, despite me being above the required level (26; I'm 28). Am I doing this wrong? I've combed every inch of the well and the areas outside of it trying to find how to get the quest but to no avail.
  24. Yeah, not a great approximation, haha. Probably could have spelled it better but I'm a big dummy! edit: vvvvvvvvvvvvv oh, jeez. I'm so sorry! Totally assumed everyone could read katakana, which is a pretty stupid thing to do in retrospect!
  25. My wikia account got blocked from editing. This is not making things easy
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