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  1. Si, por un momento olvide que son siglas usadas solo en español I forgot that PJ is more likely an spanish term, its more like what Cesar said as an Original Character type of thing.
  2. Can we use own pj's based on the DQ saga and relating them with VII ? I mean like if I imagine my own pj using the DQ draw style and then insert it into the DQVII advertisment context by "imaginating a new miniboss" for example.
  3. Guys does anyone knows is there is any type of "glamour" or "skin" (make one piece of gear look like another one) system in dqx ?
  4. ohh I didn't knew that, nice nice and and what level are you able to change your class then ?
  5. Guys I wanted to ask one thing since yesterday I saw Cran dualwielding a fan and a dagger. So my question is: you can level up gladiator and then once you obtain your dualwield skill you can apply it to any other classes ? My char is a fan monk and I would like to dualwield 2 fans tho
  6. Thank you^^ Did you had 3 codes there too? The first 2 are v1 and v2 of the game but the third one is only 12 digits long. Do you know what it is? Think the weird one is just the order ID.
  7. use google translator in order to have the full site in english, once you do it go to your (payment history) or something like that. once you're there you'll see the dqx all in one edit and the info about it. click on it and down below you should be able to see both codes for v1 and v2 somewhere . SQ online shop profile - payment history- dqx all in one edit- you'll see your codes
  8. I think the miniguide I did could help you Tyron, if you have any problem just ask
  9. what is the vpn u use it? and it is free? I'm currently using soft ether vpn - its a free one
  10. Hi, I've just started playing the game with my monk ogre named Sanata (ã•ãªãŸ). I'll love to join the team since I'm enjoying the game pretty much and its always nice to have a group of english people to talk when playing
  11. The process I followed was this one. 1º Go to play asia 2º Buy 2 digital jp webmoney cards - one of 5000 and the other of 2000 / total of 60 euros 3º Go to your JP Squarenix Account and exchange your webmoney cards to Crysta / total of 7000 crysta 4º Get your JP VPN working because the Squarenix Store will block you from being outside from JP 5º Go to this link http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item/SEDL_1023.htmland click the orange button to add it to your cart 6º You'll be asked to insert your JP Squarenix Account info and one you do it you'll proceed to the sho
  12. Guys does anyone know if I can run the full game with the files of the trial version or if I need to install the full game ?
  13. I was able to buy the game today using webmoney and transfering it to crysta in order to do it. Had some trouble since Play asia needed phone verification but after a while I did it. I'm currently downloading the game and I already inserted the "Awakening of the five tribes" code, now I'm trying to figure out where to insert V2 code. Thanks for all the help guys
  14. Thanks for all the help Sands, tomorrow morning I'll try my best to get all the vnp thing working and I hope I'll get it
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