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  1. Over the last 4 days, me and a good friend of mine have been trying to rally support via social media and a petition to get Dragon Quest X Localized. In 4 Days we hit 410 Signatures, have had a large amount of support via Facebook and Twitter and now I am reaching out to this forum and its community. I have always genuinely lurked here but use the site all the time for references or just to look up cool stuff about Dragon Quest. Today I am asking for support! Let's not hang our heads and think its never coming, lets all band together and show that the fan demand is in fact there. That's all they want to see and we can show them that. Here is a link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/square-enix-localize-dragon-quest-x-to-the-west We also have a Facebook group! The plan is to sign the petition and tweet at the people who can see us and act to get the game localized. If you tweet, link it below and everyone should retweet it. We have a Reddit thread going as well here: https://www.reddit.com/r/dragonquest/comments/g5t0ko/dragon_quest_x_localization_petition/ Please post this information out to YouTubers, streamers on twitch, fans on social media. Make it known! We can do this. We can all have our chance at Dragon Quest X. Please don't give up.
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