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  1. Square Enix: Localized 2 out of 8 spin-off games in the past 5 years, and not the most recent main series game, and a remake of a main series that was made 3 years ago. Then procedes to blame their lack of localization on the fact that there isn't a lot of want for DQ games in the west, which is because of the drought of games for the francise.

    1. Eddiegames


      On a more positive note, playing through Valkyrie Profile right now, having a great time!

    2. jay


      It's a viscous cycle, ain't it?

  2. Hoping for Joker 3 localization.

    1. winky55


      That'd be great, either Joker 3 vanilla or the Professional version so more Dragon Quest X monsters' localized names can revealed :)


    2. Eddiegames


      God they already made a pro version?

  3. Replaying Persona 3!

  4. Started taking japanese courses!

    1. Dwaine


      Yeah? Where's your proof?!

    2. King Zenith

      King Zenith

      Ha ha. Dwaine, I wonder how many people you scare away with your (probably misunderstood) craziness.

    3. ignasia


      Not me, that's for sure.

  5. Started takeing japanese courses!

    1. NecroBanana


      Take some English classes as well.

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