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  1. Mother 3 has a couple of these. I also remember my first time playing Chrono Trigger, and - Also, in Virtue's Last Reward:
  2. I drew this picture so I could make a custom phone case out of it, and it arrived today! Very happy with it
  3. Thank you both so much! Finally managed to get some time in to finish it today! Here the initial sketches and lineart for this piece:
  4. A little preview for a piece I'm currently working on! Not yet finished though, Angelo and the background especially still look pretty rough, and I intend on adding Dhoulmagus as well!
  5. Your DQotS character is so cute! I love the DQIII-based gadabout picture of her!
  6. Thank you! She's definitely very eighties, one of the reasons I love her design so much! I also drew Angelo today! I remember not liking him very much on my first playthrough, but going through his party chat dialogue has really improved my opinion of him. I love his constant sarcastic quips.
  7. I've been replaying Dragon Quest VIII (again), which put me in the mood to draw more Dragon Quest - here's a little drawing I made of DQIV's heroine!
  8. Hope this is the right place for it, but I made some Dragon Quest outfits! You can save these to your custom designs once you've unlocked the Able Sisters. You can also search my creator ID to see all outfits: MA-3446-4789-8332
  9. Thanks guys! After seeing the Dragon Quest Your Story trailer, I wanted to draw some fanart for it, so I drew Bianca's new design and redrew a screenshot from the trailer with her original design!
  10. Hi there! Back in 2016 I posted an art thread with Dragon Quest themed Inktober drawings. In my excitement for the upcoming SSBU DLC I decided to draw some DQ-Kirbies today, and figured I might as well create a new art thread for my future drawings (as I REALLY need to start picking up the habit of drawing frequently again). This thread will probably mostly be DQ drawings, perhaps some other RPG/video game art as well!
  11. I'm SO happy. I was hoping for Erdrick, but I got so, so much more. The Dragon Quest VIII hero being playable is more than I could ever have hoped for. Banjo Kazooie coming to Smash is amazing too. Knocking it out of the park, Nintendo!
  12. Played a little bit of the demo today, really enjoying it so far! You've nailed the Dragon Quest feel - the NPC interactions are charming, and the music makes me feel very nostalgic. I really like some of the new stuff you added as well, like the ability to pick your character's appearance, the type of relationship with your teammate and being able to save on the world map. Seeing Trode and Stella was also a nice surprise. I'll let you know if I run into any problems, but so far so good!
  13. Wow, these sound really authentic! Great job!
  14. I would love to see Milly in DQH3. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I like her WAY more than her brother. Perhaps some playable villians? Not sure how they'd work it into the story, but I'd love to play as Dhoulmagus or Marcello. Debora would be neat too, just to represent all the DQV wives.
  15. Yeah, I agree. It's a small thing, but it did bother me a little. I guess they added it because the hero is the only character you can control outside of battle, and it wouldn't make much sense to play as him when he's dead. Makes me wish they would've gone the DQVIII route and made all of the characters playable on the field.
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