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  1. Good tombola! At last there's an update. Other S rank, Orochi and Black dragon is good as well(but why they have to put Boss Troll in=*=). Baramos is good, imo. Very high HP, MP and decent Atk. It can be reincarnated in the (farrrr) future. But overall I don't think it's good for PvP. And the rating is the same as Nimzo. I've never played on JP server. I've just watch the stat and ability on website.
  2. Really? Do you think they will launch this game for that long? LoL It wouldn't be much surprised if they close this game in this year if the players continue decreasing at this rate.
  3. Best thing of this Super Tombola is Ewwnicorn not Blue Fang itself. =_=' I guess they plan to reuse old monster over and over until developer release new patch that will solve monster skill. ButI hope they will reuse more useful monster than this!
  4. This time I got 3 beaster eggs from 6-7 runs only. I don't get one of it for many months, this maybe the compensation lol.
  5. I have 478 and I hope when I'm at 500, there will be a great monster appeared so I can have 2 of them
  6. I have no idea either. But my assumption is that we can look at the sign of skill. The sign of Lightning skill is the same as Frenzy, MultiFist,Sear, etc. So I think we can group it together which it depends on Atk stat. But I'm not so sure.
  7. I believe that Lightning(including Sear and ThinAir) is in the same group as MultiFist. And it should be considered as Move damage. So it can be increased from leading perk of Cheater Cheetah. But I'm not sure is it fix damage or not.
  8. It should be ShieldOrge. http://dqmsl-search.net/monster/detail?no=776 But we've never had a chance to obtain it right now.
  9. Maybe they wait to fix some bugs of MiniMedal Shop(again). Because there're some people who buy item fro Mini Medal Shop but got nothing from it.
  10. It's bad. Actually, I plan to use 300 gem for 1 Super Tombola pull today. I save 1 free quota Super Tombola pull for today and another free pull when Super Tombola is reset. Then I will pull it once with 300 gems and it will count as three pull so I will get 1 mini medal. But even the Super Tombola is broken =..=
  11. they was last reward from arena tombala before . Propably they come again in 18/05 But I really do hope they will change the set of monster already >_<
  12. I still don't get a Beaster egg since last 2 of this event. But I don't have boss monster to be ovolved anyway lol.
  13. Me too. And I think it will be more than 2 days. Maybe until patch has been approved by Google and Apple(just guess. They don't say any thing)
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