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  1. Saw this on articles as well and came here to see if the Den has caught on to this news. I admit, I wasn't expecting the luke warm response but then again, if this was announced maybe 2 years ago, everyone's responses may have been substantially different. I too, am beginning to write this series off as it seems less and less likely it'd ever see the light of day in the West but this news stirred me a bit..it made me wish those fans who wrote in for DQVII to do it again and somehow we'd get a miracle. Realistically however this game has a very small chance at success here with how the market consumes MMOs. For one thing, the game is marketed as an MMO and at the base of it, that's what it is. However if one has really played it... it's nothing like WoW or FFXIV where there's dungeons and raids and all the typical MMO tropes. I played this game for three months and I really loved it and noticed that it's just another DQ style game with some very helpful Online features to enjoy the game. It does not build itself around typical MMO features to be successful ie. Hiring real players who have logged out to be on your party as A.I. With this in mind, people can literally play the game "solo" all the way till current content if they wanted to and not have to deal with the usual PUG complaints. There's no real dungeon or raid so the story basically plays out the same way as you would if you were playing any DQ, visiting one town or continent, being drawn in by the drama and story unfolding there and then moving on once you've helped them. The battle also is different as it won't be as difficult as WoW or FFXIV since you don't need to rigorously dodge and move and familiarize yourself with certain fight mechanics. All you need is a competent group, AI or otherwise and it should be all good. Not to mention the fight system is menu based and it caters to old-school die hard fans who once played FFXI. Once in awhile I still see a group of people who reminisce about the good ol' days of spending their lives in that game. DQX is very similar to FFXI in many ways and perhaps the closest thing to a successor it would get. It's still by the same company so the quality should be there. My final thoughts are that if SQUEENIX somehow combined the expansions altogether and made it an offline mega game with the ability to connect online to hire friends or players and even to access the communal Auction House, this game could have a chance at success pulling in fans who are turned off by MMO stigmas. On the other hand, if this game was to be localized with full online features, I'd probably still remain constantly subbed (I think someone else said this too). First and foremost, I just love this series and would do what I can to support it. Secondly, I've played many MMOs in the past, and to be frank I always return to games like WoW and FFXIV even after taking years away from it. Why? F2P or B2P MMOs are enticing since the financial investments into them are minimal but most will probably not hold your attention for more than a couple of months. The quality just isn't there and the long term appeal dies really fast, but this is just my personal experience. I'm sure there may be some of you who advocate for certain F2P games and that's cool too.
  2. I was also spreading this trailer around. Overall a really good and solid ad that is quite informative and fun to watch! Can't wait!
  3. That is true. I posted a comment on the article comments section as well but I am grateful to those France fans who diligently sent letters to Squeenix asking for them to show love to DQ in the West. I'm sure everyone's overall efforts paid off with those weird petitions and message to Yuji Hori forum. I just hope they don't stop there and kjeep localizing DQ as there is a massive back log of games we would still love to get. Already really stoked for Builders~
  4. http://www.siliconera.com/2016/06/15/dragon-quest-vii-getting-localized-thanks-voices-western-fans/
  5. http://www.siliconera.com/2016/04/20/akira-toriyama-dragon-quest-illustrations-release-japan-may-27/
  6. I was thinking the same thing today since Discord seems like such an efficient messaging community than can be a chat/messenger/forum/gaming voice app all in one. its got nice clean UI with very simple yet powerful everything. I thought someone may have created one for DQ fans to chat amongst themselves so I google searched it. Although everyone here at the Den apparently doesn't care for it, there is someone out there that has already created one for everyone who wants to talk DQ here: The link below is basically an invite bringing you in as a guest to chat using the browser and you don't need to sign in or install anything. Just pick an alias and you're done. It was designed for mmo players who invite pugs to run raids without giving them too much access to their server but gives them enough access to chat via text or voice for coordination. it's completely free if you ever decide to download it and use it as a means to run dungeons, chat with friends or game mates. You can create as many servers as you want and divide them into threads the same way you would in Ventrilo if you ever used that but obviously, way more efficient and modern. Cheers~ https://discord.gg/0nPAYPARZN32imzS
  7. Thanks Ashes~ I evebtually figured it but this is much appreciated and should help anyone wondering the same later on
  8. was wondering if anyone has unlocked the Battlemaster class yet and can assist in how I can unlock it? this is the instructions for the DQX JPN guides database. Thanks in advance!
  9. http://gematsu.com/2016/03/dragon-quest-x-for-wii-u-free-download-japan-until-march-31 The Japanese Nintendo E-Shop is offering up DQX as a free download for the Nintendo Wii U until March 31st for those who have a modded/JPN Wii U. Not sure who will take advantage of this over here as those who have wanted to play have mostly likely dedicated their purchases towards that system but hey you never know.
  10. just started several days ago and after some small issues setting up, been playing almost every chance I got. currently level 29 and remembered there was thread to post character shots so thought i'd share as well. http://s1039.photobucket.com/user/minwin12/media/folio_zpsdrhxonii.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  11. Thanks Cran! I guess that means I can get to it now since I'm in Juretto!
  12. Fishing is something I really like in RPG's and I can't wait to start doing it! At what level are you approx before you can reach Rendoa Port Town? Also, I remember an episode on Saigan's stream where you guys were dropping huge fish one after another on land. Which episode was that again?
  13. That message is warning you that you don't have version 2 installed and won't be able to play any contents that require it. Thank you. It still hasn't solved my issue yet and i've been trying to figure it out. In the process, I've come upon some more messages. http://s1039.photobucket.com/user/minwin12/media/error2_zpsyjihzden.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 http://s1039.photobucket.com/user/minwin12/media/error3_zps4agk20ro.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1039.photobucket.com/user/minwin12/media/error4_zpss8qxlj9f.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  14. I guess this is a good place to ask, as I also have an error message when logging in. any help translating is appreciated! http://s1039.photobucket.com/user/minwin12/media/error_zpsiarres8j.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  15. I've been trying to log in but every time I do, there's a lengthy message followed by a boot off the game. I made my account and registered my serial codes, turned on the VPN. Not sure what else i'm missing. I'm trying to upload the pic but for some reason I don't see an option to attach a picture (there was one when I uploaded some receipts for a contest) If I can have someone help me translate (after I somehow upload the picture) that would be great~
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