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  1. Hello I have a questions does anyone have a link to expansions downloads? I re downloaded the game a but I don't have my 2 expansions access. And my main is in the expansion zone right now. Idk if there is way to fix that or do i have to buy the expansions all over again?
  2. Hello I just came back to the game and made a new char. please add them to the guild so I can join you guys when I can. Thank you very much JA654-483
  3. I have a question and this is me coming back. do i have to download all my expansions again or will they be with the download that comes out now when you reinstall the game?
  4. That's the one I usually get when I don't have my VPN up. Its what blocks you from getting online
  5. you are able to get web money from play-asia also that's what I had to do to get my month subscription lol
  6. Yo Scarlata were you able to get the game and get started? Because you are able to run the game with the trial version you installed. Its like the full game with limitations. but all you need to do is add your game keys into your account so it will register it. Also when you get the games you have to install them so it can update the client when you get V2 and V3
  7. we are usually on Server 33 when we play we are usually on Server 33
  8. Hey Scarlata I'm also knew to this game so if you were trying to level and do stuff together I would be down to join you get into the game. Overall not even knowing the Japanese language the game is still fun over all. and I kinda got used to using all the Japanese websites to help me translate most of the quest. but all in all I am down to join in your adventures . I'm usually a support player or a tank so let me know whatcha need
  9. I got a question does your heal slime have to be active to gain affection? like can it be put inactive while you blow things up with a team? Also do we know what book it is for Dragon kid?
  10. oh whoops sorry forgot to re post but I was able to figure it all out my bads
  11. ok well just started the Tenso address. so waiting for them to send me the verification of my identity lol. Thank you for letting me know I can go through them to make my address. to obtain yen how would I go about this? if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Well I don't know how to buy it from there is the problem. I don't have a credit card from Japan and don't know how to use webmoney its like my first time doing all of this
  13. Sorry if I am messing this up but I am trying to buy the All in 1 digital download and get the Version 3 also so I can play all of them. I am just starting out and can't level past 20 because I still don't know how to buy these items if someone could help that would be appreciated
  14. Hello everyone I know this might be all around the forums but I am still have troubles trying to buy the game and start leveling past 20. I been seeing a lot of your post and guides and they are really helpful. If anyone is able to direct me or help me pay for the games would be greatly appreciated. also I would like to join the Den team but idk how to do that and still at a loss D: . So if I can get some help with this all I could start my journey onto the world of Dragon quest X
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