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  1. My intention is absolutely to go Switch in the end. However, I wanted to give the PS4 version one more try during the trial period as well. I've already managed it on PS4 before using these exact same steps, so that's why I was wondering why it wasn't working now.
  2. While I'm trying to set this up for PS4 rather than Switch, I am running into issues despite the setup being the same. The PS4 won't connect through the shared Ethernet connection when using SoftEtherVPN, and the PC hotspot when using ProtonVPN is not doing me any good either. I'd appreciate any advice on the matter.
  3. I too yearn for the juicy story bits.
  4. I can confirm that The Netherlands for one still requires a VPN.
  5. I believe you do. I downloaded the game again yesterday after being told that the IP block was lifted, and was greeted with the all too familiar Yellow Text Box Of Region Lock.
  6. I've heard that the offline portion was removed in one of the later updates. So, I was wondering...is this still useable? Am I going to need some kind of older client?
  7. Is that dude a mutant or something?
  8. So...she has now maxed out ALL AVAILABLE CLASSES in the entire game?!
  9. Yes. Do. Because the PS2 version was horrible and lacking. And of course everyone $#!&@es about the mobile version. I know I did the entire 80-90 hours I put into it. Horrible. Yes, stop working on a game with incredible content we've never been able to play and focus all efforts on an unreleased version of a game we've already gotten twice. Makes sense. [emoji23] You have 0 reason to be rude about it Yes. Do. Because the PS2 version was horrible and lacking. And of course everyone $#!&@es about the mobile version. I know I did the entire 80-90 hours I put int
  10. They DO download it. The process of pre-loading is that you download the game in advance, so you can play on release. You just have to wait until release day until you can play it.
  11. 32BFVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVG7U Can anyone translate? I tried to apply for the Bravely Second Collaboration Campaign
  12. Download Cards are basically alternatives for boxarts, if you want the downloaded version, haha
  13. Maybe you could shift your resources towards a translation project for DRAGON QUEST VIII?
  14. Our you could get the game. The PC trial lets you play at least the first offline portion for free. I don't know if it lets you play the second portion of offline, but if it doesn't you could buy the game. Offline mode didn't require a subscription. PC trial let's you play the Offline Tutorial. You cannot access the Extended Offline Campaign with the PC trial. You need to have an subscription in order to play Offline Mode on PC.
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