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  1. Does anyone know how you get to the Seat of the Ancients? After beating Region 14, Fluffy said I should train up, so do my monsters or I need to be at a certain level before a new path opens?
  2. Somehow got 2 Balzackians on the first day of the event By the way, is it me, or are some of the monsters using their original palette instead of their remake's palette? Noticed when a Rhinocerex wore pink armour instead of yellow.
  3. So is there any way to get the other Egg-Ovalution members from certain dungeons? Also, the Bubble King Slime Hard Dungeon said the recommended level was 28. Went in with a level +60, +40, and some +30s. So why did the monsters wipe the floor with me?
  4. Is it possible to recruit monsters in the room the Jinksters warn you about?
  5. Does anyone know if the Gem Store uses money from Google Play or Facebook? Also, how is the monster recruitment rate determined, or is it completly random?
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