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  1. Since this seems to be the translation thread... I spent a couple hours on this and is very crude. Uses capture 2 text and google translate.
  2. dqfan5580

    DQMSL Pics

    DQMSL Pics
  3. DQMSL Player Name: Shawn Current number of challenges met: 6 Current rank: not F (Yes) Play Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light (Yes) Reach level 30 in DQMSL (Yes) Have a monster reach maximum level (Yes) Have an A or S class monster in your party (other than Sublime Slime) (Yes) Buddy Boost somebody to 4-star level (Yes) Ovolve a monster (other than the freebie that Fluffy gives you)
  4. I bought the game using play-asia. Painless process, just had to wait 2 weeks for the hard copy. Trying to get on-line. What servers do the players here typically use? Thanks.
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